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Monday, January 05, 2004

HEh <- Funnay

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Tuesday, January 06, 2004

FAA Practical Test

So the weather looks decent enough to fly tomorrow morning. Means I actually have to go through with this. I hate tests. I hate oral tests. I hate tests that demand absolute precision and an almost zero tolerance policy. Good thing thats not what I'm doing. Oh wait, yeah, actually that's exactly what I'm doing. It's like a driver's test if the examiner raped you in the ass with questions for 3 hours and then made you fly for 2 hours at a perfect 104 knots while at the same time quizzing you on what to do when you enter class B airspace while your engine is on fire and your radio is dead and you are helping some strange lady give birth and the baby is hitting you and trying to jump put the window and your eyes just fell out and your anus is bleeding and a wing fell off and one magneto switch is working, but the other is inoperative and you are exactly 135 degrees magnetic and 14 miles FROM a VORTAC station (not TO the station) and Mr. Hydes broke down again and you have to pick up bread on the way home and you have only $1.05 and bread costs $1.19, and if you fail all your future employers will see it and not give you the job because you are a total and complete failure in life.






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Wednesday, January 07, 2004

FAA Practical Test

cant go, snow storms in youngstown / new castle after 9am.  visibilty too low.  Icing conditions.  God damn, I’m screwed.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2004



General College Physics 2 (5 credit hours) - Dr. Visintainer
9:55-10:45am MWF - 10-12pm T - 12:15-1:05 R
- Second Edition of the evil, horrible physics class I had last year. This time it seems to have less of the "fuck-you-in-the-ass" qualities, such as a normal amount of homework and classwork. Haven't taken any labs yet so those could be horrible and I wouldn't know. So far I am ok with it and trying harder this semester because my GPA is shit. From the butt? yeah, you got it, let's move on.

History of the US - Modern Period (3 credit hours) - Dr. Selby
11:00am - 11:50am MWF
- Normally I hate history, but my teacher is pretty interesting. I'm taking a lot of notes so I can do well on the essay tests. God I hate essay tests. Hopefully I can pull off an A here. As long as I'm not suffering while I'm in a class I can do pretty well. I'm definately not suffering like I thought I would.

Music as a World Phenominon (3 credit hours) - Dr.(?) Mukana
3:15-4:30pm TR
- Ugh. Damn you Liberal Arts college! It was either taking this class or something like a dance class. So guess what I picked. My teacher was 15 minutes late for class, he walked in as we were filling out an attendance sheet and about to leave. From there he talked about how Africa was not a city in South America and patronizing us for being ignorant about geography. He was yelling at us "You think the world begins and ends in Kent, that's why we have this class" Oh god. Maybe his country got bombed or something. Yeah, so major suffering in this class, but the work looks so easy that even suffering should get me at least a B, if not an A.

Air Transportation Systems ( 3 credit hours) - S. Davis
1:15-3:45pm F
- Haven't actually been to this class yet because its only on Friday from 1:15 to 3:00 or something. I don't even know what the class is about. I'm assuming something about air transportation.

Commercial Flight (2 credit hours) - Dont know flight instructor yet
Dont know times.
- I'm not actually enrolled in this yet because I don't have my private pilot license. Once I get it (hopefully this weekend) I can get in this class which will actually include me flying! OMGBBQ!

So yeah, my obligation to you all is fulfilled. Later
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Friday, January 16, 2004

Judgement Day

My practical test is tomorrow, if it doesn't get cancelled due to weather.

I flew at night tonight for the first time in about a year. I totally forgot just how awesome the night is from the air. I don't know exactly why I love flying at night, I just always have. I love the blue taxiway lights and seeing the runway lit up right in front of me. Sure, flying at night is a lot harder, but it worth it. One thing I have to do while training is have the instructor take the controls as you close your eyes, and he will roll the plane around to an unusual attitude. Then of course, you have to open your eyes and see how quickly you can react. Well we did it tonight and when I opened my eyes we were about 1000 feet above KSU pointed down directly at it. It was awesome! There are so many lights around that school, and I could see everything moving all at once. It was the kind of sight that reminds me why I am working so hard to do exactly what I want to do with my life. For the last year or so, flying has seemed like a chore. Something I knew I had to do to move forward, but I just didn't feel into it like I used to. I even let some doubts into my mind. Tonight, I felt like I belong in the air again. I think I finally got it again. I think I am finally ready.

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Sunday, January 25, 2004

Ohayocon Report

Ohayocon 4:
Hyatt Hotel - Columbus Ohio
January 23-25

Friday, January 23-
Planned Departure: 4:30 Actual Departure: 5:15
Passengers: Mike, Yash, Emily
Friday started off slow, as we began our trip to Yash's and my first anime convention. We had prepaid like 2 months before, so there was no freaking way we were going to miss it. We left a little late 'cause we didn't have our stuff together when the time came, Yash was a little late and I had to go to the bank, and...other stuff..heh. The only person ready was Emily. Boy did we let her down. But it was all good. We did have three whole days at this convention, after all. Friday night was basically just a huge blizzard, so we had to drive really slow down I-71, and it ended up taking like 4.5 hours to get there instead of the normal 2.5. Saw some SUV slip on the road and do almost a full 360 before smacking into the road side barrier. It was reeeally slippery. We did the normal "Get lost in Columbus in the middle of a damn snowstorm and almost get stuck" too. But somehow we managed to find the hotel and a parking space and get inside. Showing up at 10pm the first night at a convention doesn't leave much to do. The dealer's room was already closed and it was too late for panels, so we just kinda walked around trying to find people we know. We saw James (former prez., and founder of KSU anime club), Samantha (current prez), and Codex, Trewr, and Julie. Julie was cosplaying as Kei from Dirty Pair Flash or something. Yash was thinking about going home early, so I asked Codex for a ride home and he wanted to charge me $5 for gas. Whatever, it's not like I'm so far out of the way... We checked out the game room and the DDR Craziness! Insane! Well, there was some fun karaoke, but most of it was the suck. At this point, Kyle (from anime club, not kyle pugh) was walking around with us, and we were about ready to leave. We were trying to find our friend Eric, who was in the Hentai Panel (18+ only! We got carded as we entered).. we go in to find him and I see the trewr-codex-julie group and joined them. There was some sick crap they had in there! Like women getting ripped apart, smashed with sledgehammers, etc...and hmm what else. Oh yeah! lots of chicks-with-dicks and poop, i guess. It was so god damn nasty, who draws this crap? who buys this stuff? what would you say as you but it? You read it for the articles? What a way to begin the convention.... Everyone was laughing at it, I don't think anyone actually found it likeable, although Trewr was enjoying it. :D It WAS kinda funny to see how low people could go (its pretty damn low) Yeah, so thank god that ended and we went to Kyle's house to sleep for the night.

