Tuesday, February 17, 2004


It happens

Heh, just got done playing UT2004 demo with a bunch of people from the dorm, and Will even played for two rounds, unlike that lazy Jo who's only commented on this site once. It is a really fun game in onslaught mode. It basically puts Halo vehicles in Unreal Tourney 2003.

I started using FireFox. Dumb name, but works better than IE.

For all those who have trouble reading my cryptic updates, I did take my Private Pilot Practical Test on Saturday, and yes, I passed. Didn't do as well as I wanted, but I still made it. Now I gotta get into the Commercial Flight class at KSU.

After taking the test for 6.5 hours, we were going to have a LAN or something at Jo's. Oh well, I was tired anyways. Sunday we went to a useless computer show. Me and Rick decided Peter Trapp is worthless now. From now on we're only going if we know we are going to buy something. Then went to CompUSA with Tim and Dan. Then went to the Animation show, only getting lost 2.5 times. It was the same as last time, oh well, still fun.

Feb 15 was yash's birthday, i redid http://lethal.sytes.net .

New Castle Airport, where I took my test:

Me back at KSU Airport after the test:

yay for randomness.
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