Tuesday, March 25, 2003

A surprising surprise

So Spirited Away got the Oscar for best animated picture.  Everyone thought that Lilo and Stitch or that stupid horse movie would win, but anime has actually pulled through.  Spirited Away definately deserves it though.  People were sure that the Oscar would go to a Disney movie because, well...Disney is Disney.  Besides, everyone in the world now hates America, so why not feel good about ourselves and give us an award that means nothing at all.  Wait, Disney owns the U.S.A. rights to Spirited Away, so I guess it all works out.  I've seen the beginning of Spirited Away, and it's pretty cool.  You would need a DVD to watch it, because I doubt a fansub would do the movie's graphics justice.  Jo tried to rip it but forgot we don't speak Japanese and couldn't get the subtitles.  Baka.   Jo's new website design is up, you can see it at http://www.krhainos.tk.  I was going to rant about some picture of a girl slitting her wrists on DeviantArt, but I realized it would make me look like a jackass so even though its a fake picture and I don't like it, I'm not going to go off about it.  I had to buy a new battery for my laptop, because the old one stopped working, and its not very useful without a battery.  It just stopped one day, quite the gay.  By the way, if anyone wants to buy my laptop for about $550 $500 before I put it on eBay, please contact me.
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Wednesday, March 19, 2003

Boring Weekends

Hey, I think this picture is cool, so it's going to be on the left side of the webpage until I think of something else to put here.  I had to write something or all my loyal fans would think that I have died or something.  I can't really think of anything, so I'll just write about what's up.  Last weekend I did nothing.  It was great.  I didn't have to go to a LAN Party or do massive essays or clean a lot of crap up.  I could sleep in.  I could play Quake 3 Arena all day if I wanted too. I was free.  Friday night was the anime club I always go to, because I have nothing better to do on Friday nights...nice to know a lot of other people don't as well.  Dan and Mike didn't show up, but it was still fun.  Went to dinner at subway with most of the club, and then Mark's dorm room afterwards.  Joe Yash and him played yugioh while I looked through his anime music videos.  We decided to make our own...yeah, I'll let you know how that turns out.  We were out really late, like 2am.  I went to breakfast with my dad at the Stow Cafe Saturday morning.  So much for sleeping in.  They make the best breakfast sandwich there.  It's scrambled eggs, cheese, and bacon all in a croissant bun that is awesome, and I hadn't had it in forever.  I really enjoyed it.  After breakfast, I played some games and played online, waiting for people to wake up.  Doing nothing sucks!  I was awake for like 6 hours before anyone else.  Finally, Jo came online and a little later we went to best buy.  Best Buy sucks.  We always go for some reason, but you always get there and it's the same old stuff at the same high prices.  The good thing was that we ran into Dan and Tim there and ended up at a makeshift LAN Party at my house.  When we walked into the house, though, my mom said "hey! you guys can move my couches into the basement."  Oh great, sorry guys.  We moved the couches out the front door and all around the ice patches to the back door, it sucked.  My mom's getting new couches on Tuesday...ok so that's yesterday, and the big couch went into my room.  Looked kinda crappy at the LAN, but I fixed it up after everyone left and it looks cool now.  I'll get pictures up at the end of the week.  I didn't have my camera there.  Codex and Trewr seemed kinda mad they weren't invited...but this wasn't your normal LAN Party.  It kinda ended as soon as it began, but we all had fun, I think.  Woke up Sunday morning to go to the computer show in Akron.  By myself.  It was ok, a lot easier to get around by yourself, so it didn't take me long.  RAM is really cheap right now.  Unlike gas.  Damn war.  This had better not affect Quakecon, is all I have to say.  Wait, wasn't I supposed to sleep in this weekend.  Oh well, I haven't slept in late for like a month, so I don't miss it anymore.  I upped my RAM to 512MB as well, a necessity these days.  Or I couldn't let Yash have more RAM than me. haha.  Spent the rest of the day getting a bigass cake from Yash and working.  Then it's back to school.  So hard doing nothing these days.  Oh, and I guess if you guys want, we could watch some anime movies at my house on Friday, since anime club is cancelled.  Tell me if you're interested.

