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If your seeing this message, then some link or RSS feed you have for my website has not been updated. The new site is:


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and so another month comes to pass.

reverse order this time!

work is work. systems guys are in the process of redoing the whole infrastructure. and by systems guys i mean the 1 and a consultant. interesting stuff that i won't go into too much here.
still don't enjoy my boss but dealing with that.
took and passed the XP MCP (70-270). now i just have to figure out how to get them to pay me back for that. and then start on the next 6 tests... :/ hopefully they'll show that i am in fact interested in advancing my career. or at the very least pad the resume with certs and all the experience i have.
and i'll probably have very limited time off till ... christmas at this point. october is going to involve a lot of working. then going to ohio for thanksgiving. then ohio for christmas. do not know where or when i'll be yet.

Noticed a bubble in one of my tires sidewalls. decided that i didn't really want to chance having to change my tire on the side of 93 in boston. went and got 2 new ones. yay sport all season tires. so that was exciting. need to get my brakes looked at at some point. probably just need new brake pads.

starting to get tired of prince of persia. its not terrible but it is just the same thing over and over. with some missed jumps because the prince decides to jump the wrong way.

fallout3 is starting to grow on me more and more. i think once i got past not having shit for weapons it started to feel better. using the targeting thing for every shot gets a little tiresome especially when i only have the AP for one shot then have to back up till i get enough for the next. but exploding ghoul heads with the sawed off shotgun is amusing. and stealing everything that isn't nailed down is helping too. karma be damned! will probably be playing it more today.

upcoming games! at least 2 games that are coming out in october look fantastic.

demon's souls. i know i've mentioned this to various people. or at least one. Action RPG with a brutal difficulty. it looks like quite a good time. hopefully i'll get more use out of this preorder then i did blaze blu. i recommend youtubing some gameplay videos or look up the hands ons if you are curious. I'll throw a bit of a better description in. it is more of a dungeon crawler game. it just has a very steep difficulty curve. the game won't try to hold your hand, and in their words will try to kill you as often as it can. comes out october 6th.

Borderlands. as far as i can tell this one is pc/consoles. if i pick it up it'll be on pc, because playing FPS games on the console is a chore. the console versions will have split screen modes though. this is a FPS with a dash of RPG. the art style looks amazing it is like half cell shaded. this isn't a fallout3 fps/rpg. this is like quake3 with 100000+ guns and leveling. and online co-op. first person Diablo with guns kind of game. i dont know why i wasn't paying attention to it earlier but after reading some of the hands ons and seeing the trailers and gameplay videos it looks like it should be a good time. comes out towards the end of october.

plans for the rest of the day, eat and fallout3 if i can manage to not go back to sleep. maybe do something productive. but really. i haven't had a sunday off in forever. shame my reason for taking days off went away, but oh well thats why they make video games!

if i waste enough time i can get chipotle for lunch and maybe cook some chicken and rice for dinner. failing that, there is always subway. though it is raining / shitty out so i dont really want to grill. i bet i can come up with something. also need to do some grocery shopping / BJ's trip. probably not ambitious enough to do that today though.


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I figured it was about time for that annual update I do on here because let's face it holly, moses, and jo are the only people that really use this site anymore. But incase anyone out there is still lurking...

I'm still living in Northfield at least for now, still working at the warehouse coming up on 4 years in october, bought a new computer, had surgery on my foot a couple times in the past month (hopefully it will finally heal right), my hair is about down to my shoulders, and I can't really think of anything else.

btw: Mike I'm gald to see that pic still makes you so happy

btw2: I've been getting weird anonymous texts from someone. Can anyone place the lines

The tempest marches on and on
seeking words of the forgotten song
true loves lost requiem decides
and shelters thoughts from the raging minds


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 Dead Gamers

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This had me laughing my ass off!


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