Saturday, March 26, 2005

And I’m done…

AIM IM with BobCortex
10/25/03 12:03am

BobCortex: it was all like laggy
BobCortex: i think beacuse it runs at that stupid resolution or he wont change it to the native of the projector
BobCortex: and or clones the display
BobCortex: or something
BobCortex: or all the above
Eclipse278 : well my going away wont happen much
Eclipse278 : sorry i was not there for you
BobCortex: beacuse you run that bitch
BobCortex: i told you i dont need you.
BobCortex: heh
BobCortex: HAHA
BobCortex: to be there
BobCortex: that was bad
BobCortex: lets never speak of that
BobCortex: again
BobCortex: if i see it in a blog, you are done
Eclipse278 : heh
Posted by eclipse on 03/26 at 01:33 AM




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