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Monday, March 10, 2003


OMG I am so mad right now.  You see, I had this rant all written out and 3/4 of the way finished.  BAM! Blue Screen.  Thanks a lot Windows.  Windows XP Pro has been really bitchy to me lately. You don't often see a computer like mine blue-screening while typing.  Maybe if it was Morteus's Computer..  It all started at JelOH while I was playing Doom on my SNES Emulator.  Holy Crap is that game fun using a gamepad, its a whole new Doom.  But on E1M3, it blue screened and wouldn't boot for like 10 minutes.  Once I got it to boot, it insisted on running scandisk as slow as it possibly could.  It took 2.5 HOURS to scan my 100gb hard drive.  Luckily, they were still playing CS or Natural Selection or something, so I didn't care.  Jo and Tim took the opportunity to play a game of Q3 without me though.  Bastards.  I helped Tim out a little because Jo is getting much better and was owning.  Did I just say Jo was owning?  Congrats, Jo!  Anyways, my computer is a bitch and I might do the classic sell-everything-buy-better thing that everyone these days is doing.  Microsoft Longhorn is the devil (See why here).

   The new shoutbox technically works, but it throws out a lot of errors.  I made it all black so you can't see it unless you highlight it.  Hopefully that will work by next weekend.  You have to scroll all the way to the bottom, and then click the expand button to post.  Knock yourselves out.  The only rule I have is no posting under other peoples names.

   JelOH was ok, other than my computer having the problems I mentioned above.  It started with me driving past Fred Fuller park at 50mph in a 25mph zone.  It's awesome how Fred Fuller Park never has any cops around.  Shit, there's a cop.  You expect me to stop?  Hell No.  The light ahead is green, so the light in my head is green too.  I shoot around the corner and fly to Kent State University before I even see him pull out.  (I knew he had seen me)  Hiding in the Tri-Towers parking lot, I bought some food for the LAN and proceeded to go there.  Haha Cop, I win.  The LAN started slowly with a lot of CS, which I didnt really care for.  I talked to Big Ed while he was there, a whole 20min.  He got a new pickup truck.  Its not the same Ed without the blue neon-ness!  Then my computer died..  3 hours later it was back to normal.  Played some Natural Selection.  I was on the alien team the whole night and the first round, I rushed them as a weakling, before they could get their gun sentries up.  I took out the entire team and won the game 1 minute into it.  Normally the game takes hours to finish, but I am so l33t that I single-handedly won.  Ever see Monty Python's Holy Grail?  Imagine me as the killer rabbit, thats what it looked like.  No one could hit me.  It ruled.  Later, in the new game I used the weak alien again and managed to dodge every single sentry and slide my way past all their team to their command center and I destroyed it myself.  It didn't win the game, but boy were they f'ing surprised.  I am so good at the little alien its not even funny.  Jo helped me stealth my drives, which looks hella awesome.

  The KSU Anime club is meeting 6-10 Friday nights and they are showing Azumanga Daioh, which is an awesome comedy about some "average" schoolgirls.  You should come check it out.  They are showing it because I brought it in one night when we couldn't watch Jungle Wa Itsumo Hale Nochi Guu.  I have the whole series if people are interested.  Actually, BobOmega has it too, so ask him  :D

BobOmega click HERE

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Saturday, March 08, 2003

CD Drive Stealthing

A view with the CD-Roms closed:

Now, with the CD Burner open:

Yeah, I know its not much of a feature.

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Thursday, March 06, 2003


Not a whole lot of time to rant today, but I can give news or something (It is a rant/news section).  First off is the shoutbox in the lower right half section.  I got it to work on two other servers.  Granted, I installed PHP on both of them, but it should be pretty standard.  I have not seen a lot of PHP on Trancender, so I am wondering if maybe they did not set it up right.  The shoutbox is currently pointed to my home server, but for some reason, the internet keeps going out, so most of the time you'll see the "Page cannot be found" error in place of it.  If you want to see the error that Trancender gives, it is accessable at http://werewolf.sytes.net/hosted/eclipse/test.html.  Once you get into the more advanced website stuff, you see how limited this Trancender setup is.  Not that it is terrible, and I know Jo will say "Make your own server".  Its not that simple, Jo.  We don't all have university webspace.  Actually, KSU gives you free webspace, but only if you are a CS (Computer Science) major.  That is total crap.  I want free webspace as I paid a crapload of money to be here as well.  Oh well, I'm losing focus.  I think a simple reinstall of PHP could do the trick for Trancender.  There's an extra step to the setup thats kinda hidden in the readme.  You have to check the "Script Engine" box of the home directory setup or something.  I could walk someone through it, but i dont feel like doing it here.  It is really aggravating to be stopped by something like this when I am so close to having a crucial part of my website done.  Especially since my site has to be much more l33t than BobOmega's website.  I'll fiddle around with my server to try to make the connection more stable, until then the shoutbox will randomly go up and down and I have very little control over it.

Thanks go out to John (who runs Trancender, in case you didn't know) for helping me try to get the shoutbox to work.  He went out of his way to try and help and I appreciate that, even though it still doesnt work.  Neither of us knows why.  Oh well, I'll just find a different one.


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