Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Bootcamp for Macintosh

Apple today released a program called "Bootcamp" (?) which allows you to install Windows XP SP2 onto your intel mac. There was already another way to do this, but Apple has now made the process much easier. On top of that, Bootcamp also installs windows drivers for the following devices:

- Intel Chip Set Software (6.2.1)
- ATI Graphics (
- Intel Integrated Graphics (
- Marvel Yukon Ethernet (
- SigmaTel Audio (1.0.4889.0 nd375 cp1)
- SigmaTel Audio proto_A2 (1.0.4889.0 nd375 cp1)
- Atheros 802.11 wireless (AirPort) (
- Broadcom Wireless (
- Apple Bluetooth module (
- Apple Keyboard Eject Key (
- Apple Keyboard Brightness (for computers with built-in displays) (
- Startup Disk Control Panel for Windows XP (

Holy crap! Apple themselves released a full set of drivers for windows including video card drivers and even the keyboard brightness! I actually called this a while ago and all I got was the "It'll never happen." What does this mean for Apple? Well now that Windows XP works fully on mac hardware, their computers become the only ones that can natively run OS X, WinXP, and linux. It's a geek dream come true, right? And let's not forget how awesome their computers are. If only the macbook pro had two mouse buttons! They should have anticipated this! The holy grail would be here! I'm still waiting for a smaller macbook pro because the current one, although thin, is still gigantic.
Posted by eclipse on 04/05/2006 at 09:44 AM
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