Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I’m a rebel

“I paid $3 for a one month subscription, so I can create LJ users out of RSS feeds, for those rebels who prefer to run their own blog. “

I know I can’t speak for everyone, but I love running my own website.  It is an extremely fun and cool project that I started for myself way back in the end of the DGS times.  It started when codex effectively kicked the DGS site off his server for whatever reason, although the LAN Party was on its last legs at that time anyways.  I had this crappy computer lying around that was the “DGS Server” although it really didn’t do anything.  Most of the time I ended up using my own computer for serving games.  I also wanted to get into linux which, if you remember, I had codex install for me during one of the parties.  At first, was run on 2000 professional, sitting in my mom’s basement and did nothing.  It didn’t even host my website at that point.  I think it ran a ventrillo server for tim and that was it.  Once we moved into the Brimfield house, I brought it there and formatted it into Suse linux.  At this point I had been playing with unix on my powerbook, and knew how to do linux compiling.  I played around Suse, but they have their own installer, and I never got it working quite the way I wanted it to, except for an IRC server, so I formatted it into Whitebox linux.  This is what the server still runs.  It’s dreamy, stable, and oh so much fun.  It’s been hell trying to get every damn permission correct, and even today I find that my username still doesn’t have permissions on some files on my homepage raspberry   I like pmachine, and I’ve figured out how to upgrade it from 2.2.1 free to 2.4 professional, so a major site upgrade is in the works, but not until the flight team competition is over.  I like how everyone’s site is tying together now with RSS, thanks to Jo, but I’m still keeping my site on my server and continuing to be a rebel.  I know it’s easy to create a livejournal and keep up with everyone easily though LJ and stalkbook, I mean facebook.  But as always, I don’t like anything that’s popular, right?  Why would I give up my project after so much success?  It’s too much fun.

Posted by eclipse on 10/05 at 08:51 AM
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I run my own website since i get to control it then. I can do what i want with it and im not limited to what LJ does. Plus im not linking all over the internet to go to other things. I can have eveything i want on one server.

Jo isent too bad, since its only and his LJ, but Bobomega has his hompage, a moblog, and a LJ account. Its even more complicated when you throw facebook in there.

Posted on Wednesday, October 05, 2005  at  12:58 PM
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Oh and a note mike:
Golf clap for fixing your RSS feed enough to make Google personal homepage happy

Posted on Wednesday, October 05, 2005  at  12:59 PM
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how is mine complicated?  is my website even up? maybe.

i have a website that has some text links smile  so anyone that wants can just go look at things. 

mainly i have it because if i take it down mike will whine about it not being there =p
and i just use it as a dumping place for stuff i want to show other people, or remote access stuff. or i’ve tried whoring webspace, but no one ever bites smile

my site serves the same general use as jo’s just a collection of links.  only mine dosn’t try nearly as hard to be good.

Posted on Thursday, October 06, 2005  at  11:57 AM
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Lol, dont get me wrong! Im not complaning about your sites, im just using it as an example of a spread out stuff. My personal preference is to have one site for everything.

Posted on Thursday, October 06, 2005  at  01:00 PM




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