I attended Kent State University in Kent Ohio from August 2002-December 2006, in the Aeronautics Department majoring in Flight Technology. Yes, it's that Kent State.

KSU had a huge impact on my life. I made a lot of new friends and joined several clubs such as the Anime Club, the Flying Club, and the Precision Flight Team. I worked on campus as a Resnet Computer Consultant, and did an internship with American Airlines during the summer of 2006. After I graduated, I continued to work for the university as a Flight Instructor.

I often look back and miss the time I spent at Kent State. I wish I had more time back then to do everything I really wanted.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

CoEx Interview and run-on sentences

April 7th was a very busy day.  Got up at 6am.  Plan was to leave the house at 7, get to Hopkins Airport at 8 and the plane left at 9.  Well it took a little longer to get ready than we thought and Alison’s puppy decided to take a giant dump in the car, so we got leaving around 7:25.  So we’re hauling it up 77 and I-80 during rush hour hoping I don’t smell like it for the rest of the day and make it to CLE around 8:10.  No big deal, right? 50 min right? 

Well the airport is busier than I’ve ever seen it so I go to the self-checkin and it says my boarding time is 8:25am! Shiot!  Run to security which of course has a long line.  God bless the TSA.  So I’m running to the gate with my shoelaces still untied and I notice my ticket is gone!  Totally dropped it in the hallway!  Go running back the other way without tied shoes.  Luckilly I found my ticket (no one was kind enough to pick it up and take it to some random food place, thinking they were helpful) and got to the gate right as they started boarding.  Two other KSU students, Eric and Mark, were on the same flight.  We said hellos and boarded the 737 to Houston.

We got there around 10:30am local time, with the interview starting at 2:00.  We talked about interview stuff untill 2, managing to find our way to the Expressjet Simulator Building.  This was different than the American interviews, they had everyone come into the same room were they answered some questions and talked about the different kinds of internships.  They wanted to talk to the KSU students first, so they called us up one by one.

I was third and once again had a whopping 10-15min interview.  I thought it was way too short!  I didn’t get to sell myself completely.  Everyone else agreed too.  There was nothing more to do at Expressjet so we went back to the airport (IAH).  Got some food and talked about how short it was.  Our plane left at 7:00pm local so we were there for like 3.5 hours.  Plane got in CLE around 10:35pm our time.  The approach was kinda cool.  CLE weather was 2.5mi visibilty and clouds overcast at 600 feet.  Broke out of the clouds right at the airport.  The stuff pilots live for.  All in all an exhausting day and I hope to hear good things from Expressjet in the next week or so.

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Friday, March 31, 2006

Continental Express Interview

Got my interview with Continental Express scheduled for April 7th.  Similar to American Airlines, they are flying me to Houston for the interview and maybe a tour.  Should be a lot of fun and I’ll be even more prepared after American Airlines.  Will keep informed.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

All coming together

Earlier in the month, I applied for internship positions at three airlines: Continental Express, American Airlines, and Mesaba Airlines.  American Airlines has already called me back and scheduled an interview with me on Tuesday, March 28th.  They are going to fly me down to Dallas and hopefully the interview will go great.  I’m so looking forward to this!

Express is revamping their internship process, so I hope to hear from them soon.  Mesaba was kinda my backup choice, and that airline is going through financial problems (they are hooked together with Northwest who just filed for bankruptcy).  So for summer I can hope to be interning with a great airline!  It’s so exciting that everything is coming together.  I know I’ve been working really hard these past few semesters and haven’t gotten to hang out as much as I wanted to, but in the end this is really really good for me.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

And the winner is…

For the last year or so I have been wrestling with my KSU cumulative GPA to get it over 3.0.  It’s a stubborn little number, currently paused at 2.957, and with my internship coming up, I need it defeated.  Internships require a minimum GPA of 3.0, and although there are exceptions, I want to be accepted without any exceptions, under my own power.  Well I had the last of my finals yesterday, so except for flying I’m done for the semester.  I’m thinking that I got 3 A’s in all of my classes this semester, which should hopefully do the job, but only time will tell in the coming week or two…

VICTOLY!  3.020

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Sunday, December 04, 2005


I am horrible at working on projects before they are due.  I can only focus just before it’s due, like the night before.  Otherwise I just get carried away by hyperlinks.  Especially in wikipedia…that site is the worst when it comes to me staying on topic.  I spent the entire weekend working on my de Havilland Comet 8 page paper and just barely got it finished.  I have to make a powerpoint on my court case for Aviation Law and Safety and research for my CFIT 6 page essay tomorrow, write the essay and do powerpoints on both the Comet and CFIT on tuesday.  Tuesday is my law and safety presentation.  Wednesday is my comet and CFIT presentations.  I can’t wait until finals where my workload will be much less!

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