Monday, January 25, 2010

Something going on

krhainos: this has to be the worst code i've ever written
krhainos: its pascal syntax, except missing most of the pascal language
krhainos: its for a touchscreen remote interface for a conference room
Eclipse: ugh pascal
krhainos: i dont think i've done something where about 1/3 of the stuff i type is comments
krhainos: so i dont accidentally screw myself over
Eclipse: if you comment stuff too much, you make yourself replaceable
krhainos: this is probably my best comment of all time
krhainos: //something going on
Eclipse: heh
krhainos: //shit, son
krhainos: i know what that means, will anyone else?
Eclipse: thats what programming is
krhainos: no wonder i switched majors
Eclipse: you make a nice code and then bobomega screws everything up, and you have to make little edits all over the place to accommodate him and then its all a fucking mess the next time you look at it
Posted by eclipse on 01/25 at 05:37 PM




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