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Thursday, February 20, 2003

First Post!

Not to much is going on these days. Lot of classes, little sleep. I have found out recently that Stouffer’s Macaroni and Cheese is the best food ever. Those small package heat up in like 6 minutes. It rules.

Jo (krhainos) just got his new computer that totally owns and I’m jealous, not that my computer sucks or anything. I broke the green light inside while taking the computer to anime club. (Everyone loved the Azumanga Daioh that I brought (which I got from Rence), especially my English teacher who told me i was his favorite student now :D (Big Grin) ). I will get a blue light to replace it. Blue will match my case better, but its not as original as the green one. Maybe I will get another green one later and alternate. Going out to dinner with the anime group made my day.

Project E is delayed until I have time to work on it or until i get a good idea for it. I have not given up, nor have I given out what it is. But it will be good.

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Monday, March 03, 2003

Furres Suck!

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Thursday, March 06, 2003


Not a whole lot of time to rant today, but I can give news or something (It is a rant/news section).  First off is the shoutbox in the lower right half section.  I got it to work on two other servers.  Granted, I installed PHP on both of them, but it should be pretty standard.  I have not seen a lot of PHP on Trancender, so I am wondering if maybe they did not set it up right.  The shoutbox is currently pointed to my home server, but for some reason, the internet keeps going out, so most of the time you'll see the "Page cannot be found" error in place of it.  If you want to see the error that Trancender gives, it is accessable at  Once you get into the more advanced website stuff, you see how limited this Trancender setup is.  Not that it is terrible, and I know Jo will say "Make your own server".  Its not that simple, Jo.  We don't all have university webspace.  Actually, KSU gives you free webspace, but only if you are a CS (Computer Science) major.  That is total crap.  I want free webspace as I paid a crapload of money to be here as well.  Oh well, I'm losing focus.  I think a simple reinstall of PHP could do the trick for Trancender.  There's an extra step to the setup thats kinda hidden in the readme.  You have to check the "Script Engine" box of the home directory setup or something.  I could walk someone through it, but i dont feel like doing it here.  It is really aggravating to be stopped by something like this when I am so close to having a crucial part of my website done.  Especially since my site has to be much more l33t than BobOmega's website.  I'll fiddle around with my server to try to make the connection more stable, until then the shoutbox will randomly go up and down and I have very little control over it.

Thanks go out to John (who runs Trancender, in case you didn't know) for helping me try to get the shoutbox to work.  He went out of his way to try and help and I appreciate that, even though it still doesnt work.  Neither of us knows why.  Oh well, I'll just find a different one.


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Saturday, March 08, 2003

CD Drive Stealthing

A view with the CD-Roms closed:

Now, with the CD Burner open:

Yeah, I know its not much of a feature.

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Monday, March 10, 2003


OMG I am so mad right now.  You see, I had this rant all written out and 3/4 of the way finished.  BAM! Blue Screen.  Thanks a lot Windows.  Windows XP Pro has been really bitchy to me lately. You don't often see a computer like mine blue-screening while typing.  Maybe if it was Morteus's Computer..  It all started at JelOH while I was playing Doom on my SNES Emulator.  Holy Crap is that game fun using a gamepad, its a whole new Doom.  But on E1M3, it blue screened and wouldn't boot for like 10 minutes.  Once I got it to boot, it insisted on running scandisk as slow as it possibly could.  It took 2.5 HOURS to scan my 100gb hard drive.  Luckily, they were still playing CS or Natural Selection or something, so I didn't care.  Jo and Tim took the opportunity to play a game of Q3 without me though.  Bastards.  I helped Tim out a little because Jo is getting much better and was owning.  Did I just say Jo was owning?  Congrats, Jo!  Anyways, my computer is a bitch and I might do the classic sell-everything-buy-better thing that everyone these days is doing.  Microsoft Longhorn is the devil (See why here).

   The new shoutbox technically works, but it throws out a lot of errors.  I made it all black so you can't see it unless you highlight it.  Hopefully that will work by next weekend.  You have to scroll all the way to the bottom, and then click the expand button to post.  Knock yourselves out.  The only rule I have is no posting under other peoples names.

   JelOH was ok, other than my computer having the problems I mentioned above.  It started with me driving past Fred Fuller park at 50mph in a 25mph zone.  It's awesome how Fred Fuller Park never has any cops around.  Shit, there's a cop.  You expect me to stop?  Hell No.  The light ahead is green, so the light in my head is green too.  I shoot around the corner and fly to Kent State University before I even see him pull out.  (I knew he had seen me)  Hiding in the Tri-Towers parking lot, I bought some food for the LAN and proceeded to go there.  Haha Cop, I win.  The LAN started slowly with a lot of CS, which I didnt really care for.  I talked to Big Ed while he was there, a whole 20min.  He got a new pickup truck.  Its not the same Ed without the blue neon-ness!  Then my computer died..  3 hours later it was back to normal.  Played some Natural Selection.  I was on the alien team the whole night and the first round, I rushed them as a weakling, before they could get their gun sentries up.  I took out the entire team and won the game 1 minute into it.  Normally the game takes hours to finish, but I am so l33t that I single-handedly won.  Ever see Monty Python's Holy Grail?  Imagine me as the killer rabbit, thats what it looked like.  No one could hit me.  It ruled.  Later, in the new game I used the weak alien again and managed to dodge every single sentry and slide my way past all their team to their command center and I destroyed it myself.  It didn't win the game, but boy were they f'ing surprised.  I am so good at the little alien its not even funny.  Jo helped me stealth my drives, which looks hella awesome.

  The KSU Anime club is meeting 6-10 Friday nights and they are showing Azumanga Daioh, which is an awesome comedy about some "average" schoolgirls.  You should come check it out.  They are showing it because I brought it in one night when we couldn't watch Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu.  I have the whole series if people are interested.  Actually, BobOmega has it too, so ask him  :D

BobOmega click HERE

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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Boring Weekends

Hey, I think this picture is cool, so it's going to be on the left side of the webpage until I think of something else to put here.  I had to write something or all my loyal fans would think that I have died or something.  I can't really think of anything, so I'll just write about what's up.  Last weekend I did nothing.  It was great.  I didn't have to go to a LAN Party or do massive essays or clean a lot of crap up.  I could sleep in.  I could play Quake 3 Arena all day if I wanted too. I was free.  Friday night was the anime club I always go to, because I have nothing better to do on Friday nights...nice to know a lot of other people don't as well.  Dan and Mike didn't show up, but it was still fun.  Went to dinner at subway with most of the club, and then Mark's dorm room afterwards.  Joe Yash and him played yugioh while I looked through his anime music videos.  We decided to make our own...yeah, I'll let you know how that turns out.  We were out really late, like 2am.  I went to breakfast with my dad at the Stow Cafe Saturday morning.  So much for sleeping in.  They make the best breakfast sandwich there.  It's scrambled eggs, cheese, and bacon all in a croissant bun that is awesome, and I hadn't had it in forever.  I really enjoyed it.  After breakfast, I played some games and played online, waiting for people to wake up.  Doing nothing sucks!  I was awake for like 6 hours before anyone else.  Finally, Jo came online and a little later we went to best buy.  Best Buy sucks.  We always go for some reason, but you always get there and it's the same old stuff at the same high prices.  The good thing was that we ran into Dan and Tim there and ended up at a makeshift LAN Party at my house.  When we walked into the house, though, my mom said "hey! you guys can move my couches into the basement."  Oh great, sorry guys.  We moved the couches out the front door and all around the ice patches to the back door, it sucked.  My mom's getting new couches on Tuesday...ok so that's yesterday, and the big couch went into my room.  Looked kinda crappy at the LAN, but I fixed it up after everyone left and it looks cool now.  I'll get pictures up at the end of the week.  I didn't have my camera there.  Codex and Trewr seemed kinda mad they weren't invited...but this wasn't your normal LAN Party.  It kinda ended as soon as it began, but we all had fun, I think.  Woke up Sunday morning to go to the computer show in Akron.  By myself.  It was ok, a lot easier to get around by yourself, so it didn't take me long.  RAM is really cheap right now.  Unlike gas.  Damn war.  This had better not affect Quakecon, is all I have to say.  Wait, wasn't I supposed to sleep in this weekend.  Oh well, I haven't slept in late for like a month, so I don't miss it anymore.  I upped my RAM to 512MB as well, a necessity these days.  Or I couldn't let Yash have more RAM than me. haha.  Spent the rest of the day getting a bigass cake from Yash and working.  Then it's back to school.  So hard doing nothing these days.  Oh, and I guess if you guys want, we could watch some anime movies at my house on Friday, since anime club is cancelled.  Tell me if you're interested.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2003

A surprising surprise

So Spirited Away got the Oscar for best animated picture.  Everyone thought that Lilo and Stitch or that stupid horse movie would win, but anime has actually pulled through.  Spirited Away definately deserves it though.  People were sure that the Oscar would go to a Disney movie because, well...Disney is Disney.  Besides, everyone in the world now hates America, so why not feel good about ourselves and give us an award that means nothing at all.  Wait, Disney owns the U.S.A. rights to Spirited Away, so I guess it all works out.  I've seen the beginning of Spirited Away, and it's pretty cool.  You would need a DVD to watch it, because I doubt a fansub would do the movie's graphics justice.  Jo tried to rip it but forgot we don't speak Japanese and couldn't get the subtitles.  Baka.   Jo's new website design is up, you can see it at  I was going to rant about some picture of a girl slitting her wrists on DeviantArt, but I realized it would make me look like a jackass so even though its a fake picture and I don't like it, I'm not going to go off about it.  I had to buy a new battery for my laptop, because the old one stopped working, and its not very useful without a battery.  It just stopped one day, quite the gay.  By the way, if anyone wants to buy my laptop for about $550 $500 before I put it on eBay, please contact me.
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Tuesday, April 01, 2003

The internet is alive!

