Monday, March 03, 2003

Furres Suck!

Krhainos (7:30:34 PM): this is the type of person i hate :
Krhainos (7:31:07 PM): <Draw something that looks far better than anything i made> "OMG OMG OMG I SUX"
Eclipse278 (7:33:14 PM):
well, that type of person is just looking for someone to say 'you dont suck' so it will make them feel better
Eclipse278 (7:33:25 PM):
what you have to do is say "wow, you really do suck"

Jo, you are the man.  Not only do you find a horrible picture that is in need of a good flushing down the toilet, but you lead me right into my next rant.  This of course, is furry art.  If you know anything about furcadia, deviantart, or the internet in general, you know of Furry art.  This is when people think of themselves as some sort of animal combined with a human.  For Example, the above link.  I am not saying all furry art is terrible, some of it is cool.
<~ This for example does not suck.  He's saying "look at my Pwn4ge s3tup. If you FUX wit me, you D13!"  The difference between this picture and the one linked to at the top is that Jo (the creator of this) was not trying to make it look sexually attractive (I hope to god not)  Anyways, most of the kids who do that are like 14 and draw these furry things having sex and crazy shit like that.  This is completely disgusting.  It only takes one time being in the middle of teh crowded library and up pops this picture of a fucking green tiger and red chipmunk going at it to make you want to see the firey death of whoever created it.  Worse of, on DeviantArt everyone always leaves these comments like "OOh Sechsay!  ^_^" and "I like the way you drew this, it looks like they are making love, not having sex"


ITS A SQUIRREL.  Squirrels are get what I mean.  If you try to make a negative comment on these peoples' "art" you get a million people angry at you and they comment all over your home page about how unappreciative you are of animal sex.  I think PVP said it best with God Bless PVP.  Check out the comic right before that one too.  In fact, that whole series proves that you guys are nuts.  I'll have a PHP Shoutbox on the site soon...


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