Sunday, October 19, 2003

localhost saves the day

i am bobomega: so aparentlyi coulda renamed that base folder the pmachine2.3 to somthing else?
Eclipse278: yeah
i am bobomega: grr
Eclipse278: like
i am bobomega: hmmm
i am bobomega: but your main page comes up with all the hell
Eclipse278: yeah, thats cause i was inexpirienced at the time
Eclipse278: i'll fix it eventually


Eclipse278: fixed yet?
i am bobomega:nope
i am bobomega: even made a new database and a new user
i am bobomega: something is amiss
Eclipse278: try setting the host name to
i am bobomega: it would be nice if vnc would refresh as i did things
Eclipse278: oh, and you will have to change $redirect_method to 1
i am bobomega: ?
Eclipse278: if its a windows server
Eclipse278: its one of the variables near the bottom
i am bobomega: oh
Eclipse278: of config.php
i am bobomega: OMG
i am bobomega:
Eclipse278: worked?
i am bobomega: did it
Eclipse278: heh
i am bobomega: plus that other thing
i am bobomega: woot
Eclipse278: glad to help
i am bobomega: OH no its ohn fire!Q!!!!
Eclipse278: !!!!
Eclipse278: ?
i am bobomega: heh
Eclipse278: heh

Posted by eclipse on 10/19 at 09:39 PM
Just Visiting



its all fun and games till the fire breaks out. 

Posted on Sunday, October 19, 2003  at  11:39 PM
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True dat

Posted on Sunday, October 19, 2003  at  11:40 PM




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