Friday, August 08, 2003

LanOhio Breakfast

Eclipse is drinking bawls at LanOhio LAN

Eclipse: Good morning, n00bie

Blackrazor: Good morning to you, n000000bieeee!

Eclipse: Your server went down, n00bie!  Mother fucking Toshiba Laptop is one crazy n00bie, n00bie!

Blackrazor: Damn! This Laptop is one unpredictable n00bie, N00bie!  Hey Ghetto! Whatcha doin' n00bie?

Ghetto: Your favorite, n00bie, BS and spam!

Eclipse and Blackrazor high-five

Blackrazor: Bitch! You ma numma one n00bie!

Ghetto: OH! Hold on my n00bies! Whats missing here?

Eclipse and Blackrazor: OH!

Eclipse: are we some dumbass n00bies or what?

Ghetto starts playing some ghetto rap music loud over speakers

Nebbish barges in

Nebbish: Hey! What are you doing?

Ghetto turns off music

Nebbish: Whats up, n00bies!

Everyone laughs

Blackrazor: Yo, nebbish, whats with all that crazy gear, n00bie?

Nebbish: Oh, I come here for rest of day. Anybody call for me, you tell them, this n00bie gone LANNin.

Nebbish turns around, on back of shirt is "n00bie gone LANNin"

Everyone laughs

<Exit Nebbish>

Airmack enters on phone

Airmack: Oh, really? Did you see the new Brad Pitt movie? He's so cute, gotta go.

Everyone stares at him

Airmack: What?

Eclipse: What? What? I tell you what. Your posts were taken down, n00bie.

Airmack: Its not so bad.

Eclipse: Not so bad? You posted everything but interesting stuff.

Blackrazor laughs

Airmack: So what? I can post whore anyways.

Eclipse: You can post whore? If n00bie post whores, n00bie no practice gaming. If n00bie no pracice gaming, n00bie no beat darkseed. If n00bie no beat darkseed, n00bie only wins second in tourney and gets no prize, n00bie!

<Airmack starts to cry>

Eclipse sighs and looks around

Eclipse: There, there, my little n00bie, its ok. It's ok

Airmack: I'm sorry, n00bie

Ghetto turns music back on

Everyone dances to it

Big ed: Yo! Did someone order a case of bawls?

Everyone: We did! N00bie!

Posted by eclipse on 08/08 at 10:16 AM




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