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History is written by the victorious

The sun rose slowly over Planet Frostbite, taunting the few warriors left on the planet. Years of war had reduced the once beautiful pearl in space to a glazed sleet of ice. You had to be the best to stay alive on Frostbite. You had to be even better to win. Five soldiers were on call this particular morning. Commander Eclipse, and Privates Rombus, Darksquare, Swiftwulf, and Infinity X, all trained in various aspects of combat. Though long and arduous, The war of JeloH was coming to an end. You could feel it in the air, the oncoming foul stench of death. But these heroes of the Red Team knew they would not fall. They had trained for this their whole lives. And it meant too much to them.

There was only one power node left in this planet, and controlling it meant you could push pure energy into an enemy's core and override the shield protecting it. Once vulnerable, the core could be destroyed via conventional means. No one remembered how the war began. But we knew how to end it.

The moments before the battle were tense, each team waiting for each other to make a move. Waiting for Rombus to load...his weapons. Over the radio, the command was given! "GO!" It yelled, but the convoy of death was already marching. A tank, a manta-class hovercraft, a raptor-class air cruiser and two scorpion-class light transport trucks rushed to the power node. Speed was of the essence. The power node must be under red control, for without it the team could only defend. And you can only defend for so long. But there was a problem. Midway through the journey to the power node, the node turned blue! In the race for victory, the mighty red team was losing!

Through the eyes of Eclipse, commanding the slow but powerful and armoured tank, the battlefield was a mess. There were light ships flying everywhere! So many he couldn't tell which were friendly and which were not. The blue power node, now halfway completed was his primary target. Through the mess of combat, he caught glimpse of another danger. The enemy tank was already in the battle, tearing his teammates apart with ease. It would only require a few shots from the main cannon to destroy the node, but he would leave himself vulnerable. This was his first choice in a long and bloody battle. Time seemed to slow down as he knew he could only do one thing.

"I've got to take that tank out" Trusting his teammates with the destruction of the blue power node, he charged his tank directly in front of the enemy tank, to draw its fire. Watching his armour blasted away by the other tank, all he had to do was damage it to the point where his team could destroy it. To put it simply, he was trading the red team's tank for the blue team's. Like a game of chess, sacrifices must be made to advance the other pieces. Driving his tank right up to the enemy, staring the blue team's captain in the face, Eclipse smiled as he saw the light come from the other tank's cannon. He laughed as his tank took all the fire from the other team. "You think you've won?" He yelled as his tank blew up, making him the first red casualty. Moments later, Swiftwulf's AVRIL rocket ripped through the weak armor of the damaged blue tank and Rombus's flak cannon tore through the underdefended power node, leveling the playing field.

Only the field was no longer equal. Without the tanks, only light vehicles were left in the center. The red team was prepared for this. The blue team, passionate in their cause, but not experienced enough, believed in their vehicles. The vehicles were their key to winning. The Reds knew better, leaving their weak vehicles and equipping themselves with AVRIL anti-vehicle heat-seeking missiles. Within moments, the blue team was all but destroyed, and construction of the red power node commenced. The blue team had led, but couldn't withstand the red offensive.

Pain was extreme but short, followed by nothing. All of a sudden, the pain was back as Eclipse woke up in the red base, respawned through the energy of the red power core. He immediately knew the situation, getting in the new tank to help with defense. Because his tank was destroyed first, he was also first to respawn. Arriving at the site of the new power node, the tank took up the position as power node defense. Two runners, Darksquare and Rombus, flew high speed to the enemy core, damaging it little by little. The runners were light and underarmed, but extremely fast and able to get past the strong defenses at the blue power core, and with the strong defense by Infinity X, Swiftwulf, and Eclipse, the power core fell after constant pressure.

Victory was ours! Cheers went all around as the red team rejoiced in victory. It was short lived however, as blue team demanded "You have to win two out of three!" The red team was caught in surprise, some several feet from their command interfaces. Scrambling our attack as the power node was already in blue control. The enemy flyer attacked our base right away, damaging Eclipse's tank heavily before being chased off by Darksquare's flyer. Proceeding towards the battle with Infinity X performing repairs, it didn't stand much of a chance against the already present fleet of blue arsenal. The red team had lost the race again.