Saturday, January 24-
Arrive at Con around 10am-
Well today was the first full day we could spend at Ohayocon (Good Morning Con!). First things first - we entered the dealer's room. It wasn't as big as I thought it would be. That was my first impression. Next, the prices seemed damn high. Like, there wasn't any discounts for coming. Like I paid $35 to go and pay Best Buy prices. I could order online cheaper! Oh well..they had some cool stuff, I will post everything I bought at the bottom. Hmm...Then we watched some anime I think. There were a LOT of people cosplaying, so I decided I wanted an easy costume, so when Yash and I got bored we went off to Target and I bought some cheap clothes to look like Kyou from Fruits Basket. Also bought a cheap beaded bracelet and some Sharpies to make Kyou's gotta watch the series to see why we wears it. Some people recognized who I was cosplaying as, so it made me happy. Saw Dennis Gregory there, some other people. Then I got a call from Rick saying I had to call home Immediately, there might be an emergency. Well, I thought my mom was just going to yell at me for going to Columbus, but actually when I called home my mom was crying because my uncle dave (her brother) had just died in a dirtbike accident.... Uncle Dave was my favorite uncle, one of few members of my family that I actually liked... He raced his dirtbike almost every weekend, with a passion similar to the one I share for flying... I wish I could have shown him my skills, I never got to.. He was always the one to "babysit" us when we were in CA, and I always had a lot of fun with him, even when we went to such crappy places like Disney's California Adventure! ....................... The world truely isn't fair when such evil can exist and my uncle Dave does not.. At least they say it was rather instant and he didn't suffer... Anyways, I just felt really really sick and hid in the back of one of the anime showing rooms in the dark until yash took me to Kyle's house. I guess he could see the pain I was in. It's always good to have someone you can count on. I have to say it... Life is too short, apparently. I'm glad he didn't leave early. Went to bed early, after watching some Naruto with yash and Kyle's little bro.

Sunday, January 25-
Arrive at Convention around 11am
Just came back to the con to go to the Dealer's Room one more time. I spent all the rest of my money today, cause sometime's it's good to just let go and spend some moeny. I was dressed in my Kyou costume again and a guy from Funimation took my picture for which will be up in about 2 weeks.. Just me and Yash driving home.. We left the con pretty much right after, so I could try to get home before my mom left for California, but it was futile, she left before I got there. I just wasn't feeling up to another day at the Con because I wouldn't be able to enjoy it anyways...

So if I seem gloomy lately, this is why.

Stuffs I got:
Gunsmith Cats OVAs (1 DVD)
Oh! My Goddess! OVAs (2 DVDs)
Fruits Basket 1-12 (2 DVDs)
Sailor Moon Volume 2 Manga
Sohma Kyou Pin
Ah! My Goddess Belldandy Poster
Sailor Mercury 5" palstic figure
Sailor Mercury 1" Magnet (already lost)
Uchiha Sasuke 3" Figure
Ayane (from DOA3) 4" Figure

I think that's it...
I can't believe how good the Sailor Moon manga is! God I'm a loser... :D
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Friday, February 06, 2004

Look what I found….

“BobOmega sucks”

BobCortex (11:22:51 PM): BobCortex (11:24:59 PM): i put some paint down on my case
Auto response from Eclipse278 (11:24:59 PM)
: switching computers...
away messages are fun

BobCortex (11:22:57 PM): asshat
Eclipse278 (11:23:00 PM)
: woot
BobCortex (11:25:58 PM): bored and dont want to add any more bad paint to my case
Eclipse278 (11:26:08 PM)
: big blue?
BobCortex (11:26:12 PM): yeah
BobCortex (11:26:16 PM)
: i put some paint on it
BobCortex (11:26:22 PM)
: while i was sitting doing nothing
BobCortex (11:26:36 PM)
: i intend on stripping it down and repainting over the summer
Eclipse278 (11:26:37 PM)
: blue paint?
BobCortex (11:26:41 PM): nope
BobCortex (11:26:48 PM)
: it has blotches of other paint
Eclipse278 (11:26:50 PM)
: pink?
BobCortex (11:26:52 PM): no
Eclipse278 (11:27:02 PM)
: super pink?
BobCortex (11:27:06 PM): no
Eclipse278 (11:27:11 PM)
: bright pink?
BobCortex (11:27:14 PM): no
Eclipse278 (11:27:18 PM)
: dark pink?
BobCortex (11:27:20 PM): no
Eclipse278 (11:27:30 PM)
: purple pink?
BobCortex (11:27:31 PM): no
Eclipse278 (11:27:51 PM)
: green pink?
BobCortex (11:28:02 PM): no
Eclipse278 (11:28:05 PM)
: pure pink?
BobCortex (11:28:08 PM): no
Eclipse278 (11:28:13 PM)
: static pink?
BobCortex (11:28:13 PM): no
Eclipse278 (11:28:20 PM)
: blotchy pink?
BobCortex (11:28:23 PM): no
Eclipse278 (11:28:34 PM)
: mighty pink?
BobCortex (11:28:37 PM): no
Eclipse278 (11:28:50 PM)
: neon pink?
BobCortex (11:28:54 PM): no
BobCortex (11:29:03 PM)
: no
Eclipse278 (11:29:05 PM)
: scratchy pink?
BobCortex (11:29:06 PM): nope
BobCortex (11:29:10 PM)
: no
BobCortex (11:29:26 PM)
: no
BobCortex (11:29:31 PM)
Eclipse278 (11:29:31 PM)
: belldandy pink?
BobCortex (11:30:15 PM): see above^
BobCortex (11:30:57 PM)
: would you feel better if i said i glued hentai belldandy up on that? i didn't but i want you to stop saying pink
Eclipse278 (11:31:00 PM)
: 255,0,255?
BobCortex (11:31:11 PM): oh damnit
Eclipse278 (11:31:28 PM)
: 254,0,255?
BobCortex (11:32:27 PM): <ignoring>
BobCortex (11:40:25 PM)
: done yet?
Eclipse278 (11:40:36 PM)
: i found something else to do
BobCortex (11:40:40 PM): good
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Friday, February 06, 2004


Probably not, but my flight test is scheduled tomorrow...

