Friday, March 26, 2004

More vacation

if you call it that

Last night, as you might have guessed, I was able to get out of the house and come online around 2:30am Eastern time. I will be trying to do the same tonight. If you are reading this, chances are I was successful. I found a nice house that was dark, with a standard netgear wireless B router. Unfortunately, there is so much light around Arcadia that it's not a good idea to go into people's yards to hide. So I was sitting on the street curb behind a parked car to avoid any curious people. Not a lot of wireless signals around, not as much as Jo expected. I kinda knew what I was into. At least tonight I won't have to do a lot of hunting like last night.

Anyways, today started off with a trip to the Santa Anita mall, in my hopes of finding a dance dance machine. This stupid, boring mall only had one place to find CD's yet had 5 places to buy sunglasses. You'd think with CA being much closer to Japan you could find more DDR machines. I doubt I'll have another chance to find one in town, but Saturday we are going to Knott's Berry Farm, which probably has an arcade. After the mall, we went to San Pedro to visit one of my mom's old high school friends. I said yesterday that Arcadia would be a nice place to live, but San Pedro is not. There are a lot of gangs, crime, etc that apparently weren't there ~10 years ago. San Pedro is about 45 min southeast of Arcadia, right along the Pacific Coast. So we went to the ocean so teh mom could talk and stuff and just kinda wasted time alone. Still way too cold to swim, not that I really like to swim. My grandma has a cold or something now, so I hope she gets better for tomorrow, our day of movies. She goes to the movies and watches TV a lot. I guess that's what old people do.

I hope I can stay online longer tonight, but it's not terrifically fast or even safe. Actually, I think I'm falling asleep, so this post might not even make it online in time.
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