Saturday, March 06, 2004

Ever have that feeling

that its all for nothing?

Yeah, but everyone has, so get over it. Stop being so damn stubborn.

It's like 3 fucking am and I dont want to sleep. I don't like to sleep, but since I'm trying to lower the amount of random caffiene I drink (it IS a drug after all :D ) I seem to be doing it more. Yash is being his same stubborn self again and again. 4-21-03. As much fun as it is watching my friends rip each other to shreads... *cough* bob *cough* yash *cough* jo *cough* codex *cough* jo *cough* yash.

bought 512mb of DDR 400 RAM for my computer. It runs fast again! Still got my good old Athlon 2000+ Of course, processor speed almost doesnt matter anymore. My RAM and ATI 9700 pro make UT2k4 look gooood. :D Now to order some laptop ram from phil at pak computers fo cheap...

Went to Swenson's for dinner with Rick and Zola and then played some DDR on standard mode. I skipped out on the second half of the anime club for it. It's not that I dislike the anime they are watching, its that I just dislike the club in general now. Last year was so much better. I'd run for president and change things next year, but I'm going to be far too busy flying.

Having trouble organizing my thoughts here. Dont know if i am having breakfast or dinner or anything with the dad tomorrow. Hope not, cause i completely forgot if I am.

Hmm...I like the Fruits Basket DVDs a lot. Yash let me borrow the manga. It was okay. Nothing too good. Not like the Sailor Moon manga which was a total surprise. Waaay different than what everyone thinks of SM. I'll probably get the FB manga when it explores what happens after the anime. But I still like the anime way better.

Six Flags training on the 13th. Hmmm....I dont know if I have what it takes for management. Mike (boss man) told me to "prove myself". Yeah, I agree. I need to prove to myself that I can do it as well. I am way too afraid of failure. Greatest fear = being useless, I guess. Doesn't help that I am a perfectionist (when I am motivated). Everyone gave me so much praise for getting my pilots license. Still didnt feel right though. Very grateful to them, but I don't feel right. Doesn't really make me feel like I am closer to anything, it feels empty. Dont want to work at 6 flags my whole life.

Dan wants to take Kendo lessons on Monday nights. I want to also, but its like 80 bucks a month. I could get a damn good cell phone with that. But no one ever calls me. And I could just beat people up and steal their phones. Gonna sit in on a free lesson next monday. Woot.

I think thats all I got. The archives feature of the site isnt working for some reason, so I want to fix that and maybe add some stuff to this already saturated home page. Don't forget to pick a day we all take off over the summer. I'm thinking monday nights until tuesday afternoon. dying...
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