Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Apartment!

Well as mentioned earlier, in the beginning of the month Alison and I moved to our new apartment in Euless, Tx.  The reason for our move was to both lower costs and increase quality of life.  Since Alison transferred to the Grand Hyatt at the airport, we both were commuting to pretty much the same area and the 25-35 min commute really takes it out of you when you have to do it every day.  At our new place we pay about 200/month less and there are many other savings that go along with living much closer to the airport.  For example, less time commuting is less fuel and maintenance costs.  Since my car isn’t dodging idiots on the highways anymore, I altered my insurance and save $400 a year.  We pay less for electricity here, canceled our cable, and downgraded our internet to a $20 a month plan :-\  So while it did cost a little bit to move, we will break even in about 6 months and we actually are finding that we like the new apartment more than the old one in many ways.  The new apt. is on the third floor so no more banging on the ceilings from people above us (used to make everything in the old place shake when they were home), has high ceilings, a much bigger kitchen, and about 175 sq. feet more area.  Airplane noise is there but you don’t notice it after a while.  Car alarms seem to be the biggest noise issue, when the neighbors aren’t fighting… 

Anyways, on with the pics, right?!

Standing at the doorway Living room from behind
Bookcase and aviation shrine Our bigger and better kitchen
My Desk Alison’s Desk
Bedroom and porch Quick pic taken when we first got the keys

In other news, Eagle just put 75 pilots on the street so my sense of foreboding is keen, Adam :D

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I’m so happy that we both really like our new apartment!

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