Friday, October 27, 2006

myspace hat

[9:48] Eclipse:
[9:49] SwiftWulfBotW: haha wtf
[9:49] Eclipse: four hundred fucking dollars?
[9:49] SwiftWulfBotW: lol
[9:49] SwiftWulfBotW: that makes no sense
[9:50] Eclipse: its a god damn white hat with black text
[9:50] Eclipse: i can get a hat and a sharpie
[9:50] SwiftWulfBotW: rofl
Posted by eclipse on 10/27 at 10:38 PM
Just Visiting



but you wont have the pleasure of saying you paid 400 bucks for a white hat…

Posted on Saturday, November 01, 2008  at  08:26 AM




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