I'ma gettin tired of this...

Too, too much.
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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

A proposition

“Because Change is good”

Okay, so now is the time to start thinking about our summer schedules.  Last summer was annoying once everyone except Jo had a job, because there were random LANs and other stuff that a lot of people couldn’t come to because of work.  So…I propose that we all turn in a summer schedule with about 36 hours off in a row once a week.  Then, every week we have like, an informal hanging-out / LAN time to do whatever.  You wouldn’t have to come every week, of course, but it would be nice to have it available all the time.  I was thinking about taking Friday night and Saturday off, as an example.  I might need that time for flying, anyways.  Anyways, tell me when you would want time off, and we can all try to match our schedules for the summer.

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Saturday, February 14, 2004

Today’s the Day

FAA Practical Test

Yes, today I am going to PA to take my test. I should be back around 4pm to LAN it up with everyone at Jo's house. Dear god let me pass...

Passed....I be a private pilot
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Tuesday, February 17, 2004


It happens

Heh, just got done playing UT2004 demo with a bunch of people from the dorm, and Will even played for two rounds, unlike that lazy Jo who's only commented on this site once. It is a really fun game in onslaught mode. It basically puts Halo vehicles in Unreal Tourney 2003.

I started using FireFox. Dumb name, but works better than IE.

For all those who have trouble reading my cryptic updates, I did take my Private Pilot Practical Test on Saturday, and yes, I passed. Didn't do as well as I wanted, but I still made it. Now I gotta get into the Commercial Flight class at KSU.

After taking the test for 6.5 hours, we were going to have a LAN or something at Jo's. Oh well, I was tired anyways. Sunday we went to a useless computer show. Me and Rick decided Peter Trapp is worthless now. From now on we're only going if we know we are going to buy something. Then went to CompUSA with Tim and Dan. Then went to the Animation show, only getting lost 2.5 times. It was the same as last time, oh well, still fun.

Feb 15 was yash's birthday, i redid .

New Castle Airport, where I took my test:

Me back at KSU Airport after the test:

yay for randomness.
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Friday, February 20, 2004

Quote of the day


Eclipse278: loghate BobOmega = 1000000!!
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Sunday, February 29, 2004

Leap Day?


So my desktop computer died on Wednesday or something. It's making some weird clicking noise. I have yet to figure out whats going on. I would look at it, but I am too damn lazy. Been doing everything through the powerbook lately. Sometimes I forget just how much I have to rely on the PC, if for nothing else, the sheer amount of data I can store on it. This isn't good. I keep getting more and more stuff to save, and I have to find a backup place because I need to test its second partition to see if it will fuck everything up again. Stupid PC. Curse the maker. So today is a fucking awesome day, weather-wise. Too bad I get to spend it in the library learning physics because I have a test tomorrow. It would be much easier if I could learn this stuff in class. That just doesnt happen though. It's way too early for me to be doing physics at 9:55am. History is interesting in class, but I can't do essay exams, so I am not doing well in that class. My music teacher decided our class wasn't about music, but instead it's about slavery. When we complain, he tells us "tough shit, you aren't listening. I'm one bad motherfucker" No joke. And my flight class meets once a week for 3.5 hours. I can't deal with a class that long. Flight classes always get the worst schedules. Always at night or 643 hours long. Then I don't know if I'll be able to fly this semester. Even if I do, I still hardly have any time in the day. At least I'm not working with any groups. That always brings my grade in any class down at least one letter grade. Last semester proved that.

Went to go see the Stow High school junior class play yesterday. It was actually really good. It was about this lady who was trying to teach Helen Keller and stuff. Yeah.... Playin a new game called Stepmania which is just a PC (and mac!) version of DDR. Its fun. Got 780mb of anime songs for it, dear god. Hmm what else...Got rehired at Six Flags. So did my lil brother and some of his friends.

If anyone knows where i can get 512mb of laptop ddr ram or 512~1gb of pc3200 for cheap (and not online), let me know...

Maybe I'll write more when I get bored
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Saturday, March 06, 2004

Ever have that feeling

that its all for nothing?

Yeah, but everyone has, so get over it. Stop being so damn stubborn.

It's like 3 fucking am and I dont want to sleep. I don't like to sleep, but since I'm trying to lower the amount of random caffiene I drink (it IS a drug after all :D ) I seem to be doing it more. Yash is being his same stubborn self again and again. 4-21-03. As much fun as it is watching my friends rip each other to shreads... *cough* bob *cough* yash *cough* jo *cough* codex *cough* jo *cough* yash.

bought 512mb of DDR 400 RAM for my computer. It runs fast again! Still got my good old Athlon 2000+ Of course, processor speed almost doesnt matter anymore. My RAM and ATI 9700 pro make UT2k4 look gooood. :D Now to order some laptop ram from phil at pak computers fo cheap...

Went to Swenson's for dinner with Rick and Zola and then played some DDR on standard mode. I skipped out on the second half of the anime club for it. It's not that I dislike the anime they are watching, its that I just dislike the club in general now. Last year was so much better. I'd run for president and change things next year, but I'm going to be far too busy flying.

Having trouble organizing my thoughts here. Dont know if i am having breakfast or dinner or anything with the dad tomorrow. Hope not, cause i completely forgot if I am.

Hmm...I like the Fruits Basket DVDs a lot. Yash let me borrow the manga. It was okay. Nothing too good. Not like the Sailor Moon manga which was a total surprise. Waaay different than what everyone thinks of SM. I'll probably get the FB manga when it explores what happens after the anime. But I still like the anime way better.

Six Flags training on the 13th. Hmmm....I dont know if I have what it takes for management. Mike (boss man) told me to "prove myself". Yeah, I agree. I need to prove to myself that I can do it as well. I am way too afraid of failure. Greatest fear = being useless, I guess. Doesn't help that I am a perfectionist (when I am motivated). Everyone gave me so much praise for getting my pilots license. Still didnt feel right though. Very grateful to them, but I don't feel right. Doesn't really make me feel like I am closer to anything, it feels empty. Dont want to work at 6 flags my whole life.

