Thursday, January 19, 2006

Early Estimates for QuakeCon Flight

Piper Seminole Twin Engine @ $225/hr
6 hours one way

$1350/3 people = $450
$1350/4 people = $337

Cessna 172RG Cutlass @ $140/hr
7 hours one way

$980/3 people = $326
$980/4 people = $245

Very Rough Estimates. I planned it pretty conservatively as if we were going pretty slow, with a headwind or something. Both estimates include one fuel stop. Everyone would be able to sit up front at least once. If I get hired as a flight instructor, I might be able to take some of that cost off, though not sure and probably not. I know it's pretty steep, but a good tailwind would knock a lot of that price off. I'm not flying with only 1 other person. Will says he wants to fly but it's all about the dollars in the end...
Posted by eclipse on 01/19/2006 at 01:34 PM
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