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Re: 2016 Macbook Pro 12:27:42 PM Eclipse: Apple’s response to Microsoft coming up in about 30 minutes12:28:13 PM Eclipse: Oh you guys made a touch sensitive iMac studio?  well we….took away the esc key12:28:40 PM Krhainos: Surface Studio still has full-size USB ports, an ethernet port, and a headphone jack.  Sad!12:29:24 PM Krhainos: the… eclipse 01/14/17 0
It Lives? Just about 4 more years later, an update!  Life has changed dramatically since my last post.  There are people here now who weren’t here when the last post was made.  It’s incredible how fast time can fly by.  This update is prompted by my move to a new server.  The… eclipse 12/11/16 0
Realization eclipse 06/23/13 0
Finally, an update! Well, it’s certainly been a while, hasn’t it?  Am I even talking to anyone anymore?  My statistics page says 182 days without an update, which means half of a year.  :(  Terribly sorry.  I’ve obviously been busy because when I’m busy, I don’t update.  But I can’t really explain most… eclipse 03/03/12 0
Quakecon 2011 Quakecon 2011 started off the same way they all do, with Tim and his friends arriving at my house on Tuesday.  I was lucky again this year to get the time off work.  Since the Quakecon dates are rarely announced in time, I had guessed the wrong weekend to apply… eclipse 09/03/11 1 09/03/11
Upcoming Upgrades Since the last post way back in May, my computer hasn’t changed much.  Back then I added the Razer Mamba mouse and Megaloden Headset. The mamba has been amazing, like spectacularly good for a wireless mouse.  Its only problem is battery life.  I’ll often leave it on and leave for… eclipse 09/03/11 0
Left 4 Dead 2 It’s been a long time since I’ve been really into gaming.  I’ve kept up with Quake 3/Live a little bit, but mostly I’ve been working on PHP programming and other stuff.  Left 4 Dead 2 has changed that however, bringing me back into the world of PC gaming.  I was… eclipse 05/02/11 0
MagpieRSS with RSS2.0 and Atom1.0 MagpieRSS.zipRSS 2.0 / Atom 1.0 / Wordpress Fix / Category Fix02/13/11 This post is for the Googlers. As I was making my Friends 3.0 page, where I have my friends' blog entries as if they were posted on my site, I came across some limitations of Magpie RSS. The software… eclipse 02/13/11 0
PHP Programming and Google Adsense I haven’t posted much here on DarkMercury lately (Happy New Year btw) because I’ve been pretty busy with a new website I’ve written for work.  It’s a PHP script that loads schedules and sorts them depending on different criteria you input into it.  Each month every pilot and flight attendant… eclipse 01/25/11 2 01/27/11
The Most I’ve Ever Typed on an iPad Since I got the iPad, I’ve known that bluetooth keyboards work with it, but I haven’t ever synced my BT keyboard to it until now.  And I can’t decide if it’s awesome or terrible.  Certainly, the best part about the iPad is that the keyboard is not necessary.  I’ve always… eclipse 12/19/10 0
Flying a real plane yet? Today I was awarded a first officer position on the Embraer 140/145, based in Dallas-Forth Worth.  Time to finally see some places more interesting than Lawton, OK?  Sometime early next year I’ll start training, which will last about 2 months.  Things are looking good these days, with lots of people… eclipse 12/01/10 3 12/02/10
FreeNAS Update: Rsync and Unison I've been using FreeNAS since the beginning of April, 2010, and it certainly has met or exceeded my expectations in that time. It still serves its purpose well, however the way I have it set up has changed quite a bit since April. You can find my original post here… eclipse 11/30/10 0
Computer Room Pictures I don’t have any real substance to talk about at the moment, so here are some new house pictures of the computer room.  The gray wall paint is awesome and we have shelves and curtains up now.  eclipse 11/24/10 1 11/26/10
Our Wedding Story eclipse 10/29/10 1 10/30/10
The Macbook Air Experiment I wasn't paying too much attention to the October apple keynote about OS X 10.7 but at the end of it, as everyone probably knows by now, Jobs announced the new Macbook Airs. I've always loved the macbook air, but with a 13" screen it's always just seemed like a… eclipse 10/24/10 1 10/25/10
Quakecon 2010! Well I forgot my headphones for my flight from Dallas to Cleveland, so all I can do is type.  Yet again, no one else has made a review of Quakecon 2010, so the job defaults to me. Quakecon time is always my favorite time of the year.  Mostly, I am… eclipse 09/10/10 0
Drivers Wanted   eclipse 08/07/10 4 06/14/11
iPhone 4 rant Ok quick rant about the iPhone 4! It’s new and shiny and people can’t stop talking about it!  Literally, this is all that is on the news.  Apparently if you hold the bottom of the phone a certain way, it loses signal and can even drop the call!  People are… eclipse 06/29/10 0
