Monday, April 10, 2006

New Seminole and my day

Today was a fun day.  I was supposed to go to the airport at 10:30 to meet Prof. Weber and do my tryout for the IFR Simulator event for flight team.  When I got there, I found out he and Mr. Palcho were supposed to take the brand new Piper Seminole, N31246 out for a spin to work on the flight training checklist.  I said half-jokingly that he could make it up to me by letting me ride backseat.  He brought it up to Tim and he said yes! Awesome!  It was a pretty quick flight out to Port Meadville (About 60nm away, just north of Y-Town) and back.  The new plane’s pretty cool, with a nice dual Garmin 430 GPS system and the fact that the engines actually start on it.  They also said that once my instructor gets checked out in it (tomorrow) I can take it to fly off the last 2.8 hours I had left over from my multi class!  Totally can’t wait, I’ll probably take it out to Rochester NY or something. 

When I got home I was playing around with google and looking up the flight team website with it.  Somehow ended up on Wikipedia and found some vandalism on the Entries for Kent State and the Kent State Shootings.  This kinda hurt deep down that someone would take a tragic event like that and smear “So-and-so is very gay” all over it.  Did my civic duty and reverted it back to before their edits.  Made me mad a little.  Otherwise I’m at work now and about to go to the airport to torture AK-47 with a tough NDB approach, hold, and localizer approach at CCR airport in California.  Then it’s E6-B tryout time at 7:30pm-9 and finally get to go home and study for a test in Flight Instructor Theory at 7:30am tomorrow.

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