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Friday, January 07, 2005

Happy Winter-een-mas!

So I want to have a LAN Party on the 11th, I'm contacting everyone when they are available, but I'm not usually online, so I may have to resort to calling.

Q3, HL2DM, UT2004,Wolf:ET, CoD, gunbound, DDR, etc....

Comment for more details...
Posted by eclipse on 01/07 at 08:24 PM
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Monday, January 10, 2005

Winter-een-mas party

So I've been getting ready for the lan party tomorrow and virtually no one is saying they can come. How is it that I keep getting requests for lan parties and when I try to organize one everyone can't come. I'm calling people and leaving messages and here is what I have so far:

Jo - Yes
Tim Halliday - yes 3pm
Tim Conway - ?
Dan Hawkins - yes needs a ride
Bob - no in PA
Will - no Best Buy
Rick - yes after 5
Yash - no point in asking
Bob Omega - no in CT
Brian - yes after 11 - Pizza Hut
Schultz - no at OSU
Nate - who?
Posted by eclipse on 01/10 at 03:54 PM
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Monday, January 10, 2005

I still hate steam

Steam lies
Posted by eclipse on 01/10 at 05:44 PM
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Friday, February 11, 2005

Cedar Fair still sucks

but, unfortunately for you, you'll still be on the bottom...
Posted by eclipse on 02/11 at 11:18 AM
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Thursday, March 10, 2005


I just completely overhauled the Kent State Anime Club website.
You can see before:

I used Mambo to create the site, and I have to say I'm pleased with it. Those who helped me create this website know that I am an expert in pmachine, but when it comes to modules and components like xoops and drupal, I am a newbie. So I had to learn all this stuff from scratch, although I think I did a good job with the site. I don't like the main image at the top, but it was not my choice. The next logo will be designed with this site in mind, so it will look better later. I seriously doubt that I will redo this site with mambo because pmachine still does the job here.
Posted by eclipse on 03/10 at 06:16 PM
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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Spring Break LAN

Yes, we need to have a LAN Party on Spring Break, and there’s only two people who make LAN Parties happen.  Me and Jo.  And I doubt Jo will do it.  I’m thinking the Saturday before we all go back to school because most people will be back from vacation by then (including me).  Please comment or IM me or something to get my hopes up.  kthx

Posted by eclipse on 03/10 at 06:25 PM
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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Eclipse RSS

If you know what to do with it...I want to set up RSS for everybody, so I can be lazy and never leave my homepage.
Posted by eclipse on 03/10 at 06:37 PM
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Wednesday, March 16, 2005

This is why we cannot have nice things

Recently I noticed that Tim's Trancender website ( was...populated by some great philosophers discussing religion over such things as free online poker and texas hold-em. My first impression was to (of course) join in the conversation but then I realized the gravity of the situation. These philosophers seemed to care more about poker and websites than love and truth! This could mean only one thing: Out there, in the interweb, there must be an evil mastermind attempting to destroy the paradise that is pmachine. Not only is this mastermind completely and totally evil to the core, but it also attempts to stimulate intelligent conversation with you, spouting such wisdom as

"Our belief in any particular natural law cannot have a safer basis than our unsuccessful critical attempts to refute it." by internet poker.

Now I am finding this laughable and appalling at the same time. Whether I am appalled so much that I am laughing, or laughing so much that I am appalled, I may never know. What I do know is that swiftwulf's site got hit, and so did So now I am thinking...why isn't worthy of having the world's greatest philosophers debating their wisdom over a lovely game of internet poker? And the only answer I have is that my comment entry page is not the pmachine standard. It does not include a spot for your email address, while all the other sites do. And so, by this simple truth, I have come to the conclusion that these evil masterminds are not educated philosophers, but mere spam bots, algorithms even, that were defeated by a much more serious, more evil mastermind: yours truely.