Dan wants to take Kendo lessons on Monday nights. I want to also, but its like 80 bucks a month. I could get a damn good cell phone with that. But no one ever calls me. And I could just beat people up and steal their phones. Gonna sit in on a free lesson next monday. Woot.

I think thats all I got. The archives feature of the site isnt working for some reason, so I want to fix that and maybe add some stuff to this already saturated home page. Don't forget to pick a day we all take off over the summer. I'm thinking monday nights until tuesday afternoon. dying...
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Saturday, March 06, 2004


The winds yesterday tore one of our dorm windows off its hinge and smashed it against the wall at 7am.  Holy shit did that scare the crap out of us.  Sleeping sleeping sleeping…


Thought it was my lava lamp or something…

Couldn’t stop laughing afterwards, was so freaked out.

Stupid wind.  I’ll take a picture or something, but I dont have a camera anymore.  I’ll buy another one when i start working at teh flags again..

Click MORE for Pics!


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Tuesday, March 16, 2004



MESQUITE, Texas - March 15, 2004
Pack the car, buy the airline ticket, or get a new pair of walking shoes & just do whatever it takes to be at QuakeCon 2004. The 9th annual QuakeCon video game festival and tournament storms into town August 12-15 at the Gaylord Texan Resort & Convention Center in Grapevine, Texas. This annual fan pilgrimage to the largest, most awe-inspiring North American LAN event will be a four day adrenaline-pumping party with 5,000 of your closest friends. With 24 hour-a-day entertainment, action, and activities QuakeCon is open to video game fans worldwide completely free of charge. First-come, first-serve online registration for QuakeCon 2004 will begin at 9:00 PM EST on Wednesday, April 14 at]

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Sunday, March 21, 2004

I don’t like picking titles


Like, I am soo tired right now. I should sleep. But i never do what's good for me. Hokay, so Monday I was going to skip physics but i decided to go, and I walk in and OMG! We're having a test! Usually we go like 6 weeks between tests. It had only been two. Since I can't learm anything in class, I usually cram the day before the test. The strategy has worked well - getting high B's usually. But now I'm looking at this test and I can't answer a single question. Not ONE. know how that feels? I do know. I couldn't answer one question for sure. So I guessed. Yep, 40% was long answer, 50% multiple choice, and 10% true/false made up the test. Got it back Friday - I got a 56% - with the curve it turned into a high D. Whoa. God I hate physics. I hate all my classes. I dont know why i keep trying anymore. It isnt helping.

Had a "Music as a world phenominon" midterm the other day. Got a 76%, one of the highest grades in the class. Highest was 84% average was 51% 51% You know its not the students fault when the average is that low. Why do I always get these classes? Everyone else in the damn university can get drunk every fucking night and still have a GPA over 3.0. A friend John down the hall in Allyn got robbed over the weekend. Took his computer, some other expensive things...People suck.

So now its spring break. Dan and Tim and Brian came over Friday night and Saturday to play UT2K4 and develop a strategy to use for Jeloh. Got lots of free pizza from Quinn - you rule dude, thanks! UT2k4 is pretty sweet. I need to sit down and actually play some of the new modes of play. Need to practice and get real good for the tourney so i am unstoppable. Our team will be invincible. Just upgraded the powerbook to OS X 10.3.3 - yay nothing new...lame

I'll be gone to California Tuesday through sunday. I will try to get online by warwalking late at night, dont know how successful i will be. I have a lot of crap to read this break, I'm going to do that there. And my ipod/laptop combo will be my best friend while i am there. I really don't want to go, but i feel i have to.

maybe i will sleep now
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Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Hi-Ho Hi-ho

It’s off to CA I go

I’ll try to keep my murderous rage to myself.  At least I get to fly.  They’ll probably disassemble my powerbook at the security booth to make sure its not a bomb.  :(  Back middle of day Sunday, but by then I’ll just have to pack and move into the dorm.  I need more sleep..

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Thursday, March 25, 2004


its nice

So it's 9:37pm here in Arcadia which means it's 12:37am Eastern Time. I expected my Grandma to give me the guest room to myself. If they had, I could use the computer a lot more. My Grandma doesn't like computers too much and therefore it would be rude of me to be on mine all the time. I expect to do a quick warwalk around the "old-folks" community here. I dont know what to expect. There could be nothing if everyone feels the same about technology as my grandma, or maybe there is someone who loves to buy technology such as wireless and doesnt know how to set it up. Arcadia is a beautiful city. For some reason, I think the palm trees here are the coolest things ever. From the palm trees right in front of me to the mountains in the background, I swear this is one of the best cities in America. Even the state has a cool name: California. Anyways, I honestly love it way more than Ohio. It doesn't really get that cold. This is where my mom's family grew up. Maybe I feel this is where I belong. I don't know if that's why I feel good when I'm here, or if I just feel better when I am far away from Ohio. Yet, after the untimely death of my uncle, everything here has a somber attitude surrouning it. It makes it pretty hard on everyone. It's amazing to see the amount of cards and support my grandma has recieved for him. She's had a harder time because he lived close and always visited/took care of her. Well, we went to the Santa Anita horse races today (Wednesday), where my mom gave me and tim $20 for the day to bet on horses. Right away, I said "I should just keep this $20, because I'm obviously not going to win." Oh how right I am. I kept making bets because I didn't want my mom or grandma to feel bad. The horse races were cool and everything, I just don't enjoy gambling. Now I have $7. bah. Oh well, they are happy and that's why I am here. I hope the fog lifts tomorrow and we can see the mountains better. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do tomorrow with teh family. I think it's just taking grandma to the movies. That's all good. Even if there aren't any movies I want to see, it will make her happy. I'm getting some schoolwork done that I probably wouldn't have finshed anyways, so it works out. I wish there was just some random wireless signal here, because there really isn't anywhere to sit down around here and use someone's wifi. There was a place in the Denver airport that advertised wireless using centrino(c)(tm)(omgiloveIntel). I tried to get on it, but couldn't. I was pissed. The mac obviously detected the wireless signal, but couldn't get on. I think they're using some sort of mac address binding, like only centrino(c)(tm)(omgilI) NICs are worthy. God bless capitalism.
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Friday, March 26, 2004

More vacation

if you call it that

Last night, as you might have guessed, I was able to get out of the house and come online around 2:30am Eastern time. I will be trying to do the same tonight. If you are reading this, chances are I was successful. I found a nice house that was dark, with a standard netgear wireless B router. Unfortunately, there is so much light around Arcadia that it's not a good idea to go into people's yards to hide. So I was sitting on the street curb behind a parked car to avoid any curious people. Not a lot of wireless signals around, not as much as Jo expected. I kinda knew what I was into. At least tonight I won't have to do a lot of hunting like last night.