Ah yes, the internet.  One of those necessary evils in today's culture, standing alongside other evils such as thank-you notes, Microsoft, responsibility, and manners.  We don't know why we have these things, but we do.  And when we have something, we do what we Americans do best.  We never notice it until we lose it.  Yes, my friends, I have lost something.  I have lost my internet connection.  Obviously, it is not totally gone or you would not be reading this.  Allow me to explain.  KSU changed their network setup during spring break.  They use these ridiculously expensive devices called packeteers to figure out what you are doing online, like a QoS service.  From port numbers, they can tell if you are web browsing, playing q3, or downloading from kazaa.  Anyways, it's all a master plot to block everything except HTTP (web pages), so its faster for everyone.  Unfortunately, the people who run this system are idiots.  They know nothing about how an internet connection works, and in trying to make it fast they just ruin it for everyone.  The internet, you see, is not made of hypertext markup language, it is made up of TCP/IP.  It is a connection, not a file.  You can download from the internet, but you cannot download the internet itself.  What I mean is that the internet has so many features other than web browsing that these dolts forget about.  The funniest one I can think of is Secure HTTP, port 443 or something (I cant check because the internet is down as I am writing this.)  They completely forgot about this type of connection, and made it impossible to get to sites like paypal, or even the website that runs our work schedule!  Yeah, you guys are qualified to run this operation.  FTP, ssh, and many other important ports were blocked as well.  They eventually 'fixed' this, but it doesnt help when the university is so poor that they can't afford janitors, much less an internet connection.  Fuck you, Bob Taft!  We all know it's your fault! Republicans...  Of course, who needs the internet anyways?  We have phones, and books and crap.  The internet wasn't always around.  What did people do before computers took over the economy and proceeded to fux us over?  How did they send each other their photoshopped pictures before email came around?  What did hackers do all day?  They must have been bored.  They couldn't have posted all these fucking hilarious April fool's jokes.  Some were funny today, such as the QuakeCon trick.  Jo did one for Trancender.  But no one ever goes to the index page of that site.  :D  Almost made my heart jump.  Almost.  Penny-arcade and PvP drew comics for each other, and it was stupid.  That could have been funny if a normal pvp comic appeared on the penny arcade site, and vice versa, but people make it dumb.  Let's see, there was also the ever done "Microsoft buys Linux" ([url=]Tom's hardware[/url], how could you?) and Nvidia buys ATi on some loser site, AOL buys DeviantArt, U.S. Soldiers advance towards Baghdad...yeah, I don't believe anything I heard today.  Seriously, some of these jokes are being way overdone.  Its like going to Maddox's site and wondering if he's going to criticize something that people like.  Yes, this is the role that the internet plays in our lives (Thank you Al Gore).  Maybe I will go to sleep earlier tonight.  Nah, it's quake time...lata

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Thursday, April 03, 2003

You know you like it


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Wednesday, April 09, 2003



MESQUITE, Texas - April 08, 2003 - Mark your calendar and start practicing; the 7th annual QuakeCon? video game festival and tournament is scheduled for Aug. 14-17 at the Adam?s Mark Hotel in Dallas - just 30 minutes from id Software?s homeland of Mesquite, Texas. The yearly gaming pilgrimage includes four days of intense tournament competition, BYOC LAN action, game and hardware demonstrations, workshops and parties; presented completely free of charge to all attendees.

"Whoever said size doesn?t matter has never been to QuakeCon," said Todd Hollenshead, CEO, id Software. "We won?t turn away our fans. Last year we hit our capacity, but we?re increasing the BYOC nearly 50% to 2000 gamers, and we expect more than 4,000 attendees for the four day party."

To reserve a room, call the Adam?s Mark Hotel at (800) 444-2326. To receive our specially negotiated room rates, QuakeCon attendees should inform the reservation desk that they?ll be at the hotel for QuakeCon. [Ed: You may have to mention "id Software" to get the special rate] Additional information about the Adam?s Mark Hotel is available at

For more information regarding event registration, tournament information, sponsors and the event schedule, please continue to check the official QuakeCon website at

About QuakeCon:
QuakeCon began in 1996 as a LAN party dedicated to fans of id Software?s games and has grown to include QUAKE®, QUAKE II™, QUAKE III Arena, QUAKE III: Team Arena™ and Return to Castle Wolfenstein. It was created by gamers to join with online friends in real life, meet the makers of the games they crave, talk shop with industry veterans and compete with some of the best players in the world. The event enjoys continued success, growing from a small gathering of 150 players in 1996 to more than 3,000 in 2002. QuakeCon is the definitive fan-based video game tournament, convention and party

About id Software:
id - Freud's primal part of the human psyche and one of the hottest game shops on Earth - has been rocking the gaming world from Mesquite, Texas since 1991. As a renowned leader in the industry, id Software forged such frenetic titles as Wolfenstein 3D®, DOOM®, DOOM II™, QUAKE® and QUAKE II™. With intense graphics and mind-blowing action, id?s games have helped redefine the modern video game, continually setting industry standards for technology and gameplay. And, in keeping with tradition, id Software has amplified the world of adrenaline pumping 3-D gaming with the release of their latest action titles, QUAKE III Arena™, QUAKE III: Team Arena™ and Return to Castle Wolfenstein™. id?s advanced DOOM III engine is leading the next revolution in 3-D interactive games with both single and multiplayer technology. Check out more about id Software at

# # #

© 2003 Id Software, Inc. All rights reserved. QuakeCon, QUAKE, QUAKE II, QUAKE III Arena, QUAKE III: Team Arena, Wolfenstein 3D, DOOM, DOOM II, DOOM III, Return to Castle Wolfenstein and the id Software name are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Id Software, Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.

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Monday, April 14, 2003


(Watches the Matrix reloaded trailer a million times in a row)


(Watches the X-Men 2 Trailer a million times)

W00t W00t!!

(Passes out)

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Thursday, April 17, 2003

New Laptop w00000t!

Heh, its been a while since I said anything worth saying.  Well, I got my new laptop on Monday.  It’s pretty much the same thing as my old one. It’s model number is L400, and here are the specs:

Intel Pentium III 700MHz with SpeedStep (down to 500mhz)
128 MB PC100 SODIMM (plan to up to 196 or 320mb)
4mb ATi Mobility Rage M1 Video Card
Crystal Soundfusion CS4281 Sound card
20 GB 4200rpm Fujitsu Hard Drive
12.1” XGA TFT screen 1024x768
24x External CD-ROM
USB External Floppy Drive

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Monday, April 21, 2003

The world is not out to get you

We get some rules to follow
That and this
These and those
No one knows

Do not read this.  Do not read anything.  Do not trust the government.  Do not trust strangers.  Do not help old people cross the street.  Do not run old people over with your car if you can help it.  Do not run red lights, especially if you are in a large truck.  Do not get convicted of a DUI if you ever intend to fly for money.  Do not fly if you drink alcohol within the last 8 hours.  Do not attempt to fly if your drivers license has a suspension or worse.  Do not land on the grass runways at KSU Airport.  Do not bend the propeller on landing and try to hide it, it doesn’t work.  Do not attempt to go to college to fly if you want any free time at all.  Do not attempt to go to college if you want any free time at all.  Do not live in the dorms if you live near campus.  Do not touch the bathroom floor if you live in the dorms.  Do not attempt to fix the shower curtains in the bathrooms, it is futile.  Do not piss off the large gay guy.  Do not piss off the RA, unless he is your drinking buddy.  Do not talk to the RAs, unless you want to go to the mandatory meetings.  Do not go outside the dorm, unless you want to have a life.  Do not have a life unless you want to fail out of college.  Do not fail out of college unless you want to work at a church all your life.  Do not slack off in high school, it helps.  Do not try exceptionally hard in high school, it doesn’t help.  Do not change Mr. Close’s Networking lesson plan, or you get an in-school.  Do not drop German class before the third year.  Do not forget the deadlines for housing applications.  Do not forget the deadlines for class registration.  Do not take computer courses if you are not a computer major.  Do not take fashion courses, period.  Do not take ‘electives’ in college.  Do not work off campus in your freshman year if you live on campus.  Do not forget to change the refresh rate of your monitor to 60Hz if you are hosting the anime club’s meeting.  Do not let your grade point average go below 2.5 if you are in the anime club.  Do not watch too much anime if you are in the anime club…unless you really really want to.  Do not join the Evil Genius Club at KSU.  Do not join the worship Satan club, anywhere.  Do not drive really fast on the streets between dorms, you’re not cool.  Do not put spoilers on minivans or Volkswagen Beetles.  Do not put anything other than a Darwin fish or a Linux fish on your car.  Do not stand up for your beliefs, unless you want to be ‘special’.  Do not talk in class, or you will be expected to talk every damn day.  Do not finish a project more than 30 minutes before it is due.  DO NOT FAIL ETHICS.  Do not take a class above the required level for your major.  Do not pay for anything from Rosie’s Diner.  Do not pay for anything, if you fail ethics and believe this is ok.  Do not take unwanted pictures and edit them later unless it is with permission or really fuckin hilarious.  Do not refrain from watching Fruits Basket.  Do not watch Puni Puni Poemi.  Do not click ‘Yes’ on Hot or  Do not click yes on any message containing the word “Gator”.  Do not rely on one set of cheap CD-R’s for backup purposes.  Do not play games if you get really mad when you lose, there is always someone better.  Do not think that I never lose.  Do not play with bots on low skill levels just because you can win.  Goddammit, Do not smoke pot in the bathroom!  Do not read Maddox’s site if you have any respect for crazy people.  Do not look at Jo’s site unless you respect the mspaint skeelz.  Do not threaten suicide to make people like you, it doesn’t work.  Do not listen to anything rappers have to say.  Do not use a sewing machine with the door open, if you are male.  Do not wait more than 5 minutes for a Campus Loop bus.  Do not use the on-campus bank.  Do not do the “Freshman Experience”  Do not buy Microsoft Office, ever.  Do not read junk email.  Do not install Kazaa, only Kazaalite.  Do not buy a Dell.  Do not spend more than $200 on a piece of hardware…or software for that matter.  Do not pay for a service that should be free, if it were not run by communist bastards.  Do not pass go.  Do not collect $200.

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Tuesday, April 22, 2003

The beginning of the end of the end of the beginning of the beginning of the end of the internet.

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Friday, May 02, 2003


OMG X-men 2 was one of the coolest movies ever.  Its even better than the first.  I highly recommend you go see this in theaters.

Magneto owns.  Case Closed.

