Thursday, March 06, 2003


Not a whole lot of time to rant today, but I can give news or something (It is a rant/news section).  First off is the shoutbox in the lower right half section.  I got it to work on two other servers.  Granted, I installed PHP on both of them, but it should be pretty standard.  I have not seen a lot of PHP on Trancender, so I am wondering if maybe they did not set it up right.  The shoutbox is currently pointed to my home server, but for some reason, the internet keeps going out, so most of the time you'll see the "Page cannot be found" error in place of it.  If you want to see the error that Trancender gives, it is accessable at  Once you get into the more advanced website stuff, you see how limited this Trancender setup is.  Not that it is terrible, and I know Jo will say "Make your own server".  Its not that simple, Jo.  We don't all have university webspace.  Actually, KSU gives you free webspace, but only if you are a CS (Computer Science) major.  That is total crap.  I want free webspace as I paid a crapload of money to be here as well.  Oh well, I'm losing focus.  I think a simple reinstall of PHP could do the trick for Trancender.  There's an extra step to the setup thats kinda hidden in the readme.  You have to check the "Script Engine" box of the home directory setup or something.  I could walk someone through it, but i dont feel like doing it here.  It is really aggravating to be stopped by something like this when I am so close to having a crucial part of my website done.  Especially since my site has to be much more l33t than BobOmega's website.  I'll fiddle around with my server to try to make the connection more stable, until then the shoutbox will randomly go up and down and I have very little control over it.

Thanks go out to John (who runs Trancender, in case you didn't know) for helping me try to get the shoutbox to work.  He went out of his way to try and help and I appreciate that, even though it still doesnt work.  Neither of us knows why.  Oh well, I'll just find a different one.


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