Friday, April 13, 2007

New Entry!

I haven’t had a whole lot of time and/or interest in this website for a long time.  Lots of things have happened and there’s a lot on the horizon.  Lately I haven’t been feeling too well.  I have been pretty lonely and it’s going to get worse when Alison moves to Texas in a few weeks.  The only people I really talk to face-to-face on a daily basis are my students at the airport.  They are nice and fun and all but they really aren’t my friends per se.

I have lots of stuff coming up in the near future.  Helping Alison move to Texas, Flight Team Nationals (I get to see some of my internship friends again!), and leaving for a monthlong trip to Russia/Finland.  All in the first half of May.

I got my instrument instructor rating on Tuesday and the review board prep for KSU is intense.  I’m studying all the time and damn tired of it.  My liking of flight instruction varies week to week.  I am feeling a little overworked right now and not really liking it.  One of my students is almost done so hopefully that will cut down on my workload a little.

I kept the 23” Apple Cinema Display.  It is big and looks very pretty with my laptop and silver desktop.  It works well but has some quirks.  The power button works when it feels like it, since it’s trying to work with OS X to put the computer to sleep.  I won’t bring it to any LAN as it’s too expensive to risk theft or damage.  I also think it’s too big for my brother’s desk but hopefully I won’t be using it too much longer.

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