New House Pictures! Alright!  As promised, here are new house pictures.  We’ve had about 3 months with the house so far and things are moving quickly.  Quite a few of these pictures are already outdated, but if I keep waiting for everything to be perfect, I’ll never get this done.  I think it’s… eclipse 06/29/10 1 07/03/10
The Future of the AA Category This website has always been about my life, my thoughts and my experiences.  It’s hard to separate different parts of your life and cut out some parts of it.  In my opinion, we shouldn’t have to.  Where I work and what I do for a living is a part of… eclipse 06/27/10 2 06/27/10
New iPad Awesomeness          First impressions are just like the apple store.  It’s amazing to browse the web like this.  It’s going to be awesome to have this around the house.  Still feels a little bit heavy but i can rest it on my leg when I sit on the couch so… eclipse 06/11/10 0
FreeNAS Review I promised in my last tech post that this entry would continue, and hopefully conclude, my journey towards the perfect Network Attached Storage (NAS) system.  The primary reason I want to use one is to stream TV Shows and Movies to my Samsung 40” LCD TV in my Living Room… eclipse 04/29/10 2 04/29/10
How to Travel Standby This post describes your travel day when going standby. eclipse 04/08/10 0
Linksys NAS 200 Review I’ve made several posts about my TV setup, and making improvements to the little home theater is a growing hobby of mine.  Most of my recent posts have revolved around hacking the AppleTV, but it’s only part of the setup.  If the AppleTV has nothing to play, then what’s the… eclipse 03/23/10 2 12/07/10
House Tour   Well since I can’t get everyone down to Dallas on standby tickets, I thought I’d give you the tour of the new place from the comfort of your own computer.  The house is about 10 minutes south of our current apartment, located just off the highway southwest of the… eclipse 03/10/10 0
The House Post Well it must be the beginning of a new year because we’re moving again!  Hopefully for the last time in a long, long while!  While the housing market has not crashed as much in Dallas as other parts of the country, it’s mostly because everything here is just dirt cheap… eclipse 03/06/10 1 03/10/10
Endeavour, Always   Birds don’t fly as high. Airplanes don’t go as fast. The Statue of Liberty weighs less. No species other than human can even comprehend what is going on, nor could any human just a millennium ago. The launch of a rocket bound for space is an event that inspires… eclipse 02/09/10 1 02/10/10
Escape to Cancun Back in the end of January when it was actually cold in Dallas for over a week straight, I decided I had had enough.  Alison and I both had 3 days off coming up, so we decided to do something about it, and set our sights on Cancun, Mexico.  A… eclipse 02/04/10 1 03/05/10
The iPad Discussion It’s been a few days since the announcement.  The reality distortion field has worn off a little.  We’ve laughed with Hitler and cried that the Macbook Pros are still touting Core 2 Duos.  The iPad is released to the world and everyone has something different to say.  Let’s take a… eclipse 02/01/10 0
Something going on krhainos: this has to be the worst code i've ever written krhainos: its pascal syntax, except missing most of the pascal language krhainos: its for a touchscreen remote interface for a conference room Eclipse: ugh pascal krhainos: i dont think i've done something where about 1/3 of the stuff i… eclipse 01/25/10 0
It’s Been a Long Time But my time is finally here! Friends 3.0 Title continues with the “Faith of the Heart” lyric tradition started when I unveiled my Friends 2.0 page.  Today I am finally done with the third major revision to my friends page’s operation.  I announce Friends 3.0!  In my twitter feed I… eclipse 01/22/10 0
10 Small but Annoying Things That Bother Me I’ll jump on this blogging meme. 1. Stale Candy Bars Milky Ways especially.  Most people don’t eat candy bars all the time so when you buy one, it’s usually a treat.  You’re all excited, looking forward to something special…man this candy bar is so bad for me but tastes so… eclipse 01/14/10 2 01/19/10
50,000 plz Today Valleywag announced bribes for early access to the rumored Apple Tablet.  I swear I saw Steve Jobs with one the other day!  Oh yeah, here it is: $50,000 please :D eclipse 01/13/10 1 01/13/10
Proper Magic Mousing Alison got me one of the new "Magic Mouse" mice from Apple for Christmas, although I just got it yesterday. They were readily available for about a week after they were announced, and then they were gone. It's taken forever to find one actually in stock. It's the first time… eclipse 01/12/10 1 01/13/10
Rumors and Previews People are actually paying attention to CES now, since so far there have been no Apple announcements to overshadow it.  Of course, the mere rumor of the new Newton device, “iSlate?” is what everyone there is talking about anyways.  What I’m really interested in is updated macbook pros, since I’ve… eclipse 01/07/10 0