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Friday, May 09, 2003

Happy birthday dear Kimuuurraaaa!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2003

My 2000 Silver Saturn SC-1 (3-Door Coupe)

Today was an awesome day.  I bought my first car.  It's a 2000 Saturn SC-1, as you can read above.  Only cost me $7700.01 after taxes and fees.  It's really nice, but its lacking in some features.  It doesn't have power windows or power locks, and there's neither a CD player nor a tape deck, just a radio.  That's not bad for now, but I am going to put in a CD Deck which I have yet to buy.  Hammonds is gonna help me install that and I thank him in advance.  But that's not for another 3 weeks or so.  The stock speakers are pretty decent, so I'm going to hold off on buying subs for a while, but a CD player is needed, definitely.  There are hardly any scratches on it for a 3 year old silver car, and Dan even thought it was brand new  raspberry.   I can see why he thought so because it's such a nice car.  There's an obscene amount of trunk space which is gonna own for LAN parties and subs and stuff.  There's probably more room in the trunk than in the back seat.  Oh yeah, and there's 6 cup holders for 4 seats.  Heh.  So anyways, Whempys is this weekend and I believe the group is me, krhainos, and swiftwulf.  This should be a good test of the car's long range capabilites.  Assuming we take my car because jo's is small and tim's is messy. :D   Hopefully we can play a lot of battlefield 1942 there.  I love that game.  I'll add more pics of the car tomorrow, but I'm going to Six Flags to hopefully get a job there.

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Thursday, May 15, 2003

What the bloody hell

Ok, if you haven’t seen the matrix yet, you deserve to have it ruined for you.  It sucked.  It didn’t suck in the “two guys a girl and a pizza place” way, but it was not the matrix we know and love.  Too much of the movie relied on stuff that happened in the animatrix, like why the kid is following Neo and what happened to the Osiris.  Agent Smith is back, for no other reason than to get one hundred of his asses kicked by Neo.  Did you notice Trinity’s mad hacking skills?  Apparently, to disable buildings you use secure shell with -root after it.  “ssh -root” is what she typed, no passwords or anything.  Basically, the first 40 minutes of the movie was pointless.  We don’t really have to know everything about the docking procedures of Zion and don’t get me started on the “Dancing / Neo ass” that was pointless.  The only thing that accomplished was turning a PG-13 movie into an R one.  This movie had a lot of cool ideas, but was poorly executed.  Like, lets spend 30 minutes talking to this french guy.  What he said in twenty minutes could have been explained in two.  And his voice was so god damn annoying.  Arrrgh..  And what’s with the 3d matrix stuff all the time?  Did we really have to zoom into her crotch to know what was happening?  The Wakalski brothers are huge perverts, it seems.  The twins were cool, I liked them.  Where did Morpheus get the katana?  I wasn’t looking for it at the beginning, but it seemed to come out of nowhere.  And there was too much of this “hidden door” stuff.  It’s not a bad idea, but it shouldn’t have been used so much for such a brand new idea.  The fight scenes used too much CGI, and it seemed like every time they were in the matrix they got attacked.  What the hell was with the french guy’s wife?  Lets spend like 10 minutes talking about a stupid kiss.  Don’t worry, Trinity, did you forget she’s digital?  Oh well.  I enjoyed most of the fighting, and I’ll probably go see it again soon.

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Sunday, May 18, 2003

My Rant, Reloaded

Ok, it seems my rant against the Matrix was a little harsh.  All in all, I really like the Matrix Reloaded.  It’s just that this trilogy has such high expectations that it unwillingly created for itself.  The producers obviously saw how much potential the first movie created and they are cashing on on this big time.  There’s no denying this.  The animatrix, the video game Enter the Matrix, selling out to powerade in commercials, its capitalism at work, baby.  They even opened the movie early on the 14th to make their opening weekend figures appear larger.  If you pay attention to all these, you can even catch subtle things in the movie like what happened to the Osiris and why the kid is following Neo.  Little things that you can probably guess what happened, but are there simply for the people who shell out the money to feel elite.  I saw the movie for the second time today and I’d like to go over the things I liked and disliked about my favorite movie’s sequel.  Spoiler alerts ahead, but if you haven’t seen it yet, you suck.  I’ve seen it twice.  I’ve given them my money, so I can feel elite.

What I disliked:
1.  The first thing that I disliked was also the first thing in the movie.  I hate it with a passion when movies or stories start with dream sequences.  Maybe I just think its overdone or something, but I always hate dream sequences.  This started the movie on a downward slope for me.
2.  I know Link is supposed to be the comic relief to the movie, but it got damn annoying after a while.  And the puss- joke was out of place.  There wasn’t much comic relief in the first movie, and it should have stayed at the same level.  At least he wasn’t as bad as Jar-Jar Binks.
3.  The Adventures in Zion, as I like to call it, took a long time and had too many corny jokes.  Once again, it should have been either more serious or less boring.  And don’t say I’m too stupid to catch what they were saying.  I understand it perfectly but its boring to listen too.  This is why DVD technology is so great, you can skip past this stuff
4.  I will never in my life retract what I said about the “Rave / Neo Ass” scene.  This is trash that pushes the movie from a PG-13 rating to an R rating.  Producers do this because of a preconception that people won’t go to anything rated beneath R rated movies because it’s childish.  Lots of movies will add meaningless profanity or sex scenes to make the movie seem more adult.  Personally, I think this usually detracts from the movie experience because it seems out of place most of the time.  It is especially evident in this movie.  I think the motive to this make this scene was that they assume you will watch all three movies back to back to back eventually, and you will need an intermission with some cool music.  :D
5.  Morpheus mentioned that they have freed more minds in the last 6 months than the last 6 years.  This goes against what they said in the first movie about most minds not being ready to be freed.  It’s about enlightening the chosen ones, not simply meeting quotas on freed people.
6.  I still think the part with the Merovingian was a little uncalled for.  We could tell what was happening to her without the need for matrix code.  And the part where Persephone wants to kiss Neo is stupid.  It would have worked if she just gave them the keymaker because she was mad at her husband.
7.  The fight scenes, while still awesome, were different than before.  The fights in the first movie used a lot of guns with was awesome.  Also, the fighting revolved mostly around who was stronger in the second one, as opposed to the first.  In the first, they were very creative about how they beat agents.  I liked the old way much better.
8.  I don’t like the fact that Neo can fly.  It’s just weird.

I’m sure there’s more, but i forget at the moment.

What I liked:
1.  I liked the main point about whether it is choice or causality that controls us.  I liked how the Merovingian saw through them, showing that they were just doing what they are told to do by the Oracle.  They are helping that which they are trying to destroy.
2.  I liked the double matrix theory, but I hope it doesn’t go too far.  For example, if it turns out that Neo or any of the others are programs, or if the entire Matrix is just a part of some other program, I will be mega pissed.
3.  The fight scenes were awesome, of course.  But there was still a lot of CGI used.  In the first movie they didn’t get attacked freaking every single time they were in the Matrix.  I know. someone will respond with “Upgrades”.  To that, I say “Upyours”.  Another thing I don’t get is why Neo even bothers beating the shit out of people.  If he’s the one, shouldn’t he be able to rewrite the matrix?

I can’t wait to see the next one in November.  I will have tickets to the first showing then too, so don’t label me a Matrix hater :D.

On to the next topic: the Whempy’s LAN in Columbus was on the 17th, and I went with Krhainos, Swiftwulf, and Codex.  We set up this cool wireless network between our cars as we made the two hour drive.  More about that on its own special page here.  The LAN was exactly as I had remembered it from a year ago.  Must be doing something right then, huh?  No.  I still hate every single thing they do there.  Their tournaments are always FFA or TDM (including CTF and gameplays like this), never 1v1.  They always have the worst rules that you have to follow, like a certain number of people have to be offense and defense.  Offense players are not allowed to chase people entering their bases down.  Also, they have this obsession with playing the oldest games around.  HLDM is fun, but they couldn’t get it working due to some HL virus that I was accused of having.  BS!  They obviously don’t know who they are dealing with, right?  I asked at the beginning of the LAN if the UT tourney was UT or UT2k3 and they said it was UT2k3.  It ended up being original UT, so it was not fun.  The tourneys ended up being HLDM, UT, Quake2, and Starcraft.  I hate their tourney system soo much I don’t know why I keep doing them.  It’s this reputation I gotta keep up, eh?  Right.  I had fun at the LAN though, simply because of the amount of people there.  The unorganized gameplay there is way more fun than than anything else.  I barely had any time when I was not playing anything.  Got to play a little BF1942, though not as much as I wanted.  Got to play a LOT of Q3, and a (almost) 1v1 against Ecrivian that lasted 92 minutes.  Good God!  :D Maybe we’ll go back again next month or the one after that.  Gotta play some more with the mobile wireless!

Well, I guess I am done writing for now, Peace.

Special Link Update! (thanks Swiftwulf):

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Monday, June 02, 2003



Finally got this stupid blog script to work. This page will eventually turn into version 3 of my website, which I have yet to make a catchy codename for, such as “fairlady”. Im using default colors right now, but I will change them when i am not tired. See you all soon

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Tuesday, June 03, 2003



sweet, i can easily allow others to post on the website. wish i had this back with the DGS

Quote of the day:
BobCortex (11:30:57 PM): would you feel better if i said i glued hentai belldandy up on that? i didn't, but i want you to stop saying "pink".
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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Whempy’s Wireless Project

    The problem:  To fit 4 people and 8 computers (including 3 laptops  raspberry) into 2 cars and arrive at the Whempy's LAN Party in Columbus, OH.
    The solution: Establish a wireless ethernet connection between the two cars and Microsoft NetMeeting for voice communication.

    Situation: Two cars, My (Eclipse's) Car took the point because I had driven there before, although it was last year, so we weren't too sure where we were going.

    Equipment List:
        Eclipse's Car:
            Passengers: Eclipse, Codex
            Computers: Eclipse's Desktop, Eclipse's Laptop, Codex's Desktop, Codex's Laptop, Codex's Server
            Wireless Solution: Codex's Laptop with external antenna placed on top of car for extended range.
        Swiftwulf's Car:
            Passengers: Swiftwulf, Krhainos
            Computers: Swiftwulf's Desktop, Krhaino's MiniDesktop, Krhaino's Laptop, AC Power inverter, Access Point
            Wireless Solution: Krhaino's Laptop next to access point, powered by AC Power inverter.

Figure 1: Access Point. 
Obviously the backbone to a wireless network.  We chose to power an access point rather than connect the two wireless cards directly so we could get a larger wireless range.  Even with Swiftwulf's car directly behind, 802.11b doesnt have a whole lot of range.  Because Krhaino's laptop doesn't have a long lasting battery, the power inverter was used in Swiftwulf's car so he could use it to power the access point and laptop.  The access point was placed on the passenger sun visor for optimum range and we didnt trust it to be taped to the outside of the car.

Figure 2: Performance.
Performance over the mobile wireless network was marginal.  This picture shows Krhaino's laptop which was right next to the access point.  The strange thing was he got pings of around 45-50 to codex's laptop, while codex got pings of around 2000 to krhainos.  Voice over the network worked after a brief setup period, however.  File transfer between the two cars also worked, as tested by copying the directions back and forth.

