Thursday, November 20, 2003

sudo pico /.cshrc

Look at me! I’m updating!  Lately, I have been putting myself through the demanding task of installing X on X.  If you don’t know what that is, tough shit.  Eh..I’ll explain it, there’s too many noobs out there.  Basically, It is installing a desktop manager (KDE or GNOME from linux) and running it at the same time as OS X.  Not only will this give me ability to run linux programs and OS X programs at the same time, but…it will be really really leet!  Well, I’ve installed fink like 400 times, and each time it has basically told me: Oh! you should have installed this before you spent 2 hours compiling kde.  INSTALL FAIL NEWBIE!  And then I have to completely uninstall everything because god knows what happens when something goes out of order in unix.  Hmm right now I’m watching Samuari Jack, which is awesome.  Oh, I put a screenshot in the more section.  I made the OS X terminal look really cool (at least i think its cool cause im a nerd).  Its named “NaVi” from Lain’s computer system is “Serial Expiraments Lain”, which I recommend to anyone who likes to get their head messed up from strange anime.  But its cool.  It also features Sailor Mercury, because she’s everywhere on my computer setups (including my desktop wallpaper).  So, the kde install seems to be going ok for now, but as always, it will probably tell me in..lets see how long the dl will take….3 hours and 21 minutes, what i forgot to do first and that now I need to uninstall everything again.  So THIS is why everyone likes linux so much!

Posted by eclipse on 11/20 at 02:30 AM
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fuck yeah dude!

more later when i’m not sleeping, or driving, or sleeping, or driving.

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