The following IPs have been BANNED from /gaming/
Posted by eclipse on 03/16 at 03:49 PM
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Saturday, March 26, 2005

And I’m done…

AIM IM with BobCortex
10/25/03 12:03am

BobCortex: it was all like laggy
BobCortex: i think beacuse it runs at that stupid resolution or he wont change it to the native of the projector
BobCortex: and or clones the display
BobCortex: or something
BobCortex: or all the above
Eclipse278 : well my going away wont happen much
Eclipse278 : sorry i was not there for you
BobCortex: beacuse you run that bitch
BobCortex: i told you i dont need you.
BobCortex: heh
BobCortex: HAHA
BobCortex: to be there
BobCortex: that was bad
BobCortex: lets never speak of that
BobCortex: again
BobCortex: if i see it in a blog, you are done
Eclipse278 : heh
Posted by eclipse on 03/26 at 01:33 AM
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Sunday, March 27, 2005


BobCortex: i think its just a law
BobCortex: that old anime has annoying girls
Eclipse278: i thought it was a law that ALL anime had annoying girls
Posted by eclipse on 03/27 at 07:53 PM
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Tuesday, April 05, 2005

LAN Parties Status

Some people (mostly Rick) have expressed interest in Whempy's LAN, April 22-23, and even Quakecon, August 11-14. Please tell me or Rick if you are interested. Thank you.

Dan, start working to get the time in August off. You have been promoted. Make it happen this year.
Posted by eclipse on 04/05 at 04:25 PM
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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Behold - The DGS is back!

(This is a double post of what's on /

But probably not how you're expecting it.

Instead of an outright, pay-to-play LAN party like we did in the past, I am reorganizing the DGS into the first Galactic mean I am reorganizing it to give some more direction to our GarageLANs this summer. I know I am starting late, but I think it will work. Rombus and I are converting one of the now-vacant rooms in the house into a LAN room. We will have pictures of the status as we go along. Still have quite a ways to go. I know you're thinking "Aww...another website I have to go to?", but I plan to put an RSS feed from this site to, so news from this site should pop up there too.

Basically, I figure that we can have LANs when and where we want, post them here and get back into LANs. It's been a while since we've had one and I hope this page will lead to more. I figure we can call ourselves the Dead Gamers' Society. Wonder where I came up with that one?

I removed the sponsors from the website on account that we have none, and replaced it with the members page. I pre-registered most people already. IM me for your passwords. Once you log in, you can post entires and change your password and account options.

This is a work in progress so stay tuned.
Posted by eclipse on 06/01 at 12:45 PM
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Wednesday, July 06, 2005


I assume you all figured out that I got too lazy to continue with that logbook thing. It wasn't that interesting though. Hell, even I'm not that interested and I'm the one doing the training. Well, my instrument class is coming to an end, I'll get my rating soon. Looking forward to that.

In other news: I have no other news.
Posted by eclipse on 07/06 at 03:54 PM
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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

General Update

So this summer I have not been on the computer much, and when I'm not around the computer much I post a lot less. As many people have noticed, I have become a lot busier recently. I fly for 3 hours per day, have two classes in the morning, work all day on Saturdays, and usually try to get out to Cedar Point on Sundays. School ends this week, so I should have some more free time just in time for Quakecon to take it away.

On July 15th, I got my instrument rating so I can fly into clouds and all kinds of bad weather in direct attempts to fail at crashing. Now I am working towards my commercial certificate, which will allow me to fly for hire. I want to have it finished by Aviation day at the KSU airport, which is in the middle of September.

In other news, which I am sure is no news to anyone, everyone is playing fucking World of Warcraft all the time, which I find immensely boring. Feel free to call me when you all stop that. I miss the UT2k4 clan thing we had going, and would love to start that up over skype or whatever you are using. I want to have one more minilan before Quakecon. Rick and I are, after all, competing in the Doom 3 and possibly the Quake II tournaments. I am so pissed that when I can finally go to Quakecon, they stop the Quake III Tournaments.