Figure 3: Netmeeting.
Because there was no DHCP on this relatively simple network, static IPs were used.  The lead car was assigned, and the the other was  Netmeeting was chosen as the communication software due to its simplicity, smallest setup time, and the fact that we didn't have much choice.  The problem we ran into was that Codex's laptop runs linux, and doesn't have netmeeting.  To solve this, we downloaded Gnome Meeting for him.  This connected with the windows laptop, but the two could not text chat to each other.  Voice chat worked though, and we ended up using that instead.

Figure 4: Execution
Both cars did an excellent job of staying close enough for the LAN to work.  Codex had some problems connecting to the access point at the beginning, but it worked and the two computers could talk.  We found out that sony microphones must suck because we were having some problems hearing krhainos, but overall it was cool.  Even had a radio station going for a few minutes :D

Next time, some improvements can be made and we hope to have wireless gaming during the 2 hour trip back and forth from Whempy's

Figure 5: Success!
We arrived at the LAN Party just in time for Codex to get a winning ticket.  He won two Cold Cathode Lights.  Congrats, Codex.


View the short movie! Click here!

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Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Anime Trading LAN on June 22nd

copyright?  what copyrights? its japanese

Quoting Melchior from the KSU Anime Society Forums:

"... We are having an anime trading LAN at Lorain County Community College on June 22nd though, so if you can make that you might be able to get it there too. Email me and I can get you the details, or you can check out there forums, although you do have to register for them to see any posts."

Time to buy some hard drives, CD-Rs, or DVD-Rs and get a ton of anime for next school year!
Lorain County Anime Forums
Post in KSU Forums with links to email

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Wednesday, June 04, 2003

Speaking of LAN Parties

Whempy's LAN Party is this weekend, the 7th. Link
LANOhio's LAN Party is next weekend, the 14th.Link

Whempy's: Columbus OH, 2 hour drive, $15
LANOhio: Kirtland OH, 45 min drive, $12 ($9.60 prepay)

Let me know who is interested.

Oooh, this site layout is almost complete.
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Wednesday, June 04, 2003 version 3 BETA

Ok, most of the coding for the new site is finished. You are looking at it. Might not seem like much, but the front page is pure php and mysql now instead of just html. This makes posting easy! Also, you can respond to entires and stuff. Another main point is that this page is wc3 compliant now. (Except the shoutbox, that only works in IE). Many of you have taken notice to my new hated of microsoft and to stop using frontpage for my site is a big leap for me. Viewing both previous versions of my site in netscape/mozilla/gecko would led to errors or tables that were the wrong color. Most of the site's navigation boxes have been refitted with wc3 java code, but some huge tables (like the anime page) are still in crappy frontpage format. (Need any more convincing that microsoft is forcing people to use its software?)

There is not yet much point to becoming a member of my site, because I allow anonymous commenting to my posts, but if you want to register, go ahead. It works. The member controls are at the bottom of the home page. All you can do at this point, if you are not an admin, is log in and out. Maybe later I will allow other people to post on the site, cause its really easy now :D.

Anyways, this is the third major revision of my site, and its still in beta cause there could be stuff i forgot to update. Thanks go out to PMachine for creating the blogger, Trancender for hosting, and the people who helped me design/test the site. :D If you find any bugs, feel free to leave a comment on this entry.
Goodnight, world.
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Thursday, June 05, 2003

woohoo crazy dream

So  bee log?  I had this dream where I was in a Boeing 737 or something and we landed at a strange airport where the runway was also a highway.  So when we turned around and immediately tried to take off, we had to dodge all these cars and couldn’t make takeoff speed.  So, we just kinda followed the highway for a while smashing cars and stuff and thats when yash woke me up at 11am.  11am!  can you believe it that early.

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Thursday, June 05, 2003

Don Hertzfeldt is elite

you are not

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Friday, June 06, 2003

Oh I’m such a blogsnob

Now I’m not a fan of the X-Box too much, but Dead Or Alive 3:Extreme Beach Volleyball is probably the only reason I would get one.  I went to James’ House Last night (this morning?) with Jo and Anthony because it had been a while since we were all together for an x-box party.  It was a lot of fun, and like all of our parties, it included a trip to Giant Eagle.  Even though there was much obnoxious-ness, it did not result in us getting arrested, so I consider it a success.  Jo actually let James drive his car which really surprised me.  I got in the car thinking we weren’t really going anywhere, but maybe I should know better by now.  We speeded off down 59 and turned around at the airport when we saw a cop.  The rest of the night was spent playing x-box, talking, and yelling (and spitting) at James’ neighbors.  I don’t share the same flair for getting into “trouble” as he does, but whatever.  It was fun.

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Saturday, June 07, 2003

200 miles of disappointment

Had to start the day off with Six Flags training.  I’m trying to get a job as a ride operator there.  I couldn’t go to sleep the night before so I was really tired.  So the only thing that got me through that was knowing I was going to go to the Whempys LAN in Columbus afterwards.  Well, we all drove down in Tim’s car and after the hour long trip there were like 30 people there.  We didn’t want to pay $15 for a 30 person LAN for only 8 hours or so.  We went to Wendys to decide to go or stay.  We left, so the trip consisted basically of driving 200 miles to go to Wendys.  It was some damn good Wendys though.

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Sunday, June 08, 2003

It is a mystery

Why Computer Crash?

So at the codex lan my computer would crash non-stop in any game. Its been like this for a while now, off and on. It crashes in every game, and every once and a while in Windows it just reboots. At tim's lan I took out a stick of 256mb ddr RAM from my computer and it was instantly fixed for about a week. I traded my Radeon 8500 for codex's Geforce4 MX 440. These cards are about the same, though i got better frames in Q3 with the Radeon, and better frames in RtCW:ET with the Geforce. So I went home after the LAN and tore my computer completely apart. Every thing I could take apart was taken apart. I even ripped the CPU Heatsink apart and I cleaned it all. I also used a lot of tape and creativity to hide some of the extra wires to improve airflow, though i dont think heat was a problem. This took most of the day, and it was a little boring, but I haven't built a computer in so long it was a little fun. Also, I put my Sound Blaster Audigy back in, no use in having it sitting on the desk anymore. So far, its been much better, all the unusual sounds are gone and its been perfectly stable. If it messes up again, you can bet you'll hear from me again.

I'll leave you off with the specs of my computer then:
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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Show me teh moneys

So a few weeks ago I got a job at 6 flags as a lifeguard. Funny, huh? Well, since they were no longer hiring ride operators, Bob (Akax) and I came up with a complex plan of being hired as a lifeguard (which is in the same category as ride op) and getting transferred before my training was over. Anyways, the hiring part is over, and I was supposed to meet Bob at the Skycoaster in 6 Flags World of Adventure today at 4pm for the next step of getting transferred. Unfortunately, this meeting didn't exactly happen. Apparently some people didnt go in and he had to work through his breaks. I found him an hour later at the go carts and talked with him off and on for the next 4 hours about what I should be doing. Eventually, I got the transfer approved and starting next week or so I am employed again as a ride operator and I can buy some fun stuff like a new computer, lcd monitors, and maybe a dv camera because Jo's is so leet. Anyways, it looks like Bob and my plan worked out pretty well, which is pretty rare.

And on a side note, always remember to register for Quakecon.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2003

It’s the little things that count

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) are the awesome!  I dont know if anyone knew about a huge flaw in my site where if the browser window was at or below 800x600, all the text of the blog would be underneath the menu.  This was due to a small error I had.  It’s been fixed now, and I understand CSS a little better.  Now when you make the window smaller, the blog text will wrap to the edge of the browser within reason (in IE) or go nowhere (mozilla).  Most of you probably had no idea it was a problem, or even what I am talking about, but don’t worry! It’s fixed!

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Thursday, June 12, 2003

For all of you going to Quakecon

There will be an informational meeting for all of us going to quakecon 2003 in an AIM Chatroom tonight around 11 or 12pm. Dan, whose AIM s/n is "Barkenchicken", or myself (Eclipse278) will be inviting people to the chatroom, so if you want to be involved, contact one of us. If you cannot make it to the meeting, I have created a page on my site where we can keep official information here. The link will also be made available on the "Recent Links" section to the left on the main page, and on the "Features" page. Here you can make sure we know you are coming and other important stuff to keep this organized for everyone. This year we really are going! We are going with or without you, so it's up to you guys to make sure you know what's up, and up to you guys to make sure we don't leave you behind. Talk to you all tonight.

This meeting was cancelled because Dan was sleepy :D
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Friday, June 13, 2003

Life is good!  Yaaaay!

BobOmega: ugh its saturday
: yay! its Saturday!
Eclipse: thats the attitude
Eclipse: every day is a new day
BobOmega: grumble
: whats wrong mr scrooge?
BobOmega: Hate.
: the wife beating you again?
BobOmega: i can't think of a witty responce to that so i'll just give you a "Hate!"
: owned there, mr scrooge
Eclipse: :D
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Saturday, June 14, 2003


Tomorrow is my first day of work at Six Flags as a ride operator.  I have to go in at 9:30am and get assigned to an area.  I hope to god that I get put in the same area as bob, cause otherwise this whole escalade was not worth it.  Well, I had fun last time I worked there when it was Six Flags Ohio.  As long as I’m not in the Mr. Hyde’s Fall area I can live.  I do need the money after all, for plane ticket and quakecon and computer and so on.  Oh, I don’t want to do the superman or any of the kid’s rides either.  I called the park today to get my schedule and they told me i had to wait until I got there to get it.  Then they asked me if I could go in today.  I was like ‘wtf?’  it was funny.  I got out of it and played some hardcore RtCW:Enemy Territory.  That game is so fun its not even funny.  So good luck to me today, hope i don’t get owned.

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Sunday, July 06, 2003



soon/Be Afraid
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Wednesday, July 09, 2003

The Italian Job

Went to go see the Italian job today with bob and yash. It was pretty good except for the fact that they were driving minis. Those are the dumbest little cars ever. You can even see spiderman standing in the crowd for a split second right before the armored truck falls through the street (think fight club). It was so hilarious I couldn't stop laughing in the theater. The best parts of the night were definately after the movie though. Bob and I were in the arcade trying to find a game we could play for only a quarter (we failed) when there was this kid playing one of those racing games where you sit on the motorcycle to go. He was a dumbass and broke the game so the motorcycle wouldn't turn anymore and he got really mad and started to yell at the infernal machine. So I'm watching him scream at the game while the motorcycle dude in the game is flying off the track through trees and bushes in a straight line and I start laughing. He immediately snaps and starts yelling at me in a very serious punk-ish tone like he's going to beat me up, which makes me laugh some more. As Bob and I walk out as he's still sitting on the motorcycle yelling at us but can't bring himself to abandon the 75 cents he used on the game. People are way too emotional these things. Why is it such a big deal I laughed a little. It's not like I'm "insulting his honor" or something like that. All it takes is 75 cents to make some young stupidass lose all rationality. Pathetic.