Anyways, today started off with a trip to the Santa Anita mall, in my hopes of finding a dance dance machine. This stupid, boring mall only had one place to find CD's yet had 5 places to buy sunglasses. You'd think with CA being much closer to Japan you could find more DDR machines. I doubt I'll have another chance to find one in town, but Saturday we are going to Knott's Berry Farm, which probably has an arcade. After the mall, we went to San Pedro to visit one of my mom's old high school friends. I said yesterday that Arcadia would be a nice place to live, but San Pedro is not. There are a lot of gangs, crime, etc that apparently weren't there ~10 years ago. San Pedro is about 45 min southeast of Arcadia, right along the Pacific Coast. So we went to the ocean so teh mom could talk and stuff and just kinda wasted time alone. Still way too cold to swim, not that I really like to swim. My grandma has a cold or something now, so I hope she gets better for tomorrow, our day of movies. She goes to the movies and watches TV a lot. I guess that's what old people do.

I hope I can stay online longer tonight, but it's not terrifically fast or even safe. Actually, I think I'm falling asleep, so this post might not even make it online in time.
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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Even more vacation


Today was pretty boring. My mom had her philosophy conference, which is the real reason we are in CA. Well, MY main reason to be here is to support teh extended family, whom I very rarely get to see. But she came because KSU covers the cost. So today Tim and I were at the mercy of what my grandma wanted to do. We went to go see the movie "Ladykillers" which started off very good, but i didn't like the way it ended. Played cards with her for a few hours afterwards, until dinner. My grandma is really the only person I will play cards with. Then teh mom came back with some of her friends and promptly started to tell embarrassing stories about us... Yeah so just sat there politely until they left. If i'm lucky I'll never see them again, so it's okay.

Never got around to warwalking last night, I was too tired. Fell asleep listening to the ipod. I guess it was playing relaxing music , but all of a sudden it started playing something where someone was screaming. Of course, I thought it was real and woke up yelling in a cold sweat wondering what the fuck was going on. Damn subliminal messages. Today was a nice day, I guess. As the expression goes here "The mountains were out today". What it means is that the air was clear enough to see the mountains. I highly recommend seeing the movie "Seabiscuit", which was filmed in Arcadia. You'll see the mountains I'm talking about.

So tomorrow is Knott's Berry Farm Day. I want to go on some roller coasters, but more than anything, I need to get some DDR in. I hope it's a DDR Extreme machine so I can play Speed over Beethoven. Such an awesome song. I also have to interview my grandma about WW2 and vietnam for history class. I'm already reading this horrible book about the civil rights movement. Now I'm all about freedom and equal rights, but the book is so boring that it's put me out cold in sleep 3 times already. I can't be expected to write a paper about it. Oh well, another semester, another miracle to get through it.

The problem with warwalking in California is that I'm still sleeping according to eastern time. When it's 10pm here, I feel like it's 1am. And If I wait for everyone in the neighborhood to sleep around midnight, I have to leave when it feels like 3am to me. And then I spend about 2 hours online, so now I feel like it is 5am. This is the last time I will be online before coming back to Ohio. The plane leaves Cali around 6:30am local time, so I will have to get some sleep. Or I could read that damn book.

See you real soon kids!
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Sunday, March 28, 2004

BEST POST EVER!!!!111pnr

no, seriously

I’m home

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Monday, March 29, 2004


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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Will likes the cock


Will More Farms: Hey, I heard from this one guy that you're straight.
Will More Farms: APRIL FOOLS@
Will More Farms: !!
Will More Farms: OWNED
Eclipse278: so it was a girl?
Eclipse278: i dont get it
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Sunday, April 04, 2004

History is written by the victorious

The sun rose slowly over Planet Frostbite, taunting the few warriors left on the planet. Years of war had reduced the once beautiful pearl in space to a glazed sleet of ice. You had to be the best to stay alive on Frostbite. You had to be even better to win. Five soldiers were on call this particular morning. Commander Eclipse, and Privates Rombus, Darksquare, Swiftwulf, and Infinity X, all trained in various aspects of combat. Though long and arduous, The war of JeloH was coming to an end. You could feel it in the air, the oncoming foul stench of death. But these heroes of the Red Team knew they would not fall. They had trained for this their whole lives. And it meant too much to them.

There was only one power node left in this planet, and controlling it meant you could push pure energy into an enemy's core and override the shield protecting it. Once vulnerable, the core could be destroyed via conventional means. No one remembered how the war began. But we knew how to end it.

The moments before the battle were tense, each team waiting for each other to make a move. Waiting for Rombus to load...his weapons. Over the radio, the command was given! "GO!" It yelled, but the convoy of death was already marching. A tank, a manta-class hovercraft, a raptor-class air cruiser and two scorpion-class light transport trucks rushed to the power node. Speed was of the essence. The power node must be under red control, for without it the team could only defend. And you can only defend for so long. But there was a problem. Midway through the journey to the power node, the node turned blue! In the race for victory, the mighty red team was losing!

Through the eyes of Eclipse, commanding the slow but powerful and armoured tank, the battlefield was a mess. There were light ships flying everywhere! So many he couldn't tell which were friendly and which were not. The blue power node, now halfway completed was his primary target. Through the mess of combat, he caught glimpse of another danger. The enemy tank was already in the battle, tearing his teammates apart with ease. It would only require a few shots from the main cannon to destroy the node, but he would leave himself vulnerable. This was his first choice in a long and bloody battle. Time seemed to slow down as he knew he could only do one thing.