Wendy asked me to work at Resnet for the rest of summer, but I don't think I will be able to. I don't have enough free time since I need to relax a little. I got a lot accomplished this summer, but at the price of my free time. Every summer is pretty much the same for me, with me being at Geauga Lake all the time in the past.

I'd like to go to the Linux and Radio clubs at Akron, once again if I have the time. I'll have to see what my work schedule is, but since I took summer classes, my senior scheule is looking pretty light. I'm finished every day at 4:30pm if I don't have to work that night. I'd like it if Jo/Rick would keep me informed of that.

Speaking of Jo, Rick told me that he started playing Worlds of Warcraft for the sole reason of pissing me off. This makes me feel so good, as I'm sure you can imagine. I don't know if that's still his motivation, or if he actually enjoys the game now. I guess I'm just next on the chopping block. First he cut Yash out, then he cut Codex out, and now I'm next. I know I don't get to see him much, but I really don't wish for this to happen. I still consider Jo a very good friend. Everytime I talk to him recently, he seems to have a way to push my buttons. The most recent example was when I had to ask him a question about DNS over instant messanger. It's difficult to tell tone over the internet, but what I got was this "Oh my god I can't believe he's asking me this, what a noob" attitude when I was geniuinely asking him a question. Jo, I hope you read this, I'm sorry if I pissed you off in any way. And I'm glad you're getting into games again! :D Don't know why you ever went into gaming relapse, but you should come to a LAN!

Well, I gotta run off to the airport already.
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Friday, August 05, 2005


I flew for the first time today using my instrument rating without the foggles (foggles make it so you can only see the instruments and not outside).  It was totally weird being in the clouds and you lose your balence with your inner ear and all that.  I did well though and it was cool and I can’t wait to do it again!  My hard work this summer has paid off somewhat then!

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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Quakecon 2005

Read Full Entry

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Coca Cola lies

It says 1 in 12 wins but I’ve had like 50 lemonades and I’ve never won

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Sunday, September 04, 2005


Yash, you've never told anyone what exactly it was that made you hate bob, so in no way does that mean that I, or anyone else has to hate him. I've also been telling you to stop drinking since the 10th grade, but you never listen to me. All of a sudden some girl comes along and you decide to change just for her? It sounds like you don't need me as any type of factor in that decision. I'm tired of you blaming me for not hanging out with you when you don't call in like 6 months either and all of a sudden it's my fault? Recently after that I can't hang out a few times when you ask about 15 minutes in advance? I'm sorry, It's not like I hate you or not want to be with you but you can't ask 15 minutes in advance. My life is more busy than I know what to do with. I would love to see you and rick and jo and will and tim and tim and dan and bob and nate and everyone more, but I have a lot of crap to do. Just give me a little notice and I always try to do my best. And I'm never going to start taking you seriously until you stop signing offline everytime you respond to me. I guess these are just lost words....
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Monday, September 05, 2005


Hello, my name is Mike.  I have a really long and weird last name because both my parents have Ph.d.‘s and neither wanted to change their last name, so when I was born I got both.  I have one brother and I’m currently a Senior at Kent State University majoring in Flight Technology.  I just got my instrument rating a month and a half ago so I can fly in bad weather.  I belong to several clubs on campus.  I am the vice president of the anime club, the training manager for the KSU Precision Flight Team, and a member of the Flying club.  I am taking 12 credit hours this semester and working over 20 hours a week at Resnet.  I have two flight periods a day, which means I fly for 3 hours every weekday.  With the flight team and class, I often fly for over 6 hours every weekend as well.  I got my technician amateur radio license this summer and want to be a part of the radio club at Akron U. to be with my friends in the U. or Akron, but my schedule does not often allow it.  I wake up at 7:00am every day to be in class by 7:45, and Resnet closes at 9pm.  Every day I’m not at Resnet I’m at the Flight team practices until 10:30pm Then it’s time for homework and club emails and stuff.  I don’t like to party and drink alcohol because alcohol split my family apart.  I don’t think I am above anyone, and I don’t care when other people drink, it’s just me personal choice.  It’s not any one person that makes my life hectic, it’s completely my fault.  There are so many interesting things in this world that I want to be a part of.  The college world may not be for everyone, but it is where I thrive. 

