Thursday, September 15, 2005


I turned in my application for Spring 06 Graduation in may. With any luck, I can finish everything by then and get accepted for the continental express internship during the summer. From there I need to get hired as a flight instructor in august/fall 06 and build my time until I get hired by Continental Express. It's scary that I'm coming to the end of this and will have to actually make money with this flying stuff. I've been wanting to take a digital camera up with me sometime to take pictures, but I'm far to lazy and have soo much work to do in the air that I really wouldn't get time to get good pictures anyway.

The National Intercollegate Flying Association Regional Tournament is coming up soon, during the week of October 10th, so I will not be around. I made the landings team so I am le happy. We meet every night until 10:30 and it's really wearing me out. If we do well enough, we'll go to the national competition and this schedule will never get better.
Posted by eclipse on 09/15/2005 at 09:53 AM
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