"I've got to take that tank out" Trusting his teammates with the destruction of the blue power node, he charged his tank directly in front of the enemy tank, to draw its fire. Watching his armour blasted away by the other tank, all he had to do was damage it to the point where his team could destroy it. To put it simply, he was trading the red team's tank for the blue team's. Like a game of chess, sacrifices must be made to advance the other pieces. Driving his tank right up to the enemy, staring the blue team's captain in the face, Eclipse smiled as he saw the light come from the other tank's cannon. He laughed as his tank took all the fire from the other team. "You think you've won?" He yelled as his tank blew up, making him the first red casualty. Moments later, Swiftwulf's AVRIL rocket ripped through the weak armor of the damaged blue tank and Rombus's flak cannon tore through the underdefended power node, leveling the playing field.

Only the field was no longer equal. Without the tanks, only light vehicles were left in the center. The red team was prepared for this. The blue team, passionate in their cause, but not experienced enough, believed in their vehicles. The vehicles were their key to winning. The Reds knew better, leaving their weak vehicles and equipping themselves with AVRIL anti-vehicle heat-seeking missiles. Within moments, the blue team was all but destroyed, and construction of the red power node commenced. The blue team had led, but couldn't withstand the red offensive.

Pain was extreme but short, followed by nothing. All of a sudden, the pain was back as Eclipse woke up in the red base, respawned through the energy of the red power core. He immediately knew the situation, getting in the new tank to help with defense. Because his tank was destroyed first, he was also first to respawn. Arriving at the site of the new power node, the tank took up the position as power node defense. Two runners, Darksquare and Rombus, flew high speed to the enemy core, damaging it little by little. The runners were light and underarmed, but extremely fast and able to get past the strong defenses at the blue power core, and with the strong defense by Infinity X, Swiftwulf, and Eclipse, the power core fell after constant pressure.

Victory was ours! Cheers went all around as the red team rejoiced in victory. It was short lived however, as blue team demanded "You have to win two out of three!" The red team was caught in surprise, some several feet from their command interfaces. Scrambling our attack as the power node was already in blue control. The enemy flyer attacked our base right away, damaging Eclipse's tank heavily before being chased off by Darksquare's flyer. Proceeding towards the battle with Infinity X performing repairs, it didn't stand much of a chance against the already present fleet of blue arsenal. The red team had lost the race again.

Defense of the core was hard. Eclipse's tank had to be protected! The only way to take the power node was to destroy it with the tank. Other methods were too slow, as the blue attack lowered the red power core's power to 50%.

"Infinity! Rombus! I need you two to heal me as I push through their defense!"

With the two soldiers linking the tank, Eclipse drove straight through the blue attack, watching the blue vehicles pass him on their way to his power core. With the two healing the tank, he could survive anything they shot as he protected them, as they hid behind his armor. The power node in sight, Eclipse let out a fury from hell, reducing the power node to rubble in four shots. With the power node destroyed, the shield around the red power core rose once more.
"Oh shit!" Eclipse yelled, realizing that now he, Infinity and Rombus were facing a two front battle. Newly spawned Blue soldiers from the right and the soldiers who were attacking his core from the left now sped towards the three. That's when the blue team made their mistake.

After a short battle involving the tanks, the blue captain must have thought his tank was going to be destroyed, so he abandoned it. Eclipse's shot ripped the ground apart around the tank, stealing the life from the poor blue soldier, but amazingly the tank itself survived. Infinity X, wasting no time, jumped into the tank and hijacked it, and the two red tanks blew away the advancing blue team's wave. Infinity's tank was destroyed soon enough later, but it turned the tides on the battle, allowing the red team to attack once more.

Bullets flew past him as he raced through the canyon. Private Darksquare would let nothing intimidate him. He had nothing to fear. He was the red offense. He was the chosen one. Dodging a tank blast to the right, he hit the boosters and flew over it at 100 miles per hour, leaving it in the dust. Up ahead of him laid the blue power core, and his heart lusted for revenge for the damage to his power core. The blues, determined in their fight as well, chased the lone rider, but to no avail.

"Your deaths only fill me with strength!" He yelled, his body in vampire mode, living to see the blood of his enemy. It took the entire blue military to take him down, but not before he single handidly took the blue power core down 50%, his revenge was complete and he was awarded the purple heart, the second miracle of the battle.

BAM! The sound of the tank cannon impact echoed through the canyon walls as the scorpion flew 20 feet in the air, only to be followed by the car ripping to peices as Infinity X's Jeep laser blew it to peices in mid air. The blue spirit was crushed the same way. The red defense was in solid control of the power node and would not give it up for the rest of the battle. Swiftwulf's flyer and Darksquares Raid led the attack and the blue team fell with a loud explosion as the power core was reduced to scrap metal.

It was a costly battle, and although the war was now over, the benefits were less than desired. Many invisioned great rewards and joy at the end, but instead they were left with only a 15" LCD Gear grip pro, a pair of headphones, and a mini-pc gear grip pro. The feeling of victory would have to be enough for these tired soldiers, but they deserved it.

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Saturday, April 10, 2004

Live from furry nips!

Wireless in da hizzouse!

Thanks to Rick, we now have a place to live for the summer and hopefully for the rest of college. It's a small duplex on the edge of Brimfield. Ask rick for pictures if you want them, cause im lazy. Best part is that there is an unsecure WAP there, with the name "furry nips"


Well free internet is free internet. It's a really nice place despite being kinda small. LAN Parties are still go. We could hold them in the Garage, outside in the backyard if the weather is good, or in the bedroom downstairs which will be empty during the summer. Once winter comes i guess we can use the living room or someone else's house. No offense to the family, but i really dont want to live at home anymore. I want to be free finally, not having to tell the mother where i am going, or worry about waking her in the middle of the night when i come home. I'm going to have to get a cell phone too, so expect that in a month or so. I might get a cheapass one and then when i have money I'll get that Panasonic x70.

Expected move in date: Monday May 3rd

I need more categories than just "General"
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Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Quote of the day 2

from krhainos

"Fred Gallagher:

It's like someone pushed him over and he never bothered to get back up"
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Thursday, April 22, 2004


Wednesday, May 5
10:15-12:30 - Physics

Thursday, May 6
10:15-12:30 - History of Modern Period

Friday, May 7
7:45-10am - Music as a World Phenominon (ugh!)

So hopefully me and rick and maybe ben will move into the new place monday afternoon or Tuesday. Seeing as how we still have to work that week and we still have to pay for the house, we will see..I hate this small dorm room now.
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Saturday, May 08, 2004


Whoa hey, the site is back up.