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005


The movie Serenity comes out on September 30th.  It’s based off the show Firefly which aired on Fox back in 2002/03, and was cancelled faster than you can say well…“Firefly”.  The 30th is a Friday and I want to go see it with everybody, like we did for Hitchhikers and stuff.  Firefly is an awesome show that unfortunately got extremely fucked in the ass by fox.  I have the feeling that to best understand and like the movie, you will need to see at least the first hour long pilot episode to the series, aptly named “Serenity”.  That’s the episode where they set up all the characters and I know it’ll be rushed in the movie.  I want everyone to really appreciate the movie because I think it’s such a good series and I want to share it with everybody.  So clear your schedules now, because on the 30th we are going to go see some good shit.  Heh

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Thursday, September 15, 2005


I turned in my application for Spring 06 Graduation in may. With any luck, I can finish everything by then and get accepted for the continental express internship during the summer. From there I need to get hired as a flight instructor in august/fall 06 and build my time until I get hired by Continental Express. It's scary that I'm coming to the end of this and will have to actually make money with this flying stuff. I've been wanting to take a digital camera up with me sometime to take pictures, but I'm far to lazy and have soo much work to do in the air that I really wouldn't get time to get good pictures anyway.

The National Intercollegate Flying Association Regional Tournament is coming up soon, during the week of October 10th, so I will not be around. I made the landings team so I am le happy. We meet every night until 10:30 and it's really wearing me out. If we do well enough, we'll go to the national competition and this schedule will never get better.
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Monday, October 03, 2005

Commercial 2 - Done!

I passed my Commercial 2 checkride on friday, which is good news although I would have liked to do better. There are always 2 parts to a checkride, the oral exam and the flying exam. I know, I know, everyone makes jokes at the oral exam. Anyways, the oral part was mostly a joke were we sat there reading some weird legal definitions from part 1 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. The flying part was worse. I had never flown with, or even really talked to the instructor I was doing this with. I didn't understand a lot of what he was asking and he mumbled a lot. All that on top of my anxiety and bad decision making and you have one lousy checkride. Still managed to pass and I guess that's all that matters. I hate commercial manuevers. Now I'm flying the retractable landing gear Cessna 172's for Commercial 3 for about a month until my Commercial 3 checkride where I will become a commercial pilot and can be paid to fly.

After that, on friday we went to see Serenity. It was just Rick and Alison and me. It was a really good movie, but they killed some characters I liked. I was hoping another tv network would pick it up, but I don't know if I want to see any more without them. He didn't even need to die. There was no point. But I guess there never is...
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Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I’m a rebel

“I paid $3 for a one month subscription, so I can create LJ users out of RSS feeds, for those rebels who prefer to run their own blog. “

