Sunday, October 26, 2003

Life without Panther, how can I go on?

Yeah, so school sucks...and then comes Friday! My weeks are always long and hard and boring, but Fridays are just awesome. Usually I spend Fridays at the anime club, but last Friday I went to the apple store with Jo, Will, and Anthony. A lot of cool stuff happened, it was fun. First off, I got my ipod back. They sent me this mean letter telling me that I am a newbie and I have to totally uncharge the battery to fix it. I can tell they opened up the ipod, because they side isnt bent apart anymore. Oh well, it works now, so not caring. Anyways, It was the grand opening of the plaza or something, so it was packed with people. Barely found a parking space. Walked around. Went to the apple store first, picked up a wireless G card (Airport Xtrem3!!1) for teh mac. Yay! wireless good. Student discounts are good for nothing. Dropped a $99 card to $89. Well, still no complaining about cheaper stuff. Looked around for a small bit, but then it was 7:30 and they kicked us out of the store so they could redecorate it for the Panther release. Ok, whatever. The apple building itself looked like a powerbook, the outside was aluminum, and it had a glowy apple, just like the back of my LCD. Then we went to Chipotle for dinner. It was my first time there, and OMG good! Installed wireless card in like, 5 seconds and was able to connect to the Apple Store's wifi from the restaurant. Then it was time for apple to open, so we went back and there was a line longer than any I've seen at 6 flags (well not really). Hmm, so we waited around and we find out that you can't use a student discount on software at the store, only online. Bah! so we left and went to the nearby mall, which was supposed to have a Compusa. Couldn't find it and ended up in a Bose store, they had some cool stuff, but nothing any of us could afford. Except Xbox's. They were liquidating Xbox's at $99 apeice. I wanted one, but low on the reserve cash, so I had to pass it up. Well, we foolishly decide to go back to the apple store. There's still a line! Wow, so I fired up iChat (which I have figured out how to use, and it doesn't suck much anymore) and started messaging the people inside, with the cool Rendezvous feature it has(it finds people running ichat on the lan and shows them on a buddy list). So I was standing next to one of the cops as I did this and he thought it was so amazing, I showed him all the cool stuff I could do, and probably delayed the line from any progress for about 15 minutes. It was cool :D Once we got inside we could play with all the macs again..Jo played with some tablets, mostly. Anthony's laptop was almost stolen, but he managed to grab it back, but dented it in the process, so he complained about that for a while. Will was looking at OS X 10.3, and I was looking at iPod accessories and powerbooks. I felt bad for all the people buying ibooks and emacs because those are so lame. By the way: all the G4 iBooks they had were really G3s. Yeah, I know you care. There was so much kickass stuff to do there, but mostly because it was so crowded, it was crazy! Will bought a $70 mouse....with one button....I would at least get multiple buttons for quake, but oh well. They gave us free apple dogtags as we left. It was sweet. Apple may only have a small percentage of the market, but they do computers soo well.

Saturday was just more work at Six Flags. Got yelled at for being on the phone with Yash. Then got yelled at for turning the DC motor off when newbie forgot to put a seat harness down. Then Thriller's seat belts broke, then Thiller got stuck on the brakes, then it rained like hell and everyone left. Yeah, boring day. But 12 hours of boring day. I want to go back to the mac store..
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