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Wednesday, June 04, 2003 version 3 BETA

Ok, most of the coding for the new site is finished. You are looking at it. Might not seem like much, but the front page is pure php and mysql now instead of just html. This makes posting easy! Also, you can respond to entires and stuff. Another main point is that this page is wc3 compliant now. (Except the shoutbox, that only works in IE). Many of you have taken notice to my new hated of microsoft and to stop using frontpage for my site is a big leap for me. Viewing both previous versions of my site in netscape/mozilla/gecko would led to errors or tables that were the wrong color. Most of the site's navigation boxes have been refitted with wc3 java code, but some huge tables (like the anime page) are still in crappy frontpage format. (Need any more convincing that microsoft is forcing people to use its software?)

There is not yet much point to becoming a member of my site, because I allow anonymous commenting to my posts, but if you want to register, go ahead. It works. The member controls are at the bottom of the home page. All you can do at this point, if you are not an admin, is log in and out. Maybe later I will allow other people to post on the site, cause its really easy now :D.

Anyways, this is the third major revision of my site, and its still in beta cause there could be stuff i forgot to update. Thanks go out to PMachine for creating the blogger, Trancender for hosting, and the people who helped me design/test the site. :D If you find any bugs, feel free to leave a comment on this entry.
Goodnight, world.
Posted by eclipse on 06/04/2003 at 11:16 PM
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Tuesday, June 03, 2003



sweet, i can easily allow others to post on the website. wish i had this back with the DGS

Quote of the day:
BobCortex (11:30:57 PM): would you feel better if i said i glued hentai belldandy up on that? i didn't, but i want you to stop saying "pink".
Posted by eclipse on 06/03/2003 at 12:47 AM
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Monday, June 02, 2003



Finally got this stupid blog script to work. This page will eventually turn into version 3 of my website, which I have yet to make a catchy codename for, such as “fairlady”. Im using default colors right now, but I will change them when i am not tired. See you all soon

Posted by eclipse on 06/02/2003 at 11:20 PM
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Tuesday, April 01, 2003

The internet is alive!

Ah yes, the internet.  One of those necessary evils in today's culture, standing alongside other evils such as thank-you notes, Microsoft, responsibility, and manners.  We don't know why we have these things, but we do.  And when we have something, we do what we Americans do best.  We never notice it until we lose it.  Yes, my friends, I have lost something.  I have lost my internet connection.  Obviously, it is not totally gone or you would not be reading this.  Allow me to explain.  KSU changed their network setup during spring break.  They use these ridiculously expensive devices called packeteers to figure out what you are doing online, like a QoS service.  From port numbers, they can tell if you are web browsing, playing q3, or downloading from kazaa.  Anyways, it's all a master plot to block everything except HTTP (web pages), so its faster for everyone.  Unfortunately, the people who run this system are idiots.  They know nothing about how an internet connection works, and in trying to make it fast they just ruin it for everyone.  The internet, you see, is not made of hypertext markup language, it is made up of TCP/IP.  It is a connection, not a file.  You can download from the internet, but you cannot download the internet itself.  What I mean is that the internet has so many features other than web browsing that these dolts forget about.  The funniest one I can think of is Secure HTTP, port 443 or something (I cant check because the internet is down as I am writing this.)  They completely forgot about this type of connection, and made it impossible to get to sites like paypal, or even the website that runs our work schedule!  Yeah, you guys are qualified to run this operation.  FTP, ssh, and many other important ports were blocked as well.  They eventually 'fixed' this, but it doesnt help when the university is so poor that they can't afford janitors, much less an internet connection.  Fuck you, Bob Taft!  We all know it's your fault! Republicans...  Of course, who needs the internet anyways?  We have phones, and books and crap.  The internet wasn't always around.  What did people do before computers took over the economy and proceeded to fux us over?  How did they send each other their photoshopped pictures before email came around?  What did hackers do all day?  They must have been bored.  They couldn't have posted all these fucking hilarious April fool's jokes.  Some were funny today, such as the QuakeCon trick.  Jo did one for Trancender.  But no one ever goes to the index page of that site.  :D  Almost made my heart jump.  Almost.  Penny-arcade and PvP drew comics for each other, and it was stupid.  That could have been funny if a normal pvp comic appeared on the penny arcade site, and vice versa, but people make it dumb.  Let's see, there was also the ever done "Microsoft buys Linux" ([url=]Tom's hardware[/url], how could you?) and Nvidia buys ATi on some loser site, AOL buys DeviantArt, U.S. Soldiers advance towards Baghdad...yeah, I don't believe anything I heard today.  Seriously, some of these jokes are being way overdone.  Its like going to Maddox's site and wondering if he's going to criticize something that people like.  Yes, this is the role that the internet plays in our lives (Thank you Al Gore).  Maybe I will go to sleep earlier tonight.  Nah, it's quake time...lata

Posted by eclipse on 04/01/2003 at 02:29 PM
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Thursday, March 06, 2003


Not a whole lot of time to rant today, but I can give news or something (It is a rant/news section).  First off is the shoutbox in the lower right half section.  I got it to work on two other servers.  Granted, I installed PHP on both of them, but it should be pretty standard.  I have not seen a lot of PHP on Trancender, so I am wondering if maybe they did not set it up right.  The shoutbox is currently pointed to my home server, but for some reason, the internet keeps going out, so most of the time you'll see the "Page cannot be found" error in place of it.  If you want to see the error that Trancender gives, it is accessable at  Once you get into the more advanced website stuff, you see how limited this Trancender setup is.  Not that it is terrible, and I know Jo will say "Make your own server".  Its not that simple, Jo.  We don't all have university webspace.  Actually, KSU gives you free webspace, but only if you are a CS (Computer Science) major.  That is total crap.  I want free webspace as I paid a crapload of money to be here as well.  Oh well, I'm losing focus.  I think a simple reinstall of PHP could do the trick for Trancender.  There's an extra step to the setup thats kinda hidden in the readme.  You have to check the "Script Engine" box of the home directory setup or something.  I could walk someone through it, but i dont feel like doing it here.  It is really aggravating to be stopped by something like this when I am so close to having a crucial part of my website done.  Especially since my site has to be much more l33t than BobOmega's website.  I'll fiddle around with my server to try to make the connection more stable, until then the shoutbox will randomly go up and down and I have very little control over it.

Thanks go out to John (who runs Trancender, in case you didn't know) for helping me try to get the shoutbox to work.  He went out of his way to try and help and I appreciate that, even though it still doesnt work.  Neither of us knows why.  Oh well, I'll just find a different one.


Posted by eclipse on 03/06/2003 at 02:46 PM
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