I know I can’t speak for everyone, but I love running my own website.  It is an extremely fun and cool project that I started for myself way back in the end of the DGS times.  It started when codex effectively kicked the DGS site off his server for whatever reason, although the LAN Party was on its last legs at that time anyways.  I had this crappy computer lying around that was the “DGS Server” although it really didn’t do anything.  Most of the time I ended up using my own computer for serving games.  I also wanted to get into linux which, if you remember, I had codex install for me during one of the parties.  At first, was run on 2000 professional, sitting in my mom’s basement and did nothing.  It didn’t even host my website at that point.  I think it ran a ventrillo server for tim and that was it.  Once we moved into the Brimfield house, I brought it there and formatted it into Suse linux.  At this point I had been playing with unix on my powerbook, and knew how to do linux compiling.  I played around Suse, but they have their own installer, and I never got it working quite the way I wanted it to, except for an IRC server, so I formatted it into Whitebox linux.  This is what the server still runs.  It’s dreamy, stable, and oh so much fun.  It’s been hell trying to get every damn permission correct, and even today I find that my username still doesn’t have permissions on some files on my homepage raspberry   I like pmachine, and I’ve figured out how to upgrade it from 2.2.1 free to 2.4 professional, so a major site upgrade is in the works, but not until the flight team competition is over.  I like how everyone’s site is tying together now with RSS, thanks to Jo, but I’m still keeping my site on my server and continuing to be a rebel.  I know it’s easy to create a livejournal and keep up with everyone easily though LJ and stalkbook, I mean facebook.  But as always, I don’t like anything that’s popular, right?  Why would I give up my project after so much success?  It’s too much fun.

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Thursday, October 06, 2005

DGS News

Through the magic of RSS, I have added the DGS news to the left side of the page. Now it's easier to see when things happen. If ever.

We need to have another LAN soon. Preferably after this next week.
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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Flight Team Regional Competition 1

Today was the first day of competition here at Western Michigan University. We practiced E6-B for months straight for this. KSU hasn't placed in E6-B in.....maybe forever....I think I did pretty well. Normally these tests are so difficult (35 Questions in 60 minutes), but this time it seemed so easy. I don't know if we did especially well, or if there will be a lot of people who scored very well at the top. Everyone except one person ended early. Won't find out results until Saturday. I just want a medal, and to help the team go to nationals. Such pressure...

Still have Simulator, Navigation, and Landing Competitions until Friday.
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Monday, October 17, 2005

Flight Team results

Back in Spring Semester of 05, myself and the other flight team officers looked to each other and set a goal for our team.  We decided that this year, we were going to do well enough at the Regional NIFA Safecon Competition that we would be invited to the national competition.  The KSU flight team has not been to the national competition in 19 years.  So, let me tell you that this was no small feat; to revamp the team, practice, learn, and keep up with everything else in our lives.  A lot of you all know that I haven’t been around a lot for a while.  This is why.  October 9-16 was the Regional Competition at Western University in Battle Creek Michigan.  It was one of the best expiriences of my life.  It was cool to see all the other teams and planes and talk to them.  It was also really cool to see our team come together from almost nothing and perform so well.  Usually 3 teams from our region (about 7 colleges) make it to the national competition.  This year they were only going to take the top two.  Western Michigan always wins first.  Ohio State University always wins second.  The third place spot is always fought for.  Last year we lost the third spot to Ohio University by 6 points out of hundreds.  This year Ohio State University is hosting the National Competition, so it turns out that they go to nationals no matter what.  This means that there was still a spot even with W.M. in 1st and OSU in 2nd.  Well, this year we worked our asses off all semester and all week.  It came down to the awards banquet Saturday night.  Our hearts on the line as they announce each of the top 10 winners of each event.  When it came down to it, the Kent State University Precision Flight Team….came in second place!  We even beat the “unbeatable” Ohio State!  That means that the only reason Ohio State will be at nationals is because they are hosting it!  It’s so awesome!  If you work hard enough for anything you can do it - ANYTHING!

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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Quake 4

Quake 4 came out recently, if not today.
Those of us who went to Quakecon already played it a little.
Maybe LAN Party friday night to try it out?
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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Site upgraded to 2.4 pro

I know it doesn’t look very different, but it’s running on 2.4 pro instead of 2.2.1 free now.  Much more features, so I will be expanding my site.  The features section has already been touched up.  Also upgraded to RSS 2.0 Will do more later.

