Thursday, October 30, 2003

Active Partition Recovery

It's a Tense situation, but the data transfer from the bad NTFS Partition to a healthy FAT32 Partition began about 13 hours ago. Estimated time to completion: about 10 hours or so. 61.9 GB must be transferred.. There were initial problems, such as the recovery floppy disk commited suicide about 5 minutes before the operation. Luckily, it was saved as a backup of the disk was made about 10 minutes prior to that. Also, the backup 100gb housing anime and the remaining backup files was almost formatted. Luckily, the operator double tripled checked, and unplugged the 100gb drive before the operation, as to prevent any similar occurance when the backup drive was corrupted. Once the partition is copied, it is unknown how the data will be presented, whether the files will be ready, or a giant image file. Further operations may be necessary.
Hope I have insurance...
Posted by eclipse on 10/30 at 03:54 PM




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