Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Welcome to DarkMercury.net!

It's about time for an overhaul of my blog site. I've had this domain for a few months since this is an update I've wanted to do for a while, but just like my actual posts I tend to put it off. I do feel bad since I enjoy writing on this site, so I've spent the last week making updates to make this site more enjoyable. So what's new at DarkMercury.net and why should you care?
  • Obviously the new design header at the top of the page, brings the site into the new century at least. (big thanks to jo for the transparent logo .gif)
  • Removal of the giant eclipse in the background.
  • The text area of the entries are allowed to extend much further to the right, making the site easier to read (since it doesnt overlap the picture anymore).
  • Bigger text!
  • A lot of old entries lost their formatting and ended up as one huge paragraph. I had to manually go through and add br tags.
  • No more Dates at the top of each entry. Time and date are smaller at the bottom.
  • No more "Posted by Eclipse" since you know it's me.
  • Updated the top links. The DarkMercury.net logo is clickable to go back to the homepage.
  • I've joined twitter and have a feed from it on the left.
  • Updated the Meh and Featured pages.
  • The white links on the left remain there when looking at single entries and the news page.
  • Wider comment entry form.
  • Blue multiple entry seperators.
  • Some other smaller things like formatting that you can't see.
What is still left to do?
  • iPhone friendly links page (possibly iphone friendly blog site).
  • Gallery is semi-broken again since the move to the new site. Mostly the new albums.
  • Actually posting entries!
One of the best iphone features is the notepad so I can jot down ideas for writing and come back to them later. I think that combined with the twitter for quick updates will make it a little more interesting around here. Don't forget to update your links and RSS too.
Posted by eclipse on 08/19 at 09:10 AM




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