Once upon a Database Query I don’t make New Year’s resolutions but I do sometimes make resolutions, and it just so happens to be the new year.  I’ve been neglecting this site for a while and while that’s not totally unusual for me, it’s the thing I would like to change.  I often abandon this… eclipse 01/05/10 0
New York In November Alison and I went to New York City.  She had never been there and I had vacation time assigned to me.  As the day to leave approached, things started to go wrong.  My vacation days were moved slightly at the beginning of the month which meant I had… eclipse 12/30/09 1 01/06/10
Installing rutorrent on your AppleTV My AppleTV experience I’ve made many hacks on it already, like installing XBMC and Boxee. I’ve set up samba filesharing service, installed rtorrent, fought a lot with python and rssdler, created special cron jobs, and expanded its capacity to 1.5TB via network streaming.  Rssdler allows it to watch RSS feeds… eclipse 10/27/09 6 06/08/11
Aviation Day 09 Saturday was the biggest day of the year for the KSU Aeronautics Department.  The “Aviation Heritage Fair” is the new name for Aviation Day, which technically they are not allowed to call it anymore.  It’s a little airshow but has some great strengths and I try to go every year. … eclipse 09/15/09 1 09/17/09
Aspire “Two” Greatness While I was in town for Aviation Day 2009, my dad wanted to go “netbook hunting”.  He has seen my Aspire One D150 and since they are the greatest thing ever, we headed out to best buy in CF to look.  My biggest concern was to find him something that… eclipse 09/15/09 0
There Is No Aggro Reset Momentarily blinded by the dust kicked up in the late afternoon wind, he let out a quiet grunt and closed his eyes, throwing his head to the side.  The sun beat down upon the desert city mercilessly, casting long eerie shadows over all he could see.  The warrior’s slow, passive… eclipse 09/10/09 3 09/11/09
New Users Module So far I’ve been pretty impressed with Expression Engine, the CMS software behind my current site.  It’s quite capable and has more features than I could probably ever figure out.  The core version is free for personal use, but doesn’t include many features that are found in the full edition. … eclipse 09/02/09 0
Aspire to Greatness Ultraportable laptops, or netbooks, are the fastest growing segment of the PC market right now.  My first encounter with one was through Krhainos and his Acer Aspire One.  I didn’t understand the point of it at the time.  It was slow, the screen size was tiny, the keyboard was hard… eclipse 08/29/09 6 09/01/09
Quakecon ‘09 I was very lucky to get the time off for Quakecon 09 this year, and it was a good thing because this was a good one.  Dan came down with the normal group of Tim, Adam, March, Matt and Steve.  Also there were Brian and Joe.  As usual, they drove… eclipse 08/20/09 0
The AppleTV Experiment Continued It’s no secret that the AppleTV, just a pet project by Apple, has some drawbacks.  It’s got some pretty unimpressive hardware specs, it’s not compatible with a lot of file formats, and the little remote can be a pain to use.  Fortunately, I’ve spent the last few weeks tweaking and… eclipse 07/12/09 1 07/16/09
The San Francisco Treat This is an overdue post, but I wanted to write about it while it’s still semi-fresh in my mind.  Between June 18-21, Alison and I went to San Francisco to celebrate 5 years together.  It was a trip just for us, no responsibility to see family or anything and it… eclipse 07/03/09 3 10/02/09
The Apple TV Experiment A few days ago I picked up a used 40gb Apple TV off craigslist for $150 (retail price $230+tax).  I talked to the seller for a few minutes as we did the transaction, I looked it over and he counted the moneys.  He said it was a good device but… eclipse 06/04/09 2 06/08/09
Friends Page Architect The friends page I designed was quite naturally perfect, it was a work of art, flawless, sublime. A triumph equaled only by one monumental issue. The inevitability of it is as apparent to me now as a consequence of the imperfection inherent in every friends page, where I am forced… eclipse 05/21/09 0
Microsoft Ads Attacking Apple? I made an animated gif file that more accurately portrays the latest microsoft anti-apple ad: I don’t understand why Microsoft is making these advertisements.  Do they feel threatened by Apple?  They honestly feel that Apple is stealing significant marketshare away from them?  But if you’re going to start an advertising… eclipse 04/04/09 4 04/09/09
New Apartment! Well as mentioned earlier, in the beginning of the month Alison and I moved to our new apartment in Euless, Tx.  The reason for our move was to both lower costs and increase quality of life.  Since Alison transferred to the Grand Hyatt at the airport, we both were commuting… eclipse 03/31/09 1 04/06/09
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