Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Show me teh moneys

So a few weeks ago I got a job at 6 flags as a lifeguard. Funny, huh? Well, since they were no longer hiring ride operators, Bob (Akax) and I came up with a complex plan of being hired as a lifeguard (which is in the same category as ride op) and getting transferred before my training was over. Anyways, the hiring part is over, and I was supposed to meet Bob at the Skycoaster in 6 Flags World of Adventure today at 4pm for the next step of getting transferred. Unfortunately, this meeting didn't exactly happen. Apparently some people didnt go in and he had to work through his breaks. I found him an hour later at the go carts and talked with him off and on for the next 4 hours about what I should be doing. Eventually, I got the transfer approved and starting next week or so I am employed again as a ride operator and I can buy some fun stuff like a new computer, lcd monitors, and maybe a dv camera because Jo's is so leet. Anyways, it looks like Bob and my plan worked out pretty well, which is pretty rare.

And on a side note, always remember to register for Quakecon.

look at this cool more info trick i can do.

I just found a winner for “Most Failed attempt at new idea for anime”

The award goes to “Urda”

Get it at Animesuki while the downloads for it are still fast, its only 37mb

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