Tuesday, June 03, 2003

Anime Trading LAN on June 22nd

copyright?  what copyrights? its japanese

Quoting Melchior from the KSU Anime Society Forums:

"... We are having an anime trading LAN at Lorain County Community College on June 22nd though, so if you can make that you might be able to get it there too. Email me and I can get you the details, or you can check out there forums, although you do have to register for them to see any posts."

Time to buy some hard drives, CD-Rs, or DVD-Rs and get a ton of anime for next school year!
Lorain County Anime Forums
Post in KSU Forums with links to email Just In from Melchior:

"Ok, for those of you who didn't attend the first Anime LAN last summer, here's how things work.

First of all, you need to bring a computer. Yes. YOUR computer. And a monitor. And all the power cables and such. Basically everything you need to set up your computer in the room.

You will also need, but it is not required, a network card for your computer. Most of you probably already have them if you came to the last lan. If you dont, e-mail me and I will point you in the right direction to purchase one. You will also need a network cable, which can also be purchased where you buy network cards.

Next. Here's how we're going to handle swapping. The majority of you probably dont have much or anime, so only a few of us (Scott, Jeremy, Eric, and myself) will be doing the majority of sharing to you guys. Each of us has our own system of handling things, but nearly all of my anime is on CD already. I dont want to lose a set of discs at the LAN, so I ask that people sign out series two at a time. This way I know who has what and can come after you if I am missing something. I strongly suggest anyone with a large amount of CDs to do this as well.

Other than the above stuff, most of whta you need to know you'll learn at the lan. Just bring your computer and we will help you get set up. Just make sure you have the following:

- Plenty of hard disk space
- a spindle of CD-Rs
- Lots of patience

If people want to play games and such at the lan, we can support it network-wise, so feel free. And if you feel compelled to bring other entertainment (console games, etc.) we can probably set you up as well. Those of you with DVDs you want to watch, bring them. There is a dvd player attached to a projector in the room which we have access to."

We'll have more on the story as it develops.
Also, if anyone wants to go and needs a ride or something, leave a comment.
Posted by eclipse on 06/03 at 04:15 PM
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Posted on Thursday, June 05, 2003  at  12:22 AM
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Jo, it’s ok to admit you want to go

Posted on Thursday, June 05, 2003  at  10:29 AM
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I would like to go. But, isn’t that fathers day?

Posted on Thursday, June 05, 2003  at  06:30 PM
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fathers day is the 15th

Posted on Monday, June 09, 2003  at  10:15 PM
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that lan rocked

Posted on Tuesday, June 24, 2003  at  08:23 PM




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