Thursday, August 07, 2003

Do I need a title?

Tim, my brother got his drivers license yesterday, so we celebrated it with a game of car tag.  He had gone to pick up schultz and Yash and I had to hunt him down and catch him before he got back home.  This wasn’t so hard for me, as I am a car ninja (see panel 1 of this mac hall comic).  After picking up bob as well, we came back to my place and tested out some processor for schultz with an intensive match between Bob and Yash, with a victory by bob using pretty good technique.  OMG! Bob not noob!  Then out to dinner again, I think that was my third dinner that day, and also the second one at taco bell.  I also got some work done on but its still not ready yet.  Oh, jo was planning on a minilan at his place on friday.  Haven’t had a minilan there in a long time, so i hope he’s still up to it.  I’ll leave you with one peice of advice: Healthy Choice Ice Cream sandwiches are nasty as fuck.

Posted by eclipse on 08/07/2003 at 08:49 AM
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