Sunday, February 29, 2004

Leap Day?


So my desktop computer died on Wednesday or something. It's making some weird clicking noise. I have yet to figure out whats going on. I would look at it, but I am too damn lazy. Been doing everything through the powerbook lately. Sometimes I forget just how much I have to rely on the PC, if for nothing else, the sheer amount of data I can store on it. This isn't good. I keep getting more and more stuff to save, and I have to find a backup place because I need to test its second partition to see if it will fuck everything up again. Stupid PC. Curse the maker. So today is a fucking awesome day, weather-wise. Too bad I get to spend it in the library learning physics because I have a test tomorrow. It would be much easier if I could learn this stuff in class. That just doesnt happen though. It's way too early for me to be doing physics at 9:55am. History is interesting in class, but I can't do essay exams, so I am not doing well in that class. My music teacher decided our class wasn't about music, but instead it's about slavery. When we complain, he tells us "tough shit, you aren't listening. I'm one bad motherfucker" No joke. And my flight class meets once a week for 3.5 hours. I can't deal with a class that long. Flight classes always get the worst schedules. Always at night or 643 hours long. Then I don't know if I'll be able to fly this semester. Even if I do, I still hardly have any time in the day. At least I'm not working with any groups. That always brings my grade in any class down at least one letter grade. Last semester proved that.

Went to go see the Stow High school junior class play yesterday. It was actually really good. It was about this lady who was trying to teach Helen Keller and stuff. Yeah.... Playin a new game called Stepmania which is just a PC (and mac!) version of DDR. Its fun. Got 780mb of anime songs for it, dear god. Hmm what else...Got rehired at Six Flags. So did my lil brother and some of his friends.

If anyone knows where i can get 512mb of laptop ddr ram or 512~1gb of pc3200 for cheap (and not online), let me know...

Maybe I'll write more when I get bored
Posted by eclipse on 02/29/2004 at 01:00 PM
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