I attended Kent State University in Kent Ohio from August 2002-December 2006, in the Aeronautics Department majoring in Flight Technology. Yes, it's that Kent State.

KSU had a huge impact on my life. I made a lot of new friends and joined several clubs such as the Anime Club, the Flying Club, and the Precision Flight Team. I worked on campus as a Resnet Computer Consultant, and did an internship with American Airlines during the summer of 2006. After I graduated, I continued to work for the university as a Flight Instructor.

I often look back and miss the time I spent at Kent State. I wish I had more time back then to do everything I really wanted.

Saturday, December 16, 2006


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Friday, December 01, 2006


I graduate in two weeks!  It’s a weird thought but I don’t know.  Not that weird.  Every week for the last 4 and a half years (except some summers) I’ve gone to work at resnet and that’ll be gone.  I just turned in the last paper I’ll have to write today.  I haven’t been exactly in the mood to do much of any schoolwork, so this 3 page paper was really hard work for me.  I got it done though.

It’s so strange to think I won’t be in school, not be a student.  I miss it already.  I am going to miss flight team and some of my classes, and resnet.  But then again, not that much will change.  I’ll still be out at the airport and see my friends and I’ll still coach with the flight team.’s not the same…

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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Kent Stater

A few weeks ago I made the front page of the Kent Stater, so it’s official. I can graduate now.

Kent Stater Link

That’s all for today

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Sunday, October 01, 2006

Internship comes to an end

My internship with American Airlines is over.
The flight team regional competition is over.

What the hell am I going to do with myself? I have free time again!
It’s been so long that I don’t even know what to do with myself at this point.

Since it appears like it will take a while before my actual webserver goes back up, I am going to attempt to use this livejournal thing since most of my friends are on here anyways.

So what’s been going on with me? I know it’s been a while since I’ve had any time to hang out.

Internship ended halfway through August. Most of you know that. It was an amazing experience and has left me with way too much desire to get into my career with the airlines. So much that I am now working hard to get my flight time in so I have the expirience to get hired. This means I have about one more semester in Ohio. Once I get hired, I will be given a city as my base city and I’ll have to move there. So like Will I will be torn away eventually. So, we’ve got to LAN party like we’ve never LAN partied before! Or something.

Once I got home from $Texas, I started work as a flight instructor at Kent State. I have two classes this semester, Crew Resource Management (easy), and Computer Literacy (makes me cry so easy). Computer Literacy is a little bit of work since my teacher is a retard and asks weird questions. I also still work at Resnet. Actually, I am taking computer literacy because I needed 6 credits to work at resnet. Any time that was not taken up by flight instructing, class, and resnet went to flight team. I probably practiced an average of 4 hours per day for flight team, and coached both Computer Accuracy and Simulator events. The competition was the week before last, and we got third place in the most competitive region and won a spot to nationals. I won 4th at Navigation, 8th at power off landings, 7th at power on landings and 6th at simulator. Awesome! I will graduate before nationals, so this was my last competition. I promised to stick around and help coach cause they are my friends and I can’t abandon them.

What news has happened in the last, oh 3 months, since jo took down my site?
I got a 15.4” macbook pro, 2GHz Core duo and 2 GB of ram. It’s pretty awesome. Runs windows except for the built in speakers don’t work (headphones port works fine). Excellent frames on q3 and fs2004. Still trying to sell my 12 powerbook, will go on ebay soon.

Also, I need a place to live, so anyone looking for a place until May, tell me.

I guess that’s all for now, not bad for my re-entry to blogworld.

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Monday, April 10, 2006

New Seminole and my day

Today was a fun day.  I was supposed to go to the airport at 10:30 to meet Prof. Weber and do my tryout for the IFR Simulator event for flight team.  When I got there, I found out he and Mr. Palcho were supposed to take the brand new Piper Seminole, N31246 out for a spin to work on the flight training checklist.  I said half-jokingly that he could make it up to me by letting me ride backseat.  He brought it up to Tim and he said yes! Awesome!  It was a pretty quick flight out to Port Meadville (About 60nm away, just north of Y-Town) and back.  The new plane’s pretty cool, with a nice dual Garmin 430 GPS system and the fact that the engines actually start on it.  They also said that once my instructor gets checked out in it (tomorrow) I can take it to fly off the last 2.8 hours I had left over from my multi class!  Totally can’t wait, I’ll probably take it out to Rochester NY or something. 

When I got home I was playing around with google and looking up the flight team website with it.  Somehow ended up on Wikipedia and found some vandalism on the Entries for Kent State and the Kent State Shootings.  This kinda hurt deep down that someone would take a tragic event like that and smear “So-and-so is very gay” all over it.  Did my civic duty and reverted it back to before their edits.  Made me mad a little.  Otherwise I’m at work now and about to go to the airport to torture AK-47 with a tough NDB approach, hold, and localizer approach at CCR airport in California.  Then it’s E6-B tryout time at 7:30pm-9 and finally get to go home and study for a test in Flight Instructor Theory at 7:30am tomorrow.

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