Yet entertaining.
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Friday, July 11, 2003

On another note…

I will not be going to Quakecon 2003 this year. I am sorry to all the people I promised I would go. At the beginning of summer, it looked like I had a pretty good chance at being able to go. However, as the time for QC comes nearer, it is more apparent that the middle of August is going to be pretty stressful with work at Six Flags, work at ResNet, entering school again, and trying to get my pilot's license all around that time. There was still a small possibility of me going, but it would be a longshot and very expensive even if i ended up not going, so I have decided to stop planning for it now, so I am not disappointed later.
Once again, sorry.

I would have owned :D
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Monday, July 14, 2003

For the love of god

and all that is holy!

Last Friday, I think it was, it rained so hard that the Merrie Oldies ride at 6 Flags was closed. During this time, I was asked the task of draining the large puddle/small lake with a bucket. What it boils down to is, I was asked to stand in a puddle for 4 hours. Well, thanks to that, my foot has become infected under my toenail and it fucking HURTS. Oh my god it hurts! I can barely limp around. It hurts probably worse than foot chile. Don't ever agree to move water using buckets. Thats good advice. So I'll probably be calling off work today, which I don't want to do because I'm one of the few on my crew that actually works, and they won't remember to put trashbags in the thiller.
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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

Six Flags Worlds of Pain

Yesterday it rained so bad that Six Flags closed early. This is a once-a-year event, so it was a pretty cool thing. Too bad it cuts into my pay though. I had to work the oldies during the second rain storm. That ride almost never shuts down. So I started to think as I worked, wishing I were dead instead of getting a crappy 6.50/hr to get SARS from the rain. I was thinking about how much I despise that awful, terrible ride. Most of the rides at the park are not awesomely fun to operate, but the Oldies have to be the worst. Either You are getting really really sunburned because there is no roof or shade, or else you are getting rained on. There's not much else. I'm going to be very straight-forward with the rest of this rant.

Why I hate my rides:

Case 1: Merry Oldies

This ride sucks because all the parents have some sentimental value attached to it. They remember riding it as kids because all the rides back then sucked ass. These dumbasses bring their 2 month-old, barely concious infants onto my ride. These kids can't even open their eyes yet, so they aren't going to be able to have fun. Still, the parents think they are doing the right thing as responsible adults to bring them onto the smelly overgrown lawnmowers I drive all day long. About 1 in every 20 people can actually figure out how to drive the cars, too. There is the obvious gas pedal inside the car, and the brake we use to stop the cars when the guests are being dumb. The brake is all the way outside of the car. yet still half of the idiots, i mean guests, try to stretch their legs as far as they can and push the pedal down, not realizing that they are just making it stopped harder. In the morning, when I'm still in a good mood I'll be nice, but later on I'll tell it like it is "The gas pedal is inside the car, genius". They still don't get it. The first thing you learn at a job like this is that the guests don't actually listen to you. I usually resort to using simple hand motions to indicate stop, go that way, and get smacked. They love it though. Making my job harder is why they paid $40 per person to get in. There are so many of them at the oldies. It draws more people than the Serial Thriller. I can't keep up with them most of the time. The thing about people is that, when they are in a large group, they are only as smart as the dumbest person. To let them onto the ride, we send out five groups at a time to wait behind the gates for the cars to be parked. Once they are parked, you let them in, it's pretty simple. So I'll let the 5 groups out, and I'll say "wait here" to the group of people who didn't make it to the gates yet. I'll watch them as I walk to one of the cars, and they won't move. But the second I start moving the car up, they all run out into the gate platform. They fucking wait for me to stop watching! Then they realize that there's nowhere to go, but the next 20 people have already come behind them, and they are all realizing this too. I come running up yelling for them to go back to the turnstile to wait, and they don't want to get yelled at, so they try and hide. They are so dumb! Because I can see them. I'm not an idiot, but still. In a group like this you have to control certain individuals because once again, no one listens to you, but they will follow certain types of their own kind. Usually, these people you must control are in the front of the line, they usually set the example for all the other noobs to follow, but not always. The danger lies in groups that are split up into multiple cars. They will wait for everyone in their group to get a car, then they will decide that they don't have to wait behind gates and they will be in the car and driving off before you can run over there. You can yell all you want, but they don't care. They think you're complimenting them or something. Like I said, people are idiots. They are idiots. Idiots. When I'm separating the groups, I ask them "how many?" and they look at me like I'm speaking Martian or something, so I say "how many people are riding in your car". They usually can figure out that I'm speaking some sort of dialect of ghetto called "English", but they can't get it, so they usually say something like "Three".

"Okay, can you all go to the third gate by the blue car?"
"Oh, we're all going in our own cars"
"Well, there's a minimum of two people per car"
"Ok, well me and [second person] then"
"Well, who's [third person] going to go with?"
"She can go with [second person]"
"So, three people, right?"
"No, I'm by myself"
And at this point the conversation repeats until I want to kill myself, which doesn;t take long.

The Oldies Spiel, if I wrote it:
"Ok, idiots, Push the fucking gas pedal down to the fucking floor. It's the circle pedal right next to your fucking foot. Don't fucking bitch at me when the car doesn't move because you need to fucking push it harder. It's not a real car, it takes some fucking effort, you wimp. I do it all day, so you can fucking do it for 2 minutes, and don;t come back complaining because every single car is like this and I don't fucking care. It's ok if I bump the oldies because there's no one inside the cars to get hurt. It's not the fucking bumper cars, so if I see you do it, I'm going to cuss you out. No getting out of the car, because the bags of chips you see aren't real. It's just a bag of air. Now hurry up and go.

Case 2: Ice Mountain Splash (Log Ride)
Wear your god damn shirt. No one wants to see that shit. You came to the park on a hot, bright day and now your skin is crusty red and peeling away. You have to wear your shirt on every single ride outside of the water park. It says so out front, in the map, one wants to see that shit! Seriously, you'd think you'd see more hot chicks riding the rides, but mostly you see old, fat, disgusting old women with layers upon layers of fat coming out. It's hard enough to look in their general direction, much less help them out of the boat. When there is a hot girl, she's always with some stupid guy (who is never with a shirt, and probably doesn't know what a shirt is). The last option you get is the 14-15 year old girls who are smartmouths and pretend you are their best friend because they can read your nametag. They are all pricks and you just want to shove a rocket launcher down their throats. Once again, all the people in line want to run onto the platform, which is strictly forbidden. They think they are so much closer to getting to ride if they are on the platform. Well, there's still the same number of people in front of you no matter where you are, dumbass. Luckily, in this ride we have a chain to keep people off the platform. It's pretty cool, because I've seen people walk full speed into the chain and almost fall over. God damn, they are so dumb! The best part is that the chain is right at crotch level for all the damn 15 year olds. That's some funny shit. The little kids usually just go right under the chain. I had this one kid that did that and fucking ran full speed towards the water, completely suicidal. I had to fucking catch him in mid air. I should have let him go. People lose all sorts of shit in the water. I think it's funny. Usually it's their hat when they go down the hill. The hats will float on by later and we grab them. If they are nice, we take them :D People lose sunglasses a lot because they are clipped to their shirt's neckhole. They bend over to get in and bloop! There they go. Still, the best is when people lose their shoes. Mostly sandals, they get so mad, and it's understandable, but I can never stop laughing. They bitch and bitch and eventually go away. This one 5 year old didn't want to go on the ride on morning and started screaming and kicking, and when his dad picked him up and carried him to the boat, he kicked so hard his shoe went flying into the water and I couldn't let him ride. That was the smartest kid I've ever seen. People beat their kids in the park all the time. It's pretty scary. I've seen one lady take off her belt and start whipping the poor kid senseless. It was scary as hell, but, granted, the kid was being a dumbass. I wanted to do something, but what could I do?

The Log Ride Spiel, if I wrote it:
You there, put your fucking shirt on. Don't fucking bitch when you get wet because you know its a god damn water ride. I said put your shirt on. Stay seated until we tell you to get up, because you always get up all at once, on one side, and tip the boat over, dumbasses. Sit two people up front, and don't move. We can see you. The ride may freeze cause it's fucking 30 years old, but don't get up cause it'll tip over. Keep your hands inside the boat, and don't fucking say "my butt's wet" when you get out because everyone says that and its fucking ANNOYING!

Case 3: Serial Thriller
This is the only ride I could work all day. Still, we get some pretty big dumbasses here too. My favorite are the ones who take forever to sit down, and when they try, the seat has already been locked down and they cant get in. Not wanting to cause any trouble, they of course hide from me until I get to the back row where they explain the mystery of the locking chair and I have to unlock every single seat on the train and recheck all the bars again. Once you unlock them, even if you announce it over the intercom, everyone freaks out when the bars unlock. They bloody terror. It's funny at first, but when they all ask you separately what happened you just want to choke them. Listen to the damn intercom! Because their feet are suspended in air on this coaster, they always swing their legs and I get kicked 500 times a day. Sometimes I get kicked hard. The next time I see them at their job, I'm going to walk up and kick them in the shins. Yeah, you like that idiot. You know you're too fucking fat when you can't sit in a roller coaster seat. I've put some fatass people in there, but sometimes it just won't work. I never know what to say to these people. So I say very little. If you can't fit here, you should buy some diet pills, not a Six flags ticket. I've seen some people too fat fo the oldies. That's scary. When I'm driving the coaster, it's bad too. People never listen to what you say, so you can take advantage of that. But it's hard when you are yelling at them to go through the exit or get off the railings. Tinisha resorts to screaming through the microphone, which is funny, but would get her in trouble if she was caught. I do more of a casual demeaning like "If you are carrying a giant pair of red dice, and are leaning against the enterance gates, please look straight down at your toes. If you see that you are leaning on the gate, please take two steps back". Then I usually tell the guest next to me "Don't lean on the gates, pass it down". Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. The thriller has broken down so many times with me at the controls, I don't know why. It's bad luck, but I think they won;t let me do it anymore. I'm hardly ever at the Thriller.

