Wednesday, March 16, 2005

This is why we cannot have nice things

Recently I noticed that Tim's Trancender website ( was...populated by some great philosophers discussing religion over such things as free online poker and texas hold-em. My first impression was to (of course) join in the conversation but then I realized the gravity of the situation. These philosophers seemed to care more about poker and websites than love and truth! This could mean only one thing: Out there, in the interweb, there must be an evil mastermind attempting to destroy the paradise that is pmachine. Not only is this mastermind completely and totally evil to the core, but it also attempts to stimulate intelligent conversation with you, spouting such wisdom as

"Our belief in any particular natural law cannot have a safer basis than our unsuccessful critical attempts to refute it." by internet poker.

Now I am finding this laughable and appalling at the same time. Whether I am appalled so much that I am laughing, or laughing so much that I am appalled, I may never know. What I do know is that swiftwulf's site got hit, and so did So now I am thinking...why isn't worthy of having the world's greatest philosophers debating their wisdom over a lovely game of internet poker? And the only answer I have is that my comment entry page is not the pmachine standard. It does not include a spot for your email address, while all the other sites do. And so, by this simple truth, I have come to the conclusion that these evil masterminds are not educated philosophers, but mere spam bots, algorithms even, that were defeated by a much more serious, more evil mastermind: yours truely.

The following IPs have been BANNED from /gaming/
Posted by eclipse on 03/16 at 03:49 PM
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