About Me

I am impressed that you've made it this far.

I grew up in northeast Ohio becoming interested in aviation, video gaming, and computers in general. From junior high onwards I knew I wanted to be an airline pilot, and set my goals accordingly. Despite a few choices, I wound up attending Kent State University for the aeronautics department. The college was great; I made many new friends and I earned the rest of my ratings quickly, winning an internship with American Airlines in 2006 and returning to Kent as a flight instructor for a year and a half. At the end of 2007 I finally had enough qualifications to apply for an airline job with American Eagle Airlines, the regional carrier for American Airlines. Thanks to all my hard work over many years I was highly successful and am now employed as a first officer on the ATR-72 aircraft based in Dallas, Tx.

I live in Dallas now with my wonderful girlfriend Alison. We met at my summer amusement park job, Six Flags Worlds of Adventure / Geauga Lake. Found out we both went to KSU and really hit it off from there. She is the greatest person in my world now, and I am totally lucky to have her with me halfway across the country from where we started.


About DarkMercury.net

DarkMercury.net began initially as just a page with some links that I used for school. Learning HTML was a growing hobby of mine and I combined it with my interest of anime at the time. This page existed for about 6 months, from August 2002 to February 2003.
In February of 2003, I redesigned the site to give myself a space to write and my "blog" was officially born. Originally, I intended it to be a site where i ranted about things, but I mostly just wrote about what was going on in my life. I've never really been that angry of a person. I created this page with Microsoft Frontpage, and updated the entire site manually with each entry. It was a time consuming process and I only used this site from Feb. 2003 to Jun. 2003, a total of 4 months.
Looking for an easier way to write out my thoughts, I turned to PMachine, a free blogging Content Management System. It allowed me to simply write my entries, and the software took care of storing them, displaying them, generating the RSS feeds, etc... I really liked this software and my site largely remained the same for about 5 and a half years, until November of 2008.
Now I use Pmachine's successor, Expression Engine which is the site you see today. Finally after 6 years I grew tired of the old layout and the overall black template. My website has gone through many editions, but my interests remain the same. This site will always be where I write down my thoughts, explain my feelings, and rant/rave about the things I experience.


About my Computers