Monday, November 28, 2005

A little busy?  School Sucks

I know I complain a lot about how I have so much work to do all the time but with my senior year coming to an end and almost being finished with everything, all I do these days is work.  Well, that’s what I should be doing.  What I’m really doing is playing Q3 and watching anime. 

Let’s start off with Aviation Law and Safety.  I was assigned to a group of 4 a while back, assigned a court case 199 US 194(i think), and an ambigous due date (sometime next week).  As of yet, our group has not fully met and of course it’s me who’s emailing everybody trying to get their lazy asses to the library to meet.  It may even be due Thursday.  Not sure.  Good thing there is no paper or I’d be doing that for everyone.  15 min presentation for this, google doesn’t give any more information than the actual case summary, which is written in legal speak, and even there doesn’t say much.

Next will be Physiology and Human Factors in Flight.  3-6 page paper and 15 min presentation.  Would be doing lots of work on this if I knew what my topic would be.  Totally can’t think of one.  Human factors is boring.

Applied Transport Category Aircraft Systems.  8-10 page paper and 20 min presentation on the Dehaviland Comet.  That won’t be too hard if I actually get moving on it.  Severe lack of motivation at the moment though.  Both this and Human Factors are due around Dec 7-9.  Not exactly sure.

Commercial 3 flying:  Almost ready for my Commercial checkride.  5 hours of fun that day, whenever that is.  It depends on the weather.  Very nervous about that.  I need to have it done before next semester or I’ll get behind again.  I’ve only just barely caught up.

Continental Express Internship:  I’ve gotten most everything I need to turn this in Feburary.  It’s about the only thing I’m not severely behind in.

And then the week after all this is due: IT’S FINALS TIME can’t wait.

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