Friday, December 12, 2003

For the love of god, and all that is holy

The assumption that people are lacking information is untrue. There are books found at libraries that contain information. Is information is knowledge? Then why does the U.S. Army reject young recruits because they can not read the military manuals? Those recruits may have extensive information on other subjects like schooling, mass media, and so forth. But the recruits are found to be functionally illiterate because they can not translate information. Is knowledge power? Knowledge is one, but not the most important factor that leads to power. Saying knowledge is power, is saying every king and queen, president, and dictator had knowledge. Does increasing access to information enhances democracy and equalizes social powers? To enhance democracy there should be more town meetings were every person gets say something that has been liked or disliked. Giving people information is good but they need to have a say after the information has been distributed.

That's what they give me.

May god have mercy on your souls
Posted by eclipse on 12/12 at 02:29 AM




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