Gots lots to talk about

But after I get back from work...
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Monday, June 07, 2004

Long time no post


Yeah so it's been forever since I posted on my site. I kinda fell off the face of the earth. Lots of things happened. I don't even want to write about them, not that anything is bad, it's just that i am tired and lazy and dont want to post. I have slipped back into my amusement park life and it consumes me every summer. I also got promoted to full team lead. You can always call and leave a message and i will call back at night. Wednesday - day off. I finally get a day off after 11 open to closes! grrrr....

Still wont have any time on Wed to do anything though. call me
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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Argh, I’m going insane.

And not the good type either - time for sleep

maybe another update in a month
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Monday, July 19, 2004

24 Days to Go

It’s official….I am going to Quakecon 2004.  Dan….you better be coming with me

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Tuesday, July 27, 2004


I hate my job so god damn much.

I've missed out on my summer, and being with the people who matter to me.

And the stress I could do without.
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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

True true


Eclipse278: heh
Will More Farms: It's way too late to pull out.

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Monday, August 16, 2004


Wow.  So it’s halfway through August.  Time is sure flying by.  If you didn’t know, I quit Geauga Lake on account of me basically being a slave.  Now I am working at ResNet during the summer!  I love working here cause it’s so relaxed and the fun, while tedious, is still fun.  I get to listen to music and go out for lunch and be in a temperature-controlled environment, which is unheard of in GL.  School is starting soon, and with it, a horrible schedule.  Mostly me being busy, and I have a class that’s 4 hours long on Thursday.  Bah.  Oh well.  Looking forward to flying.  I’m going to join the precision flying club and the general flight club.  That should win some points with the dean and get me an internship later.  (heh im so on top of things).  So I just formatted the linux box, so I’m starting on aphelion new again.  Hopefully this time it will let me install things.  Yes, installing things is good.  I want to redesign this website again.  It’s starting to bore me.  Now it’s too dark or something.  We’ll see.

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Sunday, August 29, 2004

KSU Again

The day before the new semester, and all is well.  Life is busy until ResNet settles down.  It’s kinda fun to walk around and see everyone struggling to move in and it’s good to not have to deal with that this year.  As much fun as living on campus is, it’s still better to live in a place with your friends.  I’m on campus almost all the time anyways.  Life is good with my super awesome girlfriend Alison, whom I met at Geauga Lake over the summer.  She lives on campus here at KSU so I’m happy she’s around.  Most of you have seen her and maybe even talked to her.  Anyways, I can’t wait for the DDR machine to open up again.  Hopefully no one will use it when I’m around.  Since I’m now a commuter, I can’t just sit i’m my room, I’m going to need things to do, so I’ll have to play DDR.  Classes kinda suck, but I’ll get through it.  I need some A’s to bring my GPA back up.  Also going to join the flying club and hopefully the precision flight team.

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Sunday, August 29, 2004


The following users have accounts on

Lethal -
Rombus -
Swiftwulf -
Darksquare -

IM me to get an account. HTML, SSH, FTP, PHP, MySQL, CGI all working in theory.
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Tuesday, August 31, 2004

G5 iMac

it looks silly

I love the new LCD displays but this mac looks kinda silly. I hated the old imacs too at first. Whatever. I would never get an imac. I would get a power G5 tower.

Anyways, this is just a quick post.
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Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Grounded Again

suffering ensues.

So I was going to fly a Cessna 172P Skyhawk for the first time today. I even got out to preflight the aircraft, but then the flight manager comes out and tells my flight instructor that I can't fly wearing shorts. And I need a second class medical (I only have a third). But the shorts were enough to ground me(aviation term for not allowed to fly). So I got to play with the new 172R's but not fly. They were cool and all, but they were on the ground.

I bet they are beautiful from the air.
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Wednesday, September 08, 2004

That’s our KSU!

Okay, so I am sitting in the Bowman hall computer lab just tinkering with the server and in front of me is this guy searching through “meet somebody” websites.  It’s kinda funny cause he’s looking at forums with people writing “I AM LOOKING FOR AMERCAN WOMEN TO MARRY@!!!!”  and there are actually replies, but I can’t see those as well because its not written in caps.  Maybe he wants a green card, but he looks american enough to me..

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Wednesday, September 08, 2004


BobCortex: so they have a unix for gba's now
BobCortex: i dont think it does anything past the "i have unix on my gba, i own you" part
Eclipse278: heh
Eclipse278: i want to run my webserver on a gba
BobCortex: on a beowulf cluster of gamecubes would be better
Eclipse278: heh
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Wednesday, October 06, 2004


Not much to report. Been extremely busy lately.

meh..maybe more in a few months..
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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

George W. Bush is a filthy liar

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Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Kerry concedes vote to BUSH

and now you’ve done it

Immediately following Kerry's call to the white house, president had this to say:

"My fellow americans, justice has been won on this cold November day. Our resolve to punish our enemies has shown through God's beautiful sky and warmed my heart. The national democratic party has stuck terror into the hearts of our children, and I stand by the resolve I made 3 years ago. America has a new enemy. An enemy that goes by unseen. 48% of the nation's population is affected by it. We will find these democratic terrorists and bring them to justice with swiftness and inpunity. Our resolve makes it so. In preparation for this holy event, I, as your president, have called a presidential order to ban the selling, buying, or use, of the game Halo 2. Yes, much resolve. Thank you and may god have mercy on your souls. ha ha ha ha HA!"

This is a sad day for Americans
48% realize it right now
52% will realize it in the next 4 years
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Friday, November 05, 2004

Animation Show tonight!

Don’t be like Jo

ZedX: Well, I mean, it's 2 bucks.
ZedX: Why not?
KRHAiNOS: becuase it's two bucks and like $10 of gas
ZedX: $10 of gas?
ZedX: We're not driving 150 miles.
ZedX: Kent and back is like $1.50.
KRHAiNOS: i'll pass
ZedX: You're not even fucking driving.
ZedX: But whatever.
KRHAiNOS: i know i'm not driving
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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Is that everything?

