Monday, October 13, 2003


Just got back from a long 3 days.

Spent most of Friday filling out a scholarship application. It is from Stow-Kiwanis-something and it awards $1000 to an aviation major who graduated from Stow High School and does community service. Thank you Service Learning! You finally come in handy! This should help with that damn medical fee and my flight insurance, should I get it. I think I am the only one who applied for it. This took me most of the day, and had me running back and forth across the entire campus like 5 times. Good thing 6 flags has put me in pretty good shape. I decided to go to the animation show with Jo, Yash, Will, and Tim after this, blowing off the anime club. I decided that it had been a long time since I had done something with them, so I would have fun there. Arriving at Jo's place was, let's say, less than welcoming. He completely ignored us for at least a half an hour. I know he was having a hard time with his dad on the phone, but he didn't even look at us, and we were right behind him the whole time. I was halfway on my way out the door to go back to kent as he hung up the phone. Oh well, time cures everything and we went out to the animation show (presented by Mike Judge and Don Hertzfeldt) at Case Western. Will brought his 12" Powerbook (the saem one I am looking at buying). Granted, it can't do directx, but it is one hell of a cool laptop. And it's virtually the only 12" laptop that has a built in dvdrom. So expect me to buy one later. The animation show was awesome, with fucking awesome and new Don Hertzfeldt movies. (You have to see them to understand the title of this post) And I'm making a wallpaper out of the flyer for the show. (See yesterdays post)

Damn! out of time, will update this post later
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