The Serial Thriller Spiel, if I wrote it:
Hurry up and get on the damn ride. When the person comes by to check your safety harness, don't fucking kick him. Don't ask him if the ride is safe. Don't ask him to hold your damn cell phone either. If you get stuck, you have to pull back on the restraint, like we told you to, a million times. Don't scream before the ride leaves the station and try not to puke, because its fucking nasty.

About 60% of the money I make at the Park goes to 1)Taxes and 2)Food. Its amazing how much we get ripped off and taken advantage of. I work for 15 hours a day and get payed for 12, if I'm lucky. After expenses, I get payed for about 8. The working world is fun, ain't it?

Can't wait for school to start, I've got so much to do. Leave a comment with a work story like this to cheer me up or something. :D
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Saturday, July 26, 2003

Its not so bad

Just got back from another great 15 hour day at the best amusement park ever. Actually, the rant before was just a combination of everything I hate about working there. Everyone has things they like and things they hate at a job. It's natural. When it's time to quit is when the bad things outweigh the good. Today I had to turn in my back-to-school form which changes me to a weekend only schedule starting August 25th. That's not so far away now. I've got so much to do.. Today I also cleaned up my first "biospill". Heh. Puke on the Serial Thriller. It wasn't too bad. I've seen some nasty ones. I always put way too much work into cleaning at night, but I think I'm getting noticed. I don't know why I do it, really. All my coworkers get really mad. I make them look bad. Well, I think I found my reason.

So anyways, I heard swiftwulf was having a minilan, so I got a Open-4:30 schedule, but now he's not so I'm mad. I will either work open to close or if I can gather enough support, have a small one here or something. It depends. I will attempt to contact you all later tomorrow if I do the latter. raspberry

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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Because no one else posted it


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Thursday, August 07, 2003

Do I need a title?

Tim, my brother got his drivers license yesterday, so we celebrated it with a game of car tag.  He had gone to pick up schultz and Yash and I had to hunt him down and catch him before he got back home.  This wasn’t so hard for me, as I am a car ninja (see panel 1 of this mac hall comic).  After picking up bob as well, we came back to my place and tested out some processor for schultz with an intensive match between Bob and Yash, with a victory by bob using pretty good technique.  OMG! Bob not noob!  Then out to dinner again, I think that was my third dinner that day, and also the second one at taco bell.  I also got some work done on but its still not ready yet.  Oh, jo was planning on a minilan at his place on friday.  Haven’t had a minilan there in a long time, so i hope he’s still up to it.  I’ll leave you with one peice of advice: Healthy Choice Ice Cream sandwiches are nasty as fuck.

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Friday, August 08, 2003

LanOhio Breakfast

Eclipse is drinking bawls at LanOhio LAN

Eclipse: Good morning, n00bie

Blackrazor: Good morning to you, n000000bieeee!

Eclipse: Your server went down, n00bie!  Mother fucking Toshiba Laptop is one crazy n00bie, n00bie!

Blackrazor: Damn! This Laptop is one unpredictable n00bie, N00bie!  Hey Ghetto! Whatcha doin' n00bie?

Ghetto: Your favorite, n00bie, BS and spam!

Eclipse and Blackrazor high-five

Blackrazor: Bitch! You ma numma one n00bie!

Ghetto: OH! Hold on my n00bies! Whats missing here?

Eclipse and Blackrazor: OH!

Eclipse: are we some dumbass n00bies or what?

Ghetto starts playing some ghetto rap music loud over speakers

Nebbish barges in

Nebbish: Hey! What are you doing?

Ghetto turns off music

Nebbish: Whats up, n00bies!

Everyone laughs

Blackrazor: Yo, nebbish, whats with all that crazy gear, n00bie?

Nebbish: Oh, I come here for rest of day. Anybody call for me, you tell them, this n00bie gone LANNin.

Nebbish turns around, on back of shirt is "n00bie gone LANNin"

Everyone laughs

<Exit Nebbish>

Airmack enters on phone

Airmack: Oh, really? Did you see the new Brad Pitt movie? He's so cute, gotta go.

Everyone stares at him

Airmack: What?

Eclipse: What? What? I tell you what. Your posts were taken down, n00bie.

Airmack: Its not so bad.

Eclipse: Not so bad? You posted everything but interesting stuff.

Blackrazor laughs

Airmack: So what? I can post whore anyways.

Eclipse: You can post whore? If n00bie post whores, n00bie no practice gaming. If n00bie no pracice gaming, n00bie no beat darkseed. If n00bie no beat darkseed, n00bie only wins second in tourney and gets no prize, n00bie!

<Airmack starts to cry>

Eclipse sighs and looks around

Eclipse: There, there, my little n00bie, its ok. It's ok

Airmack: I'm sorry, n00bie

Ghetto turns music back on

Everyone dances to it

Big ed: Yo! Did someone order a case of bawls?

Everyone: We did! N00bie!

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Monday, August 18, 2003

And so it begins

Now at the dorms again.  This year its so much better.  The room is a lot better, I can park on campus, Resnet is promising to be a lot of fun.  I actually moved in yesterday, but as you all know, my website updates are spurratic, at best.  I am done with my weekly schedules at Six Flags, but I will go back on the 30th and start working weekends there until they close or I get too pissed at them.  I don’t have too much to report, I think.  Oh, I am going to get a 17” LCD monitor soon.  That will be fun.  I’ll put up pictures of the room after it’s finished, maybe.  Thought I had more to say this time, but oh well.  It’s a free website.

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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

School’s Open! Drive Carefully!

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Friday, August 29, 2003

Best Buy is noob!

Returned my old LCD today to Best Buy. It had a bright green dead pixel in the lower left section of the screen. Most LCD manufactorers don't accept returns unless it has 3 or more dead pixels, but Best Buy will...

Good thing too, because the green was really annoying.
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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Wearing out..

I didn't go to my physics class this morning. I tried to sleep in, which I haven't done in months. Missing the class today meant I missed turning in a large homework assignment, which I didn't even do. I couldn't sleep in though, because I woke up early and couldn't go back to sleep. I just laid in bed until it was too hot to stay. I might be too stressed out now. I'll admit it now. I've worked between 40 to 50 hours a week, even during school. I feel so tired all the time, but I can't go to sleep. I'm just in lingo and it's killing me inside, I can feel it now. I hate my classes. Every last one. Physics is every single day at 9:45 in the morning. When I'm in the class I understand everything, but when I try to do work on my own I get confused. Well, it's more like I don't know how to start. I try to make the problem more complicated than it is. Technical Writing is just a bullshit class. It tries to teach us how to write about technical aspects of things. I have to write papers about paper clips. It's all so very interesting. Macroeconomics is just boring. I have absolutely no interest in money. Sure, I enjoy making money and buying stuff, but I don't like money itself. Money corrupts people. It corrupted my family. That's all I will say on that. So I try to stay away from it as much as possible. I'd keep my money in a giant mattress if I could, but that's not the way the world works anymore. I don't work to make money, I don't even know why I work so hard anymore. Aviation Weather wouldn't be a bad class, but it's late at night, and everyone there seems so more advanced than me. My mom knows the directors of the program very well, so I've got a reputation to hold up, and it's destroying me. It wouldn't take me very long to get my license, but I hate that Commercail Aviation Company so much..they make me soo mad.

Working at Six Flags is getting old, and it's hard to do with school. Vinnie and Chris have now gone back to school, so it's going to be either me or Mike Shteyngarts in charge of the Thriller area. I honestly don't know who they will pick, but if it isn't me I'm going to turn in my two weeks immediately.

Working at Resnet is fun, like always. I think I am much better at it this year, I think I am better at talking to the users. I was too shy last year, intimidated maybe. They all seemed to know everything and I was sometimes too shy to ask for help. This year I've tried to be nice to all the new hires so they won't feel that way. I hope I'm not being overbearing, but that so rarely happens. We've had a very busy opening year. Completely different than last year, but maybe equally as busy. Whereas last year was filled with resnet software problems, this year all the problems seem to be viruses. I like the way Kent has dealt with them more than Akron. KSU actually calls the users when we disable their ports, and we try to help them over the phone. Akron just disables them and waits for the users to bitch about it. Our way is much longer and harder on us, but it is better for them, I think.

The only other free time I have is taken up by the KSU Anime club on Friday nights. We haven't done hardly any advertising and we are getting 60+ people each night. Samantha and Eric are doing a lot of work towards the club, and as secretary, I want to help them. I've been trying to subtlely tell them, but they haven't asked yet. I love going out to eat with everyone afterwards, a tradition started by Yash and me. It's become a regular part of the club, so I feel I have contributed. Everything will turn out ok.

I apologize for typos as it is very late, and I promise to update some more, as Jo has recently been posting way more than I have :D
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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Halo Hell no

So the thing going around campus right now is the Halo beta from Microsoft. After playing, I can say that I know why it is a good console game, but for PC it is the suck. My roommate and I were playing with some other people on campus and getting a lot of lag. Now I know it's still a beta, but netcode is a pretty big deal in a game which features it's multiplayer a lot. Netcode should be basically done in alpha stages, at least so it's smooth over LAN. We got our asses handed to us, but it was halo, so I don't feel ashamed. Plus, they had some dumb clan name in front of their names, so I am willing to bet they have played a lot of halo on xboxy. The movement in halo seems very consolish, still. Jumping is like you're on the moon or something. I bet it's part of the plot of halo (which I am unsure of) but the reason for it is so you can control your jump better on the gamepad. This feature just ends up slowing you down in PC, because you can point yourself easier. The weapons in the beta are also not up to par with PC games because they are still the exact same games in the console game. On PC it is just too simple to kill people because you can aim easier with a PC (Once you are used to the lag). On of the guns even shoots stuff that follows you, and then you die. And the rocket launcher is too overpowered, etc... People who know Halo in and out will own the multiplayer because they will find these guns and camp them. There is a lot of the classic "I shot him like fifty fucking times!", reminding me of the days of CS. The style of gameplay is different enough from other PC games to make it marketable, but I just don't find it appealing. Sorry to those Halo nuts, I'm still not going to play it with you. Maybe the final release will fix some things, but I can say right now that I will never pay money for this game. All in all, I think I will keep waiting for Half - Life 2.

Halo Beta's Grade = C-
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Thursday, September 18, 2003

Avoiding the subject

Well I'm trying to put off working as long as possible, so I'm playing with the website again. All my fans must have noticed my long neglect of this site. I want to play with it more, but I am still pretty busy. This Saturday determines a lot of what is going to happen for the next few weeks, so I'll know around then. I want to find a good way to do anime reviews and integrate them with the current anime page without the anime page becoming too complicated. You'll see...