I figured it had been so long since I made an actual post here, that maybe you all deserved it. Maybe I should take the time to write down what I've been doing so that you can know. Because I know the crazy citizens of the internet are dying to know. Yesterday I went on my 3-hour flight for school. Supposed to go to Morgantown, WV; Erie, PA; and back. Yeah, I went there. But it took 4.5 hours in the air, and about 6 hours total. So I was late for work and stuff, but there's always like 2 computers to work on and 6 employees so it was okay. On the way back I got the most beautiful view of the sunset over Cleveland. A fiery red hot sun. Sailor's Delight and all that. Then it was freaking night. I didn't expect the flight to take so long so I didn't have a flashlight. So I was flying by radio navigation only, which worked okay. I flew past the airport and ended up exactly where I needed to be, but it was stressful.

I started reading the little story I wrote after the JeloH LAN, where we won the Unreal Tournament...Tournament, and it got me to think about how much I want to play it again. I want everyone to come back and practice again and maybe go to another tournament. If they are still playing that. But I just want to play. Maybe when Half-Life 2 comes out we can all get together and play that and some UT2k4 and maybe some doom3, and maybe some CoD, WolfET,Q3, and anything else except halo 2. Oh what the hell, we can play Halo 2...too.

Rick expressed interest in going somewhere far away for snowboarding. I guess I am into it, but we agreed that we'd all need some good practice in at brandywine before we invest the money. Brandywine is suitable for me, as I am not that good at it. But I really like to snowboard, and being with my friends is enough for me, so I am definately in.

School has been going great. The lowest grade I've gotten in Aircraft Systems 1 is 94%, and most of my other classes are the same. I'm running at near 100% in Hydraulics. I'm putting way more effort in this year, cause I have much more motivation :D

So life is good for me....Busy, but definately good. I love hanging out with friends, my wonderful girlfriend Alison, and not being stressed out a lot like last year. I like where I am going now...
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Friday, November 12, 2004

DDR Downgrade in Eastway.

When I’m not in class getting the finest of educations, or taking in the extensive fine literature written in the windows of the dormitories here at KSU, I can usually be found in the Eastway game room where, as long as there aren’t any furries around, I participate in the Revolution of the Two Dances.  I went in as usual, played Heavy Janejana(B), then Standard Speed over Beethoven(A) and then I looked at the screen and it said final song.  This angered me.  Only 3 songs at Eastway now?  I used to get 4 songs for my dollar.  If I can’t get 8 songs for less than a gallon of gas, I get angry.  Oh, and for your info, I failed my last song -  A on heavy mode.  I guess I called myself 7 foot heavy too early.

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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

True Story of the Combine

Eclipse278:i wish i could read wtf happened to earth while gordon was away, but they wont say
RombusRK: Heres a simple explination
RombusRK: Steam =======> + O earths asshole = current future situation
RombusRK: its all STEAMS FAULT
Eclipse278: YES
Eclipse278: THAT IS IT
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Tuesday, November 23, 2004


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Wednesday, December 01, 2004


When I was young, I always loved multiple choice exams. Nowadays, they have this crazy system on mulitple choice tests where they say "Choose the most correct answer." They give you a question and there are actually more than one correct answer, but you have to pick the right one or you miss the whole thing. That is totally not fair. I've actually started to enjoy the essay tests more because if you can BS well, you're all set.

If I flip a coin 100 times and it lands on heads 51 times then I could say this:

1. A coin will land on heads
A. True
B. False

And the answer would be A

Far fetched, but possible raspberry
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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

DDR Upgrade in Eastway

Ok, I know when to admit when I’m wrong.  The DDR machine in Eastway has changed, but it is actually better now.  Before, you would get 4 songs for a dollar, but now you get 3 songs for 50 cents.  This works well because now you can play 3 double songs for one dollar, and if there are a lot of people in front of you to play it doesnt take as long.  I kept putting in a dollar and not noticing I still had another credit left in the machine.  I threw away DDR that was rightfully mine! Oh Shame!  I’m making up for it though, I even got an A on A, but I can’t do it consistantly and still fail sometimes.

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Tuesday, December 07, 2004


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Thursday, December 23, 2004

The good fight never ends

You’ve got to pick your battles

Eclipse278: im gonna play some quake3
RombusRK: theres always gunbound

Auto response from Eclipse278: fighting the good fight

RombusRK: arggg
RombusRK: the good fight dosnet need to be faught all the time, the bad fight needs some attention too!
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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

2004 in a nutshell

Went to Ohayocon with Yash
Uncle Dave dies in motorcycle accident
Begin Spring 2004 Semester in Allyn hall with Rick
Start playing DDR
Promoted to ATL of Hydes Area at Six Flags
Stop showing up to Physics class

Pass Private Pilot Practical Test and become a licensed pilot
Get Rehired to Six Flags

Wind smashes window of dorm room
Goto Arcadia CA during spring break to visit my Grandma
Begin House hunting for summer

Win awesome Unreal Tourney 2004 Tournament at Jeloh and get jack
Find house at 1442 Brimfield
Six Flags Worlds of Adventure sold to Cedar Fair becomes Geauga Lake again

Begin work at GL
Finish Finals - Spring 04 Semester over
Transferred to ATL of Thunderhawk
Meet Alison on my birthday
Eat Atomic Chicken Wing at Quaker Steak and Lube
Promoted to TL of Hydes Area

Asked Alison out
Worked at GL a LOT
Not much sleep
Saw Jo for the last time this year

Worked at GL a LOT
Not much sleep
Lots of Six Flags friends fired or quit
Get mad at supervisors - unreasonable demands

Quit Geauga Lake
Went to Oshkosh with my dad
Begin working at Resnet over summer
Went to New York with Rick and Will and not Jo
Don't go to Quakecon
Fall 04 semester begins at KSU
My Linux server is finished

Start flying again for Commercial Flight 1 course
Flight team compitition
Very busy with school

Very busy with school
Doom 3 comes out
Celebrate Halloween for like, the first time ever
Stop playing Doom 3 cause it's boring

Got very pissed at election
Got pissed at manic for being a dick about the election
Half Life 2 comes out - still waiting for Duke Forever
Otherwise stayed very busy with school

Finals - Fall 04 Semester finished
6 months with Alison - yay!
Alison's Birthday
Write this stupid post

All in all, I'd have to say that this was not a great year but it had its moments. There's still a few days left so let's see how it will play out...
Posted by eclipse on 12/28 at 08:51 PM
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