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Friday, October 28, 2005

Quake 4 sucks

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Monday, October 31, 2005

Burke Lakefront Flight

When my mom was in high school, her family had a foreign exchange student live with them.  Her name is Sinni and she is from Finland.  Well, she has been here in the States since the beginning of the semester.  Yesterday was her and her daughter’s last day here, so we went for a quick plane ride.  We left at 5:00pm and got up to Cleveland right at sunset.  It was my first time to Burke Lakefront airport.  I’ve gone there in flight sim, but it’s not quite the same.  The buildings are so much closer to the airport than flight sim shows.  Even crappy old Cleveland looks sweet at sunset at 500 feet.  I thought they were going to get some pictures, but they apparently forgot.  Oh well.  I love flights like this because it reminds me why I’m putting so much time and effort into this profession.  There’s nothing else in the world like it.

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Friday, November 04, 2005

Quakecon Video Soon!

what you’ve all been waiting for..

I’m really getting into Adobe Premiere!  My quakecon movie is about 40% done.  I’m working on the super-huge long tribute video, which will then get broken down into funny stuff, a shorter version, and maybe some other ideas.  Hopefully should be done with the first one near the end of the weekend?

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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Quakecon Video Released!

The Lo-Res first version of our trip to Quakecon is available for download from our special Quakecon 2005 page located here. Even though it's lo-res, it's still a 138mb file with 320x240 video, and xvid compression. My server will probably take forever to upload it to you, so watch that page for new sources, in the next day or so. I'm going to put it on a server at KSU so you don't kill my connection at home. Rick will release his two videos in the coming weeks, so watch for those as well!
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Friday, November 18, 2005

Website Testing

I’ve been playing around with my website lately.  Trying to make things a lot more standard and add a bunch new features.  A few things are obvious like the gigantic eclipse to the right, and some things are not as obvious, such as the restructured header at the top.  I added my post about the UT2k4 tourney to the features section because it was just too good to be a normal post where it would never be read again.  Tell me what you think of what I’ve done, or maybe what you’d like to see.  I always enjoy comments.

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Thursday, November 24, 2005

And I shall call him minimac…

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

LAN Tomorrow.  Starts noonish…whenever..

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Monday, November 28, 2005

A little busy?  School Sucks

I know I complain a lot about how I have so much work to do all the time but with my senior year coming to an end and almost being finished with everything, all I do these days is work.  Well, that’s what I should be doing.  What I’m really doing is playing Q3 and watching anime. 

Let’s start off with Aviation Law and Safety.  I was assigned to a group of 4 a while back, assigned a court case 199 US 194(i think), and an ambigous due date (sometime next week).  As of yet, our group has not fully met and of course it’s me who’s emailing everybody trying to get their lazy asses to the library to meet.  It may even be due Thursday.  Not sure.  Good thing there is no paper or I’d be doing that for everyone.  15 min presentation for this, google doesn’t give any more information than the actual case summary, which is written in legal speak, and even there doesn’t say much.

Next will be Physiology and Human Factors in Flight.  3-6 page paper and 15 min presentation.  Would be doing lots of work on this if I knew what my topic would be.  Totally can’t think of one.  Human factors is boring.

Applied Transport Category Aircraft Systems.  8-10 page paper and 20 min presentation on the Dehaviland Comet.  That won’t be too hard if I actually get moving on it.  Severe lack of motivation at the moment though.  Both this and Human Factors are due around Dec 7-9.  Not exactly sure.

Commercial 3 flying:  Almost ready for my Commercial checkride.  5 hours of fun that day, whenever that is.  It depends on the weather.  Very nervous about that.  I need to have it done before next semester or I’ll get behind again.  I’ve only just barely caught up.

Continental Express Internship:  I’ve gotten most everything I need to turn this in Feburary.  It’s about the only thing I’m not severely behind in.

And then the week after all this is due: IT’S FINALS TIME can’t wait.

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Monday, November 28, 2005

PHP iCal + Gallery

Beta of the php icalendar feature.  As of this moment, it is using a default calendar, and not any of my stuff.  I put it in an iframe, and it doesn’t look that great.  I’m playing with it, may scrap it.  who knows.  Any feedback is welcome.