I installed a lot of my old games and some new ones, now that I have hdd space. I think this is all I have installed at the moment:

Quake III Arena
Unreal Tourney 2003
Flight Simulator 2004
Combat Flight Simulator 3
Crimson Skies
Battlefield 1942
Jedi Outcast
Jedi Academy Demo
Jedi Academy Beta
Halo Beta
Half - Life
Ghost Recon
MechWarrior 3
Need For Speed: Porsche 2000

awww yeah!
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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Status Update

Lately, it seems that I have been going through a creative-withdrawl. I cannot find the strength to sit down and write entries on my site. I've said it before, but I will say it again.. I'm worn out. I haven't had a day off in months. Luckily, JeloH is being held on the 18th of October. I am going to take that whole weekend off as a time to finally kick back and enjoy some quality stress-free time at the LAN. I also want to take the 19th off, and have some sort of minilan maybe. I demand comments about who's interested. Maybe another idea? Don't make me bored. Hmm...what else? Let's move onto current events:

School: Getting good grades on tests, but I just don't have the willpower to do homework these days. I skipped 2 out of 3 classes today because I didn't have any homework done. It just piles up and I have to do it later, but for a few hours I am free again.

Fun: Hmm...Maybe I am getting a 12" Apple Powerbook soon, can't decide. On the one hand, they are hella cool, but I don't want to use Mac OS X really. I want to be able to use Direct X. And it's really expensive. I am completely torn apart on this idea.

Anime Society: Working with Office of Campus Life and Buisiness Administration to get us a new room to hold the meetings in. They demand to charge us $100 for the use of the projector. Yeah, right. Like we're going to break it or something. I don't think they realize that we have been using the Math Building's projector for years, and I work at Resnet, so we might be able to figure it out.

Website: Added the header to the Archive and Comments pages. Also redid the search page form in theme. Yeah, you like my dynamic website, don't you? That's what I thought. Anyways, these updates, small as they are, really bring the website together. One day I might even update the Feature pages. Maybe next semester.

Anime LAN: Wtf, no I'm not trying to run another LAN again. Too much stress, not enough time.

Other: I've started to watch Fruits Basket again, this will be my sixth time watching it start to finish. This is seriously the best show I've ever seen. Not without faults, of course, but it's not like anyone could have a good reason not to watch it. It's a real good mix between hilarious comedy and downright scary depressing drama. I'm going to buy the DVDs some soon, after i figure out the laptop thing. Then you'll see. You'll all see.
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Wednesday, October 01, 2003

HA! Owned

I knew it! Harbourt was my dorm hall last year and it sucked royally. Allyn Hall is infinately better.
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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Trouble Ahead

Just got the inside word that Trancender’s web drive has a possibility of failing.  The Hard Drive is due for replacement, but there will be downtime, and a small possiblity of the site becoming broken.  Any accident should be recoverable, but this is a warning.  The database is stored on a different drive, so in a worst case scenerio I should still be able to rebuild it.  We have the technology.  This warning is also valid for all the other users on the server.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2003

The thousand dollar day

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Sunday, October 12, 2003

56k Warning

Went to the animation show on Friday with Jo, Yash, Tim, and Will.
Got to play with Will's powerbook. Oh hell yeah I'm getting one.
More details when I'm not late for work...

click for 1280x1024
Source picture released soon. Still some cleaning and resizing for final version
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Monday, October 13, 2003


Just got back from a long 3 days.

Spent most of Friday filling out a scholarship application. It is from Stow-Kiwanis-something and it awards $1000 to an aviation major who graduated from Stow High School and does community service. Thank you Service Learning! You finally come in handy! This should help with that damn medical fee and my flight insurance, should I get it. I think I am the only one who applied for it. This took me most of the day, and had me running back and forth across the entire campus like 5 times. Good thing 6 flags has put me in pretty good shape. I decided to go to the animation show with Jo, Yash, Will, and Tim after this, blowing off the anime club. I decided that it had been a long time since I had done something with them, so I would have fun there. Arriving at Jo's place was, let's say, less than welcoming. He completely ignored us for at least a half an hour. I know he was having a hard time with his dad on the phone, but he didn't even look at us, and we were right behind him the whole time. I was halfway on my way out the door to go back to kent as he hung up the phone. Oh well, time cures everything and we went out to the animation show (presented by Mike Judge and Don Hertzfeldt) at Case Western. Will brought his 12" Powerbook (the saem one I am looking at buying). Granted, it can't do directx, but it is one hell of a cool laptop. And it's virtually the only 12" laptop that has a built in dvdrom. So expect me to buy one later. The animation show was awesome, with fucking awesome and new Don Hertzfeldt movies. (You have to see them to understand the title of this post) And I'm making a wallpaper out of the flyer for the show. (See yesterdays post)

Damn! out of time, will update this post later
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Wednesday, October 15, 2003


Computer decided my D Drive, which housed all my music, backup files, and documents was bad, and corrupted the partition while it formatted the other drive. Great, Just great. No more files for me. All the anime should be ok. Computer also decided Ti4200's are bad, as it just corrupts the desktop and makes the screen cut out a lot when the drivers are installed. Oh, and Microsoft says I have activated Windows too many times...

So I bought a mac:
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Saturday, October 18, 2003

Care to explain?

Eclipse: not at work?
Someone: SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!
Eclipse: whoa
Someone: so...
Someone: what's up?
Eclipse: um
Eclipse: whoa
Eclipse: ET is very fun
Someone: should I take this conversation as being over already?
Eclipse: wolfenstein, not the alien
Someone: I'll take that as a yes
Someone: minimize
Eclipse: wooooooooooooooooow
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Sunday, October 19, 2003

localhost saves the day

i am bobomega: so aparentlyi coulda renamed that base folder the pmachine2.3 to somthing else?
Eclipse278: yeah
i am bobomega: grr
Eclipse278: like
i am bobomega: hmmm
i am bobomega: but your main page comes up with all the hell
Eclipse278: yeah, thats cause i was inexpirienced at the time
Eclipse278: i'll fix it eventually


Eclipse278: fixed yet?
i am bobomega:nope
i am bobomega: even made a new database and a new user
i am bobomega: something is amiss
Eclipse278: try setting the host name to
i am bobomega: it would be nice if vnc would refresh as i did things
Eclipse278: oh, and you will have to change $redirect_method to 1
i am bobomega: ?
Eclipse278: if its a windows server
Eclipse278: its one of the variables near the bottom
i am bobomega: oh
Eclipse278: of config.php
i am bobomega: OMG
i am bobomega:
Eclipse278: worked?
i am bobomega: did it
Eclipse278: heh
i am bobomega: plus that other thing
i am bobomega: woot
Eclipse278: glad to help
i am bobomega: OH no its ohn fire!Q!!!!
Eclipse278: !!!!
Eclipse278: ?
i am bobomega: heh
Eclipse278: heh

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Sunday, October 19, 2003

Because I know everyone is interested in Pmachine all of a sudden

PMachine Requirements

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Monday, October 20, 2003

Sooo True

This comic is soo true. First off...because my hard drive crashed, I do not have any mp3s at the moment. Itunes has become my main music player just for the fact that it found all the music everyone else and lets me play them. I can't copy them this way, but since I should be able to recover the data eventually, I dont really care about that right now. Itunes is online music done right (even if its not free). My descent into the world of apple continues.

Check it out:

In other words, my powerbook shipped today, so I expect it Wednesday or so. Can't wait. Once the powerbook comes, I have to start recovering the hard drive, which will take a solid day or two to finish (I don't want to be computerless :D)

Ipod should be at apple getting repared (or better, replaced). Hopefully get that back soon as well.
Buy Apple Products!!
End Subliminal Message.
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Wednesday, October 22, 2003


Typing from the powerbook
It's hella tight.
I figured out networking, and xvid, among other things.

dont like the ichat very much though
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Sunday, October 26, 2003

Life without Panther, how can I go on?

Yeah, so school sucks...and then comes Friday! My weeks are always long and hard and boring, but Fridays are just awesome. Usually I spend Fridays at the anime club, but last Friday I went to the apple store with Jo, Will, and Anthony. A lot of cool stuff happened, it was fun. First off, I got my ipod back. They sent me this mean letter telling me that I am a newbie and I have to totally uncharge the battery to fix it. I can tell they opened up the ipod, because they side isnt bent apart anymore. Oh well, it works now, so not caring. Anyways, It was the grand opening of the plaza or something, so it was packed with people. Barely found a parking space. Walked around. Went to the apple store first, picked up a wireless G card (Airport Xtrem3!!1) for teh mac. Yay! wireless good. Student discounts are good for nothing. Dropped a $99 card to $89. Well, still no complaining about cheaper stuff. Looked around for a small bit, but then it was 7:30 and they kicked us out of the store so they could redecorate it for the Panther release. Ok, whatever. The apple building itself looked like a powerbook, the outside was aluminum, and it had a glowy apple, just like the back of my LCD. Then we went to Chipotle for dinner. It was my first time there, and OMG good! Installed wireless card in like, 5 seconds and was able to connect to the Apple Store's wifi from the restaurant. Then it was time for apple to open, so we went back and there was a line longer than any I've seen at 6 flags (well not really). Hmm, so we waited around and we find out that you can't use a student discount on software at the store, only online. Bah! so we left and went to the nearby mall, which was supposed to have a Compusa. Couldn't find it and ended up in a Bose store, they had some cool stuff, but nothing any of us could afford. Except Xbox's. They were liquidating Xbox's at $99 apeice. I wanted one, but low on the reserve cash, so I had to pass it up. Well, we foolishly decide to go back to the apple store. There's still a line! Wow, so I fired up iChat (which I have figured out how to use, and it doesn't suck much anymore) and started messaging the people inside, with the cool Rendezvous feature it has(it finds people running ichat on the lan and shows them on a buddy list). So I was standing next to one of the cops as I did this and he thought it was so amazing, I showed him all the cool stuff I could do, and probably delayed the line from any progress for about 15 minutes. It was cool :D Once we got inside we could play with all the macs again..Jo played with some tablets, mostly. Anthony's laptop was almost stolen, but he managed to grab it back, but dented it in the process, so he complained about that for a while. Will was looking at OS X 10.3, and I was looking at iPod accessories and powerbooks. I felt bad for all the people buying ibooks and emacs because those are so lame. By the way: all the G4 iBooks they had were really G3s. Yeah, I know you care. There was so much kickass stuff to do there, but mostly because it was so crowded, it was crazy! Will bought a $70 mouse....with one button....I would at least get multiple buttons for quake, but oh well. They gave us free apple dogtags as we left. It was sweet. Apple may only have a small percentage of the market, but they do computers soo well.

