Tuesday, April 22, 2003

The beginning of the end of the end of the beginning of the beginning of the end of the internet.

Could you handle that title? Moving on.. It has come to my attention that nerds have no choice but to take over the government. People are way too stupid to make laws about computers on their own, so we have to do it for ourselves. The people that run your future are the people that bought an emachine 3 years because it had a sticker on it that said "never obsolete". They believe that we are stupid, mindless, and made of money. Already our computers are being turned into advertising machines, running spam servers and reporting our personal information back to large corporations. The 'Technological Age' is reducing us to little more than just IP addresses. To these corporations we have no faces; we are just data on a screen with certain tendencies to buy certain things. I'm no communist, but digital capitalism is reaching the point where I am disgusted with it. Computer laws are written poorly, and it is intentional too. These laws are the ones limiting our free speech on the internet, taking away our privacy, stealing the bandwidth that WE PAY FOR with their spyware programs. These laws let Microsoft off an antitrust case with no punishment when it was proven in court to be a monopoly. Another bill has been cleverly written to rip you, the faceless nobody, off. This law tries to make the stealing of cable and phone services easier to detect, but all it does it screw you over. It states that it is illegal to use any device or program that can "conceal or to assist another to conceal from any communication service provider or from any lawful authority the existence or place of origin or destination of any communication." Hmm...I think I can spot the problem with this, and so can your ISP (also known as a communication service provider). They are trying to outlaw encryption! Firewalls, Routers, Wireless access points...illegal! Hackers will be able to read your email, get into your computer systems, etc. And of course, by hackers I mean large corporations. ISPs will take advantage of this to charge you not only on how much bandwidth you use, but also how many computers you have hooked up. All this money coming from YOU. You're going to pay them to raise your prices, spy on you and hack your computer. Also, Windows Longhorn will require a broadband connection to download updates through .NET (You must download these updates because you will have agreed to License 6). So, I hope you don't plan on running any software on your single computer. Conspiracy Theory? This Law has already been passed in Colorado, Delaware, Illinois, Michigan, Oregon, Pennsylvania and Wyoming.

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