Sunday, March 21, 2004

I don’t like picking titles


Like, I am soo tired right now. I should sleep. But i never do what's good for me. Hokay, so Monday I was going to skip physics but i decided to go, and I walk in and OMG! We're having a test! Usually we go like 6 weeks between tests. It had only been two. Since I can't learm anything in class, I usually cram the day before the test. The strategy has worked well - getting high B's usually. But now I'm looking at this test and I can't answer a single question. Not ONE. know how that feels? I do know. I couldn't answer one question for sure. So I guessed. Yep, 40% was long answer, 50% multiple choice, and 10% true/false made up the test. Got it back Friday - I got a 56% - with the curve it turned into a high D. Whoa. God I hate physics. I hate all my classes. I dont know why i keep trying anymore. It isnt helping.

Had a "Music as a world phenominon" midterm the other day. Got a 76%, one of the highest grades in the class. Highest was 84% average was 51% 51% You know its not the students fault when the average is that low. Why do I always get these classes? Everyone else in the damn university can get drunk every fucking night and still have a GPA over 3.0. A friend John down the hall in Allyn got robbed over the weekend. Took his computer, some other expensive things...People suck.

So now its spring break. Dan and Tim and Brian came over Friday night and Saturday to play UT2K4 and develop a strategy to use for Jeloh. Got lots of free pizza from Quinn - you rule dude, thanks! UT2k4 is pretty sweet. I need to sit down and actually play some of the new modes of play. Need to practice and get real good for the tourney so i am unstoppable. Our team will be invincible. Just upgraded the powerbook to OS X 10.3.3 - yay nothing new...lame

I'll be gone to California Tuesday through sunday. I will try to get online by warwalking late at night, dont know how successful i will be. I have a lot of crap to read this break, I'm going to do that there. And my ipod/laptop combo will be my best friend while i am there. I really don't want to go, but i feel i have to.

maybe i will sleep now
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