Monday, September 05, 2005


Hello, my name is Mike.  I have a really long and weird last name because both my parents have Ph.d.‘s and neither wanted to change their last name, so when I was born I got both.  I have one brother and I’m currently a Senior at Kent State University majoring in Flight Technology.  I just got my instrument rating a month and a half ago so I can fly in bad weather.  I belong to several clubs on campus.  I am the vice president of the anime club, the training manager for the KSU Precision Flight Team, and a member of the Flying club.  I am taking 12 credit hours this semester and working over 20 hours a week at Resnet.  I have two flight periods a day, which means I fly for 3 hours every weekday.  With the flight team and class, I often fly for over 6 hours every weekend as well.  I got my technician amateur radio license this summer and want to be a part of the radio club at Akron U. to be with my friends in the U. or Akron, but my schedule does not often allow it.  I wake up at 7:00am every day to be in class by 7:45, and Resnet closes at 9pm.  Every day I’m not at Resnet I’m at the Flight team practices until 10:30pm Then it’s time for homework and club emails and stuff.  I don’t like to party and drink alcohol because alcohol split my family apart.  I don’t think I am above anyone, and I don’t care when other people drink, it’s just me personal choice.  It’s not any one person that makes my life hectic, it’s completely my fault.  There are so many interesting things in this world that I want to be a part of.  The college world may not be for everyone, but it is where I thrive. 

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