Saturday was just more work at Six Flags. Got yelled at for being on the phone with Yash. Then got yelled at for turning the DC motor off when newbie forgot to put a seat harness down. Then Thriller's seat belts broke, then Thiller got stuck on the brakes, then it rained like hell and everyone left. Yeah, boring day. But 12 hours of boring day. I want to go back to the mac store..
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Thursday, October 30, 2003

Active Partition Recovery

It's a Tense situation, but the data transfer from the bad NTFS Partition to a healthy FAT32 Partition began about 13 hours ago. Estimated time to completion: about 10 hours or so. 61.9 GB must be transferred.. There were initial problems, such as the recovery floppy disk commited suicide about 5 minutes before the operation. Luckily, it was saved as a backup of the disk was made about 10 minutes prior to that. Also, the backup 100gb housing anime and the remaining backup files was almost formatted. Luckily, the operator double tripled checked, and unplugged the 100gb drive before the operation, as to prevent any similar occurance when the backup drive was corrupted. Once the partition is copied, it is unknown how the data will be presented, whether the files will be ready, or a giant image file. Further operations may be necessary.
Hope I have insurance...
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Wednesday, November 05, 2003

RE: (mike you whore update)

To All Residental Computer Consultants:

The past week, we have received a few DMCA (Digital Millennium CopyRight Act) Notifciations about our students sharing out movies and software via BitTorrent. After the university Legal Dept reviewing it, the student will receive a letter from University Legal Dept. In the meantime, they will lose privilege to use the network.

FUX! I just got done bragging to Will about how great KSU was for not blocking BitTorrent. Guess I'll have to find a client program to change the ports when i use it. I think there's one called "Nova Torrent" but I'm not going to look it up for you lazy people.
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Friday, November 07, 2003

Damn you Codex!

Had to take codex's website link off the main page due to explicit material. Actually I am just afraid that someone I actually know clicks on it and gets mad at me. It's still on the links page if you can't remember his url. Damn you codex! (Not work friendly).

Update: PR0N iS GoNE
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Sunday, November 09, 2003

It just never ends

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Monday, November 10, 2003

Not my turn…

Come on you lazy people, update your sites
Especially you codex, and no more pron

Anyways, Tuesday we have no class! Time for..umm.....homework probably.
hmm...I appear to have run out of things to say. If I were an ordinary blogger, this would be the area where I would put a quiz or random song quote...
but i'll just leave you hanging.

The "Why I went to school" Link of the week: Clicky Click

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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

sudo pico /.cshrc

Look at me! I’m updating!  Lately, I have been putting myself through the demanding task of installing X on X.  If you don’t know what that is, tough shit.  Eh..I’ll explain it, there’s too many noobs out there.  Basically, It is installing a desktop manager (KDE or GNOME from linux) and running it at the same time as OS X.  Not only will this give me ability to run linux programs and OS X programs at the same time, but…it will be really really leet!  Well, I’ve installed fink like 400 times, and each time it has basically told me: Oh! you should have installed this before you spent 2 hours compiling kde.  INSTALL FAIL NEWBIE!  And then I have to completely uninstall everything because god knows what happens when something goes out of order in unix.  Hmm right now I’m watching Samuari Jack, which is awesome.  Oh, I put a screenshot in the more section.  I made the OS X terminal look really cool (at least i think its cool cause im a nerd).  Its named “NaVi” from Lain’s computer system is “Serial Expiraments Lain”, which I recommend to anyone who likes to get their head messed up from strange anime.  But its cool.  It also features Sailor Mercury, because she’s everywhere on my computer setups (including my desktop wallpaper).  So, the kde install seems to be going ok for now, but as always, it will probably tell me in..lets see how long the dl will take….3 hours and 21 minutes, what i forgot to do first and that now I need to uninstall everything again.  So THIS is why everyone likes linux so much!

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Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Gobble Gobble

Just in time for thanksgiving! What's that you say? Well, its the holiday that everyone tries to push out of the way, for its bigger and more popular brother, Christmas. Not that Thanksgiving is so important anyways. I mean, all we are celebrating is how we tricked the native americans into thinking we were good people so we could kill them all off later. Yay! Go us! But hey, we NEED this holiday, or else we would spend too much money christmas shopping. What comes after thanksgiving? Glad you asked! It's the biggest shopping day of the year. Without Thanksgiving, we would have to start christmas shopping after Halloween, and then we would all spend all of our money to quickly, get evicted, and spend christmas under a giant pine tree in adell durbin park in the freezing snow. Yeah, we're just that dedicated.

All in all, I like thanksgiving though. It's a nice break in school. OR IS IT? heh, well Thanksgiving is just an excuse for all the teachers at KSU to assign huge group projects due as soon as you get back. For instance, on Tuesday I have to give a 20 minute presentation of how the CD impacted society (yeah, isnt it terrible), and then Wednesday I have to give a 20 minute presentation on what the weather was like on November 15, 2003 at 20,000ft for my flight class. Maybe it's not that I hate thanksgiving, after all, but rather everything else that comes with the holidays.

By the way: if boo doesnt kick some ass, and if largo loses his battle in some "comedic" way, I'm done with megatokyo
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Sunday, November 30, 2003


Redid the website's file system so there's no more annoying /pmachinefree2.2.1/ folder everywhere. Now it looks all nice. I had to edit a lot of files really fast, so if you find any broken links, tell me. Also added a random picture viewer at the bottom of the left section. Not much to see..

Oh, and by the way, Aphelion, my personal webserver is once again online. Not sure what to do with it quite yet, so theres a placeholder index page there until i do.

EDIT: It seems mozilla and company refuses to co-operate, and will still try to go to the pmachinefree folder. No Idea why. Damn open source.

EDIT: I didn't touch anything but it seems to be working for me now. Does it work for everyone?
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Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Good Chaps

It's just common knowledge, and I've been there.

Jolly good, wot! Anyone for tennis? That'll be ten ponies, guv. You're the epitome of everything that is english. Yey smile Hoist that Union Jack!

How British are you?
this quiz was made by alanna

This quiz was retarded; it asks "who runs England" which is a dumb question in itself, but they don't even include Parliment as an answer. Nope, it's "Prime Minister". That's like saying Congress has no power over the President in America. Oh wait.

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Tuesday, December 09, 2003


Mr. Hydes 2004

Team Lead: Bob Dern

Assistant Team Lead: Mike Halliday

...and A bunch of other people who don't really matter

Breaking minor attractions at your local amusement park.
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Thursday, December 11, 2003

For the love of god, and all that is holy

The assumption that people are lacking information is untrue. There are books found at libraries that contain information. Is information is knowledge? Then why does the U.S. Army reject young recruits because they can not read the military manuals? Those recruits may have extensive information on other subjects like schooling, mass media, and so forth. But the recruits are found to be functionally illiterate because they can not translate information. Is knowledge power? Knowledge is one, but not the most important factor that leads to power. Saying knowledge is power, is saying every king and queen, president, and dictator had knowledge. Does increasing access to information enhances democracy and equalizes social powers? To enhance democracy there should be more town meetings were every person gets say something that has been liked or disliked. Giving people information is good but they need to have a say after the information has been distributed.

That's what they give me.

May god have mercy on your souls
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Monday, December 15, 2003

God Dammit

That damn 200gb killed itself AGAIN. On the very same day I called microsoft to reactivate windows. Lost my episodes of Sailor Stars and maybe the mp3s, though most of those should be on the laptop and ipod. Very mad...

Before break is over I plan to have at least an interface, if not a purpose for Aphelion and maybe submit stuff to deviantart if the hard drive didn't eat it. Oh yeah, and my pilot's license too.

God damn its late..
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Friday, December 19, 2003

One step down

Did well enough on the practice exam today to get signed off to take the REAL Flight written test. After that it's only 3 hours of flight time, an oral exam, and a flight test and I'm a licensed pilot. Hope the weather next week is good cause thats when i gotta do it.

My old flight instructor (who i hated) is gone! yay!
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Sunday, December 21, 2003

I love q3rally

but no one else does.

Click for 1280x1024
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Wednesday, December 24, 2003

Its Stuponfucious!

If the phone is so smart to know I have to dial a "1" before "440", why doesn't it just add the one for me? Is it really so important to punish me and make me redial the whole damn number?

Here's some hentai for you all for christmas-

Thanks to bobomega for that pic..
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Friday, December 26, 2003

More Flying

1.3 hours down, 1.7 hours to go until I am certified to take the practical flight exam to become a REAL PILOT!! Pretty stressful time for me right now as I am studying like mad for my written test on the 29th, and planning pretend flights and trying to get about a billion frequencies, speeds, and other numbers memorized and straightened out. Hopefully, if all goes well I should be done with it all and be a licensed pilot by the end of next week. Sounds scary, huh? Then, if i have my license, I get to take a class I actually want to take! I almost didnt know KSU had those!

Right now, leaving a comment will give you an SMTP error. Ignore it though, the comments still go through.
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Saturday, December 27, 2003

Boooring Day

Yeah, so today was boring as hell.  Got another 1.3 hours of flying done, which makes 2.7/3.0 hours needed to take the practical test.  Been studying for my written and oral tests, but you can see deviantart for more on that.  Yeah, I actually submitted something to deviantart.  I can’t draw, but I think its funny enough.  Yeah, so got an oil change today, and went to kohl’s for crying out loud.  Didn’t even talk to anyone on AIM for more than 2 lines.  But I talked to Bob twice.  He’s just as bored as I am but he;s in PA again.  I dont know why he goes there so often.  Flying with teh new instructor is intimidating.  Flying with the examiner is going to be even more so.  I can’t wait for next week to be over and for me to do well.  Feels like I never left school.  I guess a boring day makes for a boring post.

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Sunday, December 28, 2003

FAA Written Test

May god have mercy on my soul..

Update 11am: Passed with a 95%!!!1one
Now my oral test will be very short and If I can fly well I can be a pilot by the end of the week. Then I can drop things on your houses.


(Note to FAA:Just kidding!)

All my hours are done now and I'm scheduled to take the practical test at 9am on Friday. If I pass, I'll be lannin' it up at codex's house on the second and with steve lange(?) on the third. If I fail, well I will be hanging about 2 feet of the ground :(

Practical Test rescheduled to Wed. Jan 7th at 9am due to bad weather.
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