Defense of the core was hard. Eclipse's tank had to be protected! The only way to take the power node was to destroy it with the tank. Other methods were too slow, as the blue attack lowered the red power core's power to 50%.

"Infinity! Rombus! I need you two to heal me as I push through their defense!"

With the two soldiers linking the tank, Eclipse drove straight through the blue attack, watching the blue vehicles pass him on their way to his power core. With the two healing the tank, he could survive anything they shot as he protected them, as they hid behind his armor. The power node in sight, Eclipse let out a fury from hell, reducing the power node to rubble in four shots. With the power node destroyed, the shield around the red power core rose once more.
"Oh shit!" Eclipse yelled, realizing that now he, Infinity and Rombus were facing a two front battle. Newly spawned Blue soldiers from the right and the soldiers who were attacking his core from the left now sped towards the three. That's when the blue team made their mistake.

After a short battle involving the tanks, the blue captain must have thought his tank was going to be destroyed, so he abandoned it. Eclipse's shot ripped the ground apart around the tank, stealing the life from the poor blue soldier, but amazingly the tank itself survived. Infinity X, wasting no time, jumped into the tank and hijacked it, and the two red tanks blew away the advancing blue team's wave. Infinity's tank was destroyed soon enough later, but it turned the tides on the battle, allowing the red team to attack once more.

Bullets flew past him as he raced through the canyon. Private Darksquare would let nothing intimidate him. He had nothing to fear. He was the red offense. He was the chosen one. Dodging a tank blast to the right, he hit the boosters and flew over it at 100 miles per hour, leaving it in the dust. Up ahead of him laid the blue power core, and his heart lusted for revenge for the damage to his power core. The blues, determined in their fight as well, chased the lone rider, but to no avail.

"Your deaths only fill me with strength!" He yelled, his body in vampire mode, living to see the blood of his enemy. It took the entire blue military to take him down, but not before he single handidly took the blue power core down 50%, his revenge was complete and he was awarded the purple heart, the second miracle of the battle.

BAM! The sound of the tank cannon impact echoed through the canyon walls as the scorpion flew 20 feet in the air, only to be followed by the car ripping to peices as Infinity X's Jeep laser blew it to peices in mid air. The blue spirit was crushed the same way. The red defense was in solid control of the power node and would not give it up for the rest of the battle. Swiftwulf's flyer and Darksquares Raid led the attack and the blue team fell with a loud explosion as the power core was reduced to scrap metal.

It was a costly battle, and although the war was now over, the benefits were less than desired. Many invisioned great rewards and joy at the end, but instead they were left with only a 15" LCD Gear grip pro, a pair of headphones, and a mini-pc gear grip pro. The feeling of victory would have to be enough for these tired soldiers, but they deserved it.


(This story is based on my recollection of the events of the battle and unfortunately cannot account for the expirences of other soldiers.  If you are a veteran of the battle for Frostbite, feel free to add your stories to the comments)

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Posted on Sunday, April 04, 2004  at  11:38 PM
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OMG that was fucking incredible!  Good recap on the match.  When quinn got the other tank, that definately changed the outcome of that round.  Can you imagine the story if we would have played a round in Torlan? woot!

Posted on Sunday, April 04, 2004  at  11:42 PM
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Damn, Very Nice! And about my weapon load times, You know its better to double check your clips than get stuck in the middle of battle with a weapon jam.

Posted on Sunday, April 04, 2004  at  11:51 PM
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I was so mad we couldn’t play Torlan

We waited a week for that match!

Posted on Sunday, April 04, 2004  at  11:55 PM
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Very nice recap indeed. Just call me a hi-jacker =D ...oh maybe not - then I’d get blamed for 9/11

Way to go team!

Posted on Monday, April 05, 2004  at  01:26 PM
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*removes helmet and places over heart*

Posted on Tuesday, April 06, 2004  at  11:38 AM




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