Edit 9:26pm: I added my current schedule as far as I know it through Spring Semester.  iCal is supposed to automatically synch it to the web, but right now that’s not happening.  It still looks pretty right now, even though it’s a hassle to update.  I’ll keep working on it.

Edit 12:17 next day: Added photo gallery using the same iframe javascript for testing purposes.

Edit 11:34: Added Flight Team Photos (ones you havent seen yet) to the gallery.  It’s actually worth a look!  Really cool.  In no paticular order.

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Regarding the SnoFun thing

Rick told me yesterday that Will and he and some other people I guess want to go to seven springs or something for the skiing.  He also told me that Will doesn’t want any newbies along to slow him down.  I can only assume he means me, maybe among others.  Oh well, it doesn’t really matter this year because I don’t have the money for ski-blading anywhere, and even if I did I’d probably fall and hurt myself again.  This would be bad right before my commercial pilot practical test.  I don’t have the money to even afford rent anymore cause we’re still down one roommate!  So who the fuck knows what’s going to happen!?  It’s so awesome!

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Sunday, December 04, 2005


I am horrible at working on projects before they are due.  I can only focus just before it’s due, like the night before.  Otherwise I just get carried away by hyperlinks.  Especially in wikipedia…that site is the worst when it comes to me staying on topic.  I spent the entire weekend working on my de Havilland Comet 8 page paper and just barely got it finished.  I have to make a powerpoint on my court case for Aviation Law and Safety and research for my CFIT 6 page essay tomorrow, write the essay and do powerpoints on both the Comet and CFIT on tuesday.  Tuesday is my law and safety presentation.  Wednesday is my comet and CFIT presentations.  I can’t wait until finals where my workload will be much less!

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Schultzie got hacked!

I find it ironic that Schultzie, the most security-paranoid one of us all got hacked due to IIS with no firewall and access to everything.  I even LOLed. was where the image used in the “hacked” signature was from

Whois output for:

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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Xmen 3

It will probably be sweet. Xmen 2 was absolutely amazing.
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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

And the winner is…

For the last year or so I have been wrestling with my KSU cumulative GPA to get it over 3.0.  It’s a stubborn little number, currently paused at 2.957, and with my internship coming up, I need it defeated.  Internships require a minimum GPA of 3.0, and although there are exceptions, I want to be accepted without any exceptions, under my own power.  Well I had the last of my finals yesterday, so except for flying I’m done for the semester.  I’m thinking that I got 3 A’s in all of my classes this semester, which should hopefully do the job, but only time will tell in the coming week or two…

VICTOLY!  3.020

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Sunday, December 18, 2005

It’s Time to kick ass and chew bubblegum

and I’m all out of gum

Commercial Checkride tomorrow (Monday).  Passing it means I can be paid to fly, which is indeed my original goal of getting my private license all the way back in Feb of 2004.  The day starts out at 7:30am with a quick flight to finish up my required hours and then the checkride starts at 10:30am.  Probably a good 2-3 hours of oral exam followed by an hour and a half flight.  Long day, but I think I can handle it.  If all goes well, I should be free for the rest of break with nothing to do except a few trips (maybe Ohayocon, going to DC somewhere in there) but the rest is free for LAN parties and stuff.  Will update after the ride tomorrow!


I did the oral exam today and got a 93%.  Even though that’s an A, I still feel like I didn’t know that much.  I hate sitting there looking stupid becuase I don’t know anything.  He asked me a lot of little things that I wasn’t prepared for.  Anyways, we didn’t fly because the clouds were too low for some of the manuevers that I have to do, so the flight has been rescheduled to Wednesday at 10:30am.  I like splitting it up anyways.  Will post more upon completion.

