Thursday, March 25, 2004


its nice

So it's 9:37pm here in Arcadia which means it's 12:37am Eastern Time. I expected my Grandma to give me the guest room to myself. If they had, I could use the computer a lot more. My Grandma doesn't like computers too much and therefore it would be rude of me to be on mine all the time. I expect to do a quick warwalk around the "old-folks" community here. I dont know what to expect. There could be nothing if everyone feels the same about technology as my grandma, or maybe there is someone who loves to buy technology such as wireless and doesnt know how to set it up. Arcadia is a beautiful city. For some reason, I think the palm trees here are the coolest things ever. From the palm trees right in front of me to the mountains in the background, I swear this is one of the best cities in America. Even the state has a cool name: California. Anyways, I honestly love it way more than Ohio. It doesn't really get that cold. This is where my mom's family grew up. Maybe I feel this is where I belong. I don't know if that's why I feel good when I'm here, or if I just feel better when I am far away from Ohio. Yet, after the untimely death of my uncle, everything here has a somber attitude surrouning it. It makes it pretty hard on everyone. It's amazing to see the amount of cards and support my grandma has recieved for him. She's had a harder time because he lived close and always visited/took care of her. Well, we went to the Santa Anita horse races today (Wednesday), where my mom gave me and tim $20 for the day to bet on horses. Right away, I said "I should just keep this $20, because I'm obviously not going to win." Oh how right I am. I kept making bets because I didn't want my mom or grandma to feel bad. The horse races were cool and everything, I just don't enjoy gambling. Now I have $7. bah. Oh well, they are happy and that's why I am here. I hope the fog lifts tomorrow and we can see the mountains better. I have no idea what I'm supposed to do tomorrow with teh family. I think it's just taking grandma to the movies. That's all good. Even if there aren't any movies I want to see, it will make her happy. I'm getting some schoolwork done that I probably wouldn't have finshed anyways, so it works out. I wish there was just some random wireless signal here, because there really isn't anywhere to sit down around here and use someone's wifi. There was a place in the Denver airport that advertised wireless using centrino(c)(tm)(omgiloveIntel). I tried to get on it, but couldn't. I was pissed. The mac obviously detected the wireless signal, but couldn't get on. I think they're using some sort of mac address binding, like only centrino(c)(tm)(omgilI) NICs are worthy. God bless capitalism.
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