Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Behold - The DGS is back!

(This is a double post of what's on /

But probably not how you're expecting it.

Instead of an outright, pay-to-play LAN party like we did in the past, I am reorganizing the DGS into the first Galactic mean I am reorganizing it to give some more direction to our GarageLANs this summer. I know I am starting late, but I think it will work. Rombus and I are converting one of the now-vacant rooms in the house into a LAN room. We will have pictures of the status as we go along. Still have quite a ways to go. I know you're thinking "Aww...another website I have to go to?", but I plan to put an RSS feed from this site to, so news from this site should pop up there too.

Basically, I figure that we can have LANs when and where we want, post them here and get back into LANs. It's been a while since we've had one and I hope this page will lead to more. I figure we can call ourselves the Dead Gamers' Society. Wonder where I came up with that one?

I removed the sponsors from the website on account that we have none, and replaced it with the members page. I pre-registered most people already. IM me for your passwords. Once you log in, you can post entires and change your password and account options.

This is a work in progress so stay tuned.
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