Monday, December 04, 2006

Macworld 07 Rumors

12 Inch MBP Rumor

It’s no secret that I am a huge fan of the 12” powerbook by apple.  I was waiting for so long for them to announce a new intel one before I finally broke down and bought the 15” macbookpro.  I like the 15” (I just realized I never did a review of it, probly cause my site was down thx jo) but could I return to the 12 inch form after living the good life of my current awesome laptop?  Probably.  Let’s take a look at what I want:

Proc: Intel, semi fast…..nothing demands a super awesome processor anymore.
Ram: Upgradable to 2gb would be nice
Screen: Widescreen or not, >1024x768 would be nice
Vid Card: Capable of gaming in Windows.  This is the only reason i picked mbp over mb
Hdd: My 80gb in the mbp is getting tight, would like more
CD: want one in there, thats why i got rid of the Dell L400
Design: I like the aluminum design over the mb, but at least offer it in black if not
Tablet: rumored that this could be a tablet.  Depends on reviews..

So basically it comes down to how well does it game, and what does it look like?  Unfortunately it has to beat my current mpb to justify the effort of selling it, which is a difficult feat.  I sure like the ultra portability though.  I take it everywhere.  :D

Now onto other rumors.  iPhone.  If you’ve seen my phone lately you know I need a new one.  I want to see what the iPhone will look like.  It’s supposed to be an mp3 player and phone in one and supposed to work with every provider.  I am holding off until macworld to make my decision, and it’s all based on design.  If I don’t like it I will probably get a motorala PEBL.  I know the PEBL gets bad reviews due to storage space and bad camera, but my current phone is the same and I don’t really care.  I like the PEBL design and I just want it for a phone.

Widescreen iPod.  I need a new iPod since my 3rd gen’s screen stopped working.  If both the iPhone and the widescreen video ipod are released and both look cool I don’t know what I’ll do.  I’m betting only one will be released or I’ll only like one.  I want an 80gb at the moment but I can wait until macworld to see if a new one comes out.

With my luck, things will be announced and not ready until August or something.  Until then, It’ll be a long 5 weeks!

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