Update 2:

I’ve spent the last few days sitting around the airport trying to get good enough weather to fly, but it never came.  The airport is closed for christmas right now, but I will get another chance on Dec. 30th.

Update 3:

December 30th was a very cloudy day and not good for flying.  My next chance is Jan. 3rd in the morning.  By this time I’ll be so out of practice that I’m sure to fail.

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Friday, December 30, 2005

LAN January 1st

Normally I post LAN stuff on the DGS site, but I thought it would get more exposure here.  Normally my LANs are plagued by the lack of chairs and tables and space.  Well, I bought the huge table that is in my computer room, and a set of four metal generic chairs.  This should help a little bit.  If there are too many people for the computer room, we can move to the living room and someone can bring a spare table or something.  I want to make an interactive sign-up thing.  Maybe that will be the next website project I will take up.  I only make progress on those when I have some sort of paper due in school.  I’m rambling on now…so in conclusion…LAN Jan 1st - 1pm - got enough chairs now! kthxbye!

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Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 in review

not as bad as 2004

Went to Washington DC with Alison
Went to Ohayocon with yash
Break wrist at Brandywine
Very busy Spring 05 Semester starts

Cast comes off wrist

Pass Commercial 1 Final Checkride - Worst checkride ever
Design with mambo
Go to Arcadia, CA for Spring Break like usual

Start Instrument Training

Very Busy Spring 05 Semester Ends
Begin work at KSU Airport
Begin Summer 05 classes (2)
Become training manager for flight team

One year with Alison

Got my instrument rating
Begin Commercial 2 course

Summer 05 classes end
Went to Niagra Falls with Alison
Begin Commercial 3 course
Very Busy Fall 05 Classes begin
Become very busy with Flight Team (only 2 months to practice!)

Yash gets pissed off
Finish Commercial 2 course
Serenity movie comes out

Re-create the DGS
Flight Team competition! Awesome! Second Place!
Quake 4 - much less awesome!

Quakecon video done
Become webmaster for flight team

Get bogged down with lots of finals work
Very busy Fall 05 semester over
GPA over 3.0! woots!
Yash gets a little better
Oral part of Commercial 3 checkride 93%
Yash gets pissed off again
Write this stupid post
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Saturday, December 31, 2005


I don’t know why, but I like web design and tinkering around with websites.  Could never do it as a job though.. Some of you know the project I have been working on since the week before finals week (known as week of hell).  To distract myself from doing my real work, I started work on the KSU Precision Flight Team website.  I used Joomla for this, which is pretty much just Mambo.  I made the KSUAnime Site with Mambo in early 2004, and can’t say much has changed.  Joomla is the same thing as Mambo but open source I guess.  I thought Mambo was open source, but since I am a proponent of open source software and I’m curious by nature, I tried Joomla.  I’m definately a lot better at the Joomla/Mambo system then I was when I designed KSUAnime.  Looking back, I don’t even like the anime site.  I think a new skin in the near future is in order for that site.  But back to the Flight Team site.  I spent a lot of time on the skin of it, trying to make it look like the flight team jacket and had to fight a lot of CSS to achieve it, but it looks good now.  Now I’m trying to add the endless amount of content and information.  I know that once I move it to the KSU server all hell is going to break loose.  The only problem I have with Joomla is that it has to systemize everything.  I can’t just add a random page, it has to be a member of a category or something.  And I don’t like the publishing system.  Everything content-wise is added by a user, who by default has no access to “publish” anything, and so everything he writes stays hidden until an admin comes by and says “ok” and publishes it, so it appears on the site.  Not a bad feature if that’s what you’re looking for.  However, I am a very lazy admin, and so everyone’s posts will go by unpublished forever.  Would be fine if I could change the default access level, but no.  Best I can do is make everyone an admin, and then all hell breaks loose again.  For what I needed, which is pretty much contact info, team info, and most of all - the events calendar schedule, it’s okay.  I think the site